Will vaginitis affect the fetus?##

During the pregnancy of women during pregnancy, due to the impact of hormone levels in the body, vaginal micro -ecological imbalances are generally caused. Generally, vaginal secretions will increase after pregnancy. Due to changes in the vaginal environment, vaginitis or infection can be easily caused.If the vaginal flora is destroyed every day, it will easily cause fungal vaginitis.

During pregnancy, many pregnant mothers’ leucorrhea occurred abnormalities, yellow, and yellow secretions with itching and uncomfortable. We must be alert to mold vaginitis. Women are the most prone to mold vaginitis during pregnancy.Mold vaginitis is mainly a infection caused by white Candida. Pregnant mothers will have yellow secretions and many patients will have symptoms of vulvar itching.Although the secretions of trichomonas vaginitis are also yellow and itchy, the leucorrhea will have foam and accompanied by a fishy smell.

If the above symptoms occur during pregnancy, you can go to the hospital to check the leucorrhea. According to the test results, the doctor will prescribe the drugs for the treatment of vaginitis. It is recommended to actively treat the treatment under the guidance of a doctor. Pay attention to hygiene and wear loose and breathable clothes.Change the underwear frequently. Try to sleep naked when you sleep at night, which will help the recovery of vaginitis.

If there is vaginitis during pregnancy, especially the mold vaginitis, it needs to be treated in time. Some people say that it is not good to cure.Some drugs that treat mold, especially the vaginal medicine, will soon be good, at least to reduce symptoms.

After that, it will not leave any other sequelae.However, mildew may be repeated throughout pregnancy, and at this time, it is necessary to be highly alert to whether blood sugar is abnormal.Pregnant mothers with gestational diabetes are often not easy to infection and are prone to repeated infection.

In addition, if the mold is infected during pregnancy, or if it is ignored, it is not treated, especially in the late pregnancy or even the full -moon pregnant women, without actively treating vaginitis, it is easy to cause premature breaking the fetal membrane and cause retrograde infection in the palace.

In production, if the pregnant mother has vaginitis, the local tissue is congested and brittle. It is prone to laceration in the process of childbirth, and healing will be affected after suture.

However, generally, vaginitis does not directly affect the fetus, which will affect his mother.

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