Will you eat pears?Do you know pear?

Pear is a common fruit with a long history.According to archeological discovery, Pear first appeared in Central Asia, which was the earliest about 8000 BC, and the planting of pear trees dates back to China around 7000 BC.The fruit shape of pear trees has different shapes, including round, flat and round, spherical, etc., and there are various colors, including white, yellow, green, red, etc.Among them, Bai Pear, Shar Pear, Qiuzi Pear are relatively common varieties.

Pear taste is also very rich and diverse.Generally speaking, sweet pear tastes sweet and rich in juice; sour pear tastes slightly sour, but the aftertaste is sweet; dried pears are crispy and a bit like biscuits.Different varieties of pears are also different in taste. For example, the white pear juice is rich and sweet; Qiubo pear is sweet and juicy, and the taste is crispy; yellow pear is sweet and sour, and the flesh is soft.

In addition to the taste, the nutritional value of pears is also very rich.Pear is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6, potassium, calcium, magnesium and other nutrients, which is very helpful for maintaining good health.At the same time, pears are also rich in cellulose and pectin, which helps promote digestion and laxative.

There are many varieties of pears, and different varieties of pears are different in appearance, taste, and nutritional value.Here are some common pear products and their characteristics:

Bai Pear: Also known as "Xinjiang Pear", it is a treasure in the pear. It is named after the color is white.The white pear tastes sweet, the juice is rich, the flesh is delicate, and it has a strong aroma.

Shar Pear: Also known as "Korla Pear", produced in the Korla area in southern Xinjiang.The sand of the sand is crispy, the sweetness is moderate, and the flesh juice is less, but it is resistant to storage.

Qiuzi Pear: Also known as "White Pear" or "Qiu Bai Pear", it is a specialty of Shandong Province.Qiuzi pear mouth is sweet and sour, the flesh is soft, the juice is less, but it is resistant to storage.

Yellow Pear: Also known as "Huang Mi", it is a specialty of Hebei Province.The yellow pear is sweet and moist, with a lot of pulp, and has a strong aroma and crispy taste.

Cuiguan Pear: It is produced in Yantai City, Shandong Province. It is a precocious variety.The crown pear pear skin is yellow -green, the flesh is white and delicate, the juice is rich, and it has a fresh aroma and crispy taste.

Red Crispy Pear: It is produced in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. It is a late -mature variety.The red crispy pear peel is purple red, the flesh is white, the meat is delicate, the juice is less, but the taste is crispy, with a strong aroma and sweet taste.

In general, different varieties of pears are different in terms of appearance, taste, and nutritional value. People can choose a variety that suits them according to their taste preferences and nutritional needs.

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