Will the expectant mother hurt the baby when they are "Yang"?

The new crown virus "engage in things" adds a lot of concerns to the family of expectant mothers.Once pregnant women are infected with the new coronal virus, how can I observe at home?Will the virus threaten the health of the baby?Under what circumstances need to seek medical treatment in time?In response to these issues that everyone cares about, the Obstetrics Center of Beijing Union Hospital has brought some professional suggestions.

Pay attention to four details of antigen self -test

If pregnant women have the above symptoms at home, it can be judged by the new coronary virus antigen detection, but the following four points should be paid to:

Please check and results in strict accordance with the instruction manual of the new coronary virus antigen.

If the antigen detection is positive, it is likely that you are already a patient with a new coronal virus infection.

If the antigen detection prompts negative, you can wait for the symptoms to further increase or test it again the next day.

If the family also has related symptoms, you can also consider the new coronal virus antigen test.

Pregnant women infection with new crowns can take medicine and reduce fever

At present, the pathogenic and toxic power of Omikon variants has been significantly weakened, and pregnant women should not have much concern.The severity of pregnant women infected the disease is similar to non -pregnant women. It is mainly manifested in fever, pain, cough, and soreness of the whole body, usually last 3 to 7 days.

Those with mild symptoms can be isolated at home. They only need to deal with the symptoms, drink more water, pay more attention to rest. Physical cooling can be taken during fever, including warm water wiping baths, underarms ice packs and ice sac to cool down.If the cooling effect is not obvious, especially if the body temperature rises to 38.5 ° C or above, you can take drugs such as acetaminolthenol and other drugs to cool down and relieve muscle pain; you can also take some proprietary Chinese medicines to reduce fever.

For most pregnant women, fever may last for 2 to 3 days, and generally the body temperature will fall to normal within 4 to 6 days.After the body temperature is normal, you can continue to strengthen rest, drink plenty of water, and you can take some Chinese medicines appropriately.

Pregnant women need to pay attention to relative isolation with their families at home, including using separate bedrooms and trying to move in a separate room.When you contact your family, it is recommended to wear masks (N95 better) for pregnant women and families, eating alone and using separate bathrooms.

If these situations occur, you need to see a doctor

When a new crown virus is infected with the following situations, it is recommended to go to the hospital in time.

The high fever that continues to exceed 39 ° C, the effect of antipyretic treatment is not good.

I feel obvious difficulty in breathing, or the number of breathing is increased.

Severe chest pain or hemoptysis occurs.

Severe fatigue and discomfort, unwilling to care.

Affectionate, syncope or blurred consciousness appear.

When the situation is very serious.

There is an obstetrics -related emergencies: regular or close to the rules with painful contractions; do not feel fetal movement, decreased fetal movement or abnormally frequently, changes in fetal movement methods; headache uncomfortable, increased blood pressure, vaginal bleeding; vaginal hemorrhage;The vagina flows out of amniotic fluid.

Guide to admit admission to the new crown infection with the new crown

Once you confirm that you or your family suffer from a new crown, please contact the hospital according to the contact information provided by the hospital as soon as possible.Medical staff will adjust the arrangement of consultation according to your pregnancy week, pregnancy risk and basic diseases, formulate a new recent prenatal examination plan, including the delay in the arrangement of the medical examination, or change the offline consultation to the online online to onlineconduct.

For some particularly high -risk pregnant women, the hospital may also recommend that you go to the corresponding isolation area of the hospital for a checkup.The changes of these diagnosis and treatment plans are carried out under the premise of ensuring your childbirth safety. Please do not need to be anxious.

If you are giving birth during the new crown infection, please understand the relevant requirements of the hospital admission in advance, and try to meet the conditions for emergency admission at any time.If there is a situation of property or aura, please contact the 120 emergency car or take a private car to the hospital for emergency treatment.

If there are no other cesarean section, it is safe to take vaginal delivery for pregnant women infected with new crown virus.

The new crown virus does not affect the baby’s health

Whether the infection of the new crown virus will cause harm to children is a general concern for expectant mothers.After a lot of research, there is no evidence that the new crown virus infection can cause abortion or the baby’s development during pregnancy.And no exact evidence of the spread of the new crown virus mother and baby spread.

Newborns after birth may have new coronal virus infections, but there are basically no new crown symptoms or symptoms, and the risk of death is extremely low.

In addition, pregnant women infected with the new crown can be in the same room with the newborn and breastfeeding. The new coronal virus will not spread through milk.For mild and asymptomatic infected mothers, if you want to breastfeed, the mother should wear a N95 mask to disinfect hands.Whether it is feeding or using milk, the mother’s mouth and nose should avoid being too close to the child’s mouth and nose.If the new crown woman is fever and the cough is severe, they can suck out milk, feed with disinfected milk titles, or artificial feeding instead.

After the maternal childbirth during the infection period, it is possible that the mother and baby are in the same room, but it is not recommended to closely contact it for a long time beyond breastfeeding. It is generally recommended to maintain a interval of more than 2 meters.Physical barriers, such as curtains or screens, furniture, etc. to minimize the transmission of viruses as much as possible.The mother should wear a mask and strictly abide by hand hygiene.In addition, it is not recommended to wear a mask for newborns or use plastic face screens such as plastic screen.

Text/Jiang Yulin

(Beijing Union Medical College Hospital)

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