Will vaginal B -ultrasound abortion in pregnancy?Does it affect your baby?B The general doubt is common to clarify once

Ms. Li is 29 years old and has been married to her husband for three years. During this time, they discussed and felt that this year was time to ask for children.So with the efforts of the two, Ms. Li went to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick test and found that she was pregnant as expected.The couple immediately told their parents about the good news, and the elders were very happy, ready to meet the little grandson/daughter.

After Ms. Li and her family dinner on the weekend, she watched TV on the sofa.Ms. Li’s mother told her that after pregnancy, it is best to go to the hospital to be a vaginal B -ultrasound after pregnancy, so that the results of the detection will be clearer and specific, and you can also check whether there are other problems in the uterus or ovary. It is after pregnancy after pregnancy.The necessary inspection items.

But when her mother told her about Yin Chao’s way of inspection, Ms. Li expressed a little scared and felt that this kind of inspection method was very embarrassing to refuse.However, the mother said that this is a necessary process for every woman after pregnancy. It is necessary to take a leave time to go to the hospital for this examination.

So, what exactly is vaginal B -ultrasound?Many women who have no pregnancy experience may have not heard of this B -ultrasound project. Next, let’s take a closer look at it in detail.

If people have some uncomfortable symptoms in their lives, they will go to the hospital for consultation. In many cases, doctors will recommend that patients do a B -ultrasound to check whether the internal organs of the body are different. Therefore, the clinical application scope of B -ultrasound is very extensive.These include abdominal examination, gynecological examination, urinary system examination, heart and limb vascular examination, and so on.

Similarly, B -ultrasound is also a commonly used examination item for pregnant women’s pregnancy examinations. The vaginal B -ultrasound is one of the B -ultrasound, which is generally referred to as Yin Chao.

The vaginal B ultrasound uses the physical characteristics of ultrasound. It can be diagnosed with multiple diseases that pregnant women may occur, and its accuracy rate is relatively high.

This method of inspection is mainly to put the ultrasonic probe, put it on a disposable quarantine set and place it in the vagina of women for inspection.Because the probe has an ultrasonic, it can clearly and accurately check the size and growth and development of the uterus in the abdomen. At the same time, the specific conditions such as the pregnant woman’s uterus and ovarian can be observed.

Different from the usual B -ultrasound that people need to urinate, Yin Chao does not need pregnant women to monitor the body symptoms in the body through urination, and the two -dimensional images of the two will be clearer.Diagnosis, the diagnosis result is more accurate and avoids excessive external interference factors than the B -ultrasound.

When women confirm their pregnancy in the early days, they can usually check whether there is a pregnancy sac by yin super. When the Yin Chao checks, the location of the probe check is generally in the middle and medium -sized vagina, and no damage to the inside.

If you want to confirm whether it is an intrauterine pregnancy in time, Yin Chao is the best choice.Today’s regular hospitals are professional training operations for Yin Chao’s inspection operations, so as long as the doctors operate the operation specifications, they are well prepared and their movements are soft. Pregnant women do not feel obvious uncomfortable and painful.Essence

However, some people may be curious. After pregnancy, if pregnant women and mothers do more, will Yin Chao have any impact on the fetus in the abdomen?

Clinically, the vaginal B -ultrasound is generally recommended for early pregnancy examination, because compared to the abdominal B -ultrasound examination, Yin Chao does not need to let expectant mothers drink a lot of water to fill the bladder. After all, the feeling of urination is very uncomfortable.In addition, the B -ultrasound probe needs to achieve the uterus through people’s abdomen and other organs in the abdomen, which causes a considerable part of other interference and there will be some unclear pictures.

The vaginal B -ultrasound is more direct and the examination is accurate. Ultrasonic probes usually do not exceed 5 minutes throughout the operation time. It is not affected by flatulence and fat in the abdominal cavity. It is also closer to the uterus.Perfect to better protect pregnant women and fetuses.

For pregnant women, it takes a short time and can get clearer images, which can also reduce the risk of heating injuries in the body.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women do vaginal B -ultrasound in early pregnancy.

However, it is not recommended to do yin super after 40 days of pregnancy, because when I was pregnant, I need to use Yin Chao to rule out the problems of ectopic pregnancy and embryo.It is not good to conduct an invasion of the vaginal examination. Do not blindly do the yin super blindly. It is best to listen to the professional advice of the main doctor for regular pregnancy tests.

So, how many B -ultrasound should be done during pregnancy?Let me tell you clearly.

For many expectant mothers who are pregnant for their first pregnancy, they often do not know how many B -ultrasound inspections they need to do during the whole pregnancy. They may just understand that they need to go to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound.

So, how many B -ultrasounds as a pregnant woman?In fact, if there are no other diseases during pregnancy, it is generally necessary to do 5 ultrasound examinations. Of course, doctors will also give appropriate suggestions and guidance based on the specific situation of each pregnant woman.

The first B -ultrasound check:

Generally speaking, the first examination is between about 6 and 8 weeks of pregnancy, mainly to clarify whether the pregnant woman is an intrauterine pregnancy, and determine the position, size, number of fetus, and fetus in the uterus through ultrasound examination.Mind conditions, etc., need to exclude the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.Therefore, at this early pregnancy, it is generally recommended to use vaginal B -ultrasound to check more accurate, and related data will be more accurate.

Second B -ultrasound check:

It is mainly checked between 11 weeks and 16 days of pregnancy. At this stage, B-ultrasound checks prepared for the screening of early Tang syndrome.

By determining the transparent layer of the fetal neck and the high -definition ultrasound instrument to screen the fetal structure in the body of pregnant women, it is also combined with serum examination to eliminate whether the fetal fetus has a Tang syndrome and survival status to ensure its normal healthy development.

The third B -ultrasound check:

At this time, the pregnant woman began to enter the mid-term examination, mainly about 15 weeks-20 weeks+6 days of pregnancy. Generally speaking, the B-ultrasound can be used in this period without using vaginal B-ultrasound.Inspection of special projects can also be checked without urination.

During this period, the examination of the health indicators of pregnant women and fetuses was mainly observed, and the growth measurement indicators of the fetus were observed through B -ultrasound and whether the placenta, amniotic fluid and other states of the pregnant woman were normal.

The fourth B -ultrasound check:

In fact, the third and fourth examination belongs to the intermediate pregnancy examination, and the fourth time is mainly about 18 weeks-24 weeks during pregnancy.At the same time, it is worth noting that the B -ultrasound examination during this period is very critical, because the abdomen in this period has basically growing and developing a comprehensive growth, so it takes a longer time to do whether the fetus has a large deformed screening examination.Essence

Among them, there are many inspection items, which covers almost the test of each body part of the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women and mothers need to be patient with patience and wait patiently to wait for the fetus to change the position in the abdomen before continuing the examination.

Fifth B -ultrasound check:

This period is mainly for examination between 30 weeks and 40 weeks of pregnancy. Doctors will recommend the development of the fetus based on the physical condition of the pregnant woman to do the most late pregnancy examination, and the general due date in the later period.

It is usually detected and evaluated for a series of related developmental conditions such as fetal growth diameter, navel blood flow, placenta position, and amniotic fluid amount. Once the test results are found to be abnormal, doctors will recommend adopting more advanced radiation instruments and then diagnosis.

In short, the B -ultrasound during pregnancy will be different due to the different situations of each pregnant woman.

In addition to doing some necessary examinations during pregnancy, you also need to pay attention to some common problems:

1. Pay attention to diet adjustment and reasonably match nutrition

Pregnant women need to adjust the usual dietary structure appropriately during pregnancy. Usually three meals a day are as fresh fruits and vegetables as possible to ensure that the necessary protein is supplemented daily, drink more milk, soy foods or fish and pork.Try not to pick eaters to eat, balance the nutrition required for the body, and eat less fried high -calorie foods in a light diet.

2. Pay attention to the combination of work and rest, appropriate exercise and rest

Women during pregnancy are actually easy to feel fatigue and exhaustion, so if pregnant women who still insist on working during pregnancy, I hope to be able to combine work and rest and arrange work reasonably according to their physical fitness, especially older women or chronic diseases with chronic diseases.Pregnant women and mothers should pay attention to rest and stay up late.

At the same time, appropriate simple exercise can be performed every week without intense exercise.For example, walking, pregnant women’s exercise, yoga and other exercise suitable for them, insist on exercising to improve physical immunity, and reserve physical strength and energy for later production.

3. Pay attention to personal clothes and hygiene

As the pregnancy increases, the abdomen changes are getting bigger and bigger, so pregnant women and mothers are best wearing more loose and comfortable clothes to make the body in a comfortable state.In addition, the number of vaginal secretions of women during pregnancy will increase. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to developing a good habit of changing diligently, clean up the vaginal hygiene in time, keep them dry, and avoid infection with other germs.

In short, women do B -ultrasound during pregnancy, and vaginal B ultrasound is usually recommended during early pregnancy. Generally, only the B -ultrasound is needed to do the abdomen.

B -ultrasound can detect whether the growth and development of pregnant women and fetuses are healthy and good, and observe their reaction changes and health at any time, and timely find problems to avoid adverse health effects on pregnant women and fetuses.


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