Will you get pregnant during breastfeeding?Have you encountered it?

Will you get pregnant during breastfeeding?This is a very common problem, especially for women who have just become mothers.The lactation period refers to the time period within 6 months after delivery, that is, the first stage of the newborn after birth.At this stage, babies obtained nutrition and protection through breastfeeding, and also brought some physical changes to their mother.So, does breast lactation mean that it is impossible to get pregnant?

First, let’s take a look at the physiological cycle.Women’s physiological cycle is generally 28 days, of which the ovulation period is about the 14th day of the cycle. This is the most likely when women are most likely to conceive.If there is no contraceptive measures during this period, you may be pregnant.

During breastfeeding, women’s bodies produce a hormone called prolactin. This hormone can stimulate breast milk secretion, and at the same time inhibit the function of the ovarian, thereby reducing the release of eggs.This phenomenon is called "breastfeeding inhibitory ovarian phenomenon", and generally can effectively prevent pregnancy.

However, it should be noted that the effect of preventing pregnancy from breastfeeding is not 100%.In fact, according to research, about 2%to 10%of breastfeeding women will become pregnant during lactation.The cause of this situation is that the secretion of prolactin can be affected by various factors, such as the number of breastfeeding, breastfeeding time, the age of the baby, the weight of the mother, etc. These factors may cause insufficient secretion of prolactin or secretionUnstable, thereby reducing the effect of breastfeeding inhibitory ovarian phenomenon.

In addition, some mothers choose to add supplementary foods or use mixed feeding methods, which will also affect the effect of breastfeeding inhibitory ovarian phenomenon.Because the baby’s breastfeeding times may be reduced as the baby gradually starts to eat supplementary food, which can cause insufficient prolactin secretion and weaken breastfeeding and inhibit the ovarian phenomenon.

Therefore, although the effect of preventing pregnancy from breastfeeding is not 100%, it is still recommended to use contraceptive measures for lactating women to avoid pregnancy.Contraceptive measures can effectively reduce the risk of pregnancy and help mothers better plan their lives of themselves and family.

There are many options for common contraceptive measures, such as condoms, oral contraceptives, contraceptives, contraceptive stickers, contraceptives, etc.Among them, condoms and oral contraceptives are the most common contraceptive methods.Contraceptives can effectively control the menstrual cycle and ovulation.However, it should be noted that oral contraceptives may have a certain impact on breast milk secretion, so they need to be used under the guidance of a doctor.

Finally, it is necessary to remind that irregular menstrual cycles may occur during breastfeeding, which does not mean that it is impossible to get pregnant.So, even if you are breastfeeding, don’t take it lightly.Contraception is a very important measure, and we must always be vigilant.

In short, breastfeeding is a special period. It brings many benefits to mothers and babies, but it also needs to pay special attention to contraception.Although breastfeeding can effectively prevent pregnancy, it is not absolutely reliable.Therefore, it is recommended that breastfeeding women choose appropriate contraceptive measures under the guidance of a doctor to protect the health of themselves and families.

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