Will the same room be pregnant during the menstrual period?Not only is there a chance of pregnancy, there are 4 major injuries waiting for you

For men and women, a harmonious sex life is conducive to physical and mental health, but if you do n’t have to get pregnant, you must take contraceptive measures.Some people think that there is no ovulation during menstrual periods to perform sexual life without getting pregnant, and they can indulge.However, this idea is wrong. There is a chance of pregnancy in the same room during menstruation, and there will be harm in the same room during menstruation.

Generally speaking, women can only increase the chance of pregnancy only in the ovulation period, and the ovulation period is generally around 10 to 15 days of the menstrual cycle. This time period will stay for 12 to 30 hours during the body.Sexual life will increase the chance of pregnancy.

The menstrual period is generally the first day of the menstrual cycle. There is no ovulation during this period, so it is basically not pregnant.But knowing that although the menstrual period is not ovulation and the chance of pregnancy is low, it is not absolutely safe.

Because women’s ovulation will be affected by the environment, body, emotion, etc., some women will start ovulation in the menstrual cycle, and at this time there will be a chance of pregnancy in sexual life.

There are also individual cases clinically ovulation on the fourth day of menstruation, and they are pregnant because they do not know their sexual life.Therefore, you can’t blindly think that the same room will not be pregnant during the menstrual period, but the chance of pregnancy in the same room during menstruation is low.However, you must know whether the menstrual period will be pregnant or not in sexual life during menstruation.

1. Cause bacterial infection

The menstrual period is when women’s resistance decreases. At this time, do not pay attention to bacteria easily invasion. After the invasion of the invasion, the nourishment of menstrual blood will breed a lot. At this time, sexual life will cause bacteria to enter the body and cause infection.

2. Lead the increase in bleeding volume

Women will be congested in the menstrual uterine pelvic cavity. In this case, sexual life will cause congestive pelvic cavity to be stimulated again, resulting in an increase in bleeding.Maybe someone here will point out that the more menstrual blood, is it better?But in fact, it is not that the limited amount of menstrual blood in the clinic is not good for the body, and excessive menstrual flow will cause blood loss and anemia. For a long time, it will be weak due to anemia and even cause other diseases.

3. Treating other gynecological diseases

Menstrual resistance decreases and cervix expansion. Once the sexual germs are performed, the reproductive organs will come to the cervix, causing the cervix to be invaded by the germs and induce cervicitis.Or inflammation goes to the endometrium with the cervix, causing endometritis.

4. Endometriosis

It is believed that women know that menstruation is a process of endometrial endometrium. When the endometrium grows to a certain degree, it will fall off under the influence of hormones and excrete it in the form of menstrual blood.At this time, the sexual life uterine shrinkage is performed, and the endometrium without excretion of in vitro will enter the pelvic organ, which will cause endometriosis.Once endometriosis occurs, it will not only cause gynecological diseases, but also cause female infertility.

Warm reminder, men and women must clearly know that they must take contraceptive measures if they do not want to get sexual life.And the menstrual period will not be pregnant is a wrong cognition. Don’t let it be blindly believed, and you need to know that the menstrual life is harmful, so that you can know that you can be vigilant, and take prevention measures during menstruation to prevent various diseases from emerging.Influence.

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