Will you get pregnant after taking the emergency contraceptive pill?Can children ask for children after pregnancy?

Although everyone knows the importance of wearing TT, it may encounter some emergencies during the "practical" process: I feel that I do n’t wear it, wear it halfway, and I will be broken too hard.I don’t want children so young, so I quickly took emergency contraceptives.

After taking the medicine, you will be a little bit better!But at this time, there may be some small machine spirit ghosts again, "Isn’t the contraceptive pills useful within 72 hours? Why not take advantage of the medicine again!" So, one day laterI will suddenly discover that I am pregnant !!!

The emergency contraceptive itself has a certain chance of failure, and it can only be remedied afterwards and cannot be prevented beforehand. If you have no time to slap after taking the medicine, it is still very likely to get pregnant.

In addition, if you use antibiotic drugs at the same time within 72 hours of eating contraceptives, it may also lead to contraceptive failure, because antibiotics can inhibit bacteria reproduction in the intestine and reduce the decomposition of hormone binding, resulting in a reduction in the concentration of steroid hormone in the blood, thereby thus, therebyAs a result, contraception fails.

In the end, there is a difference in individuals. Each person’s absorption of drugs is different. If your body does not work and absorbs well, it may also cause contraceptive failure.

Therefore, after taking emergency contraceptives, don’t feel completely safe after taking emergency contraceptives. Be sure to wear a sleeve next time.Also, after popping, the sooner you take emergency contraceptives, the better the effect, the later you eat, the higher the failure rate.

It is possible.The working principle of emergency contraceptives is to prevent ovulation and the combination of sperm and eggs.Drugs can directly act on the cells, or affect the binding of sperm and eggs, and do not shape the embryo; or cause the embryo to directly naturally die.As long as the embryo can survive, it is basically no problem.But also remember to supplement folic acid and regular checkup.

First, let’s take a look at the classification of emergency contraceptives.There are two main types of emergency contraceptives on the market. One is Mifeiosone tablets. The product is called "Fumar".Yuting has two specifications, which are 0.75mg and 1.5 mg/tablets, and rice non -schoinone tablets are 10 mg/tablets.

For the use of 0.75mg Yuting contraception, take the first one first, and then take the second piece after 12h. You can also take two tablets at the same time.If you choose 1.5mg, just take it.If you choose 10mg meters non -keto contraception, take a piece of air on an empty stomach and fast within 2 hours after taking the medicine.

As for the "emergency contraceptive pills cannot be taken for more than once a month, and cannot be exceeded three times a year", there is actually no such rule at all!

Although we do not recommend emergency contraceptives as daily contraceptive methods, it will take more than once a month and more than three times a year, which will not cause infertility.There is no clear evidence that reusing the use of emergency contraceptives will cause major health risks.

The ingredients of emergency contraceptives are often progesterone.Under the action of progesterone, nausea, vomiting and other early pregnancy reactions may occur after taking it. Some people also have symptoms such as headache and irregular menstruation.But for a while after stopping, the symptoms can disappear by itself.

However, although emergency contraceptives will not cause major health risks, it is more often used as a measure of dead sheep. It is not recommended to use it frequently as a regular contraceptive method.

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