Will you go to the ring?I might as well want to know it before the ring!

I saw a big picture of a newborn who was reposted more than 70,000 times on Facebook. It was a newborn’s hand -made "T" type by a woman out of the body.The weapon holding the "T" shape in the hands of the newborn is a contraceptive tool. The medical name is "Internal Identifier". After putting the uterus during menstruation during menstruationEssence

In fact, the pregnant mother accepted a cesarean section at the time. This birthplace was discovered after the placenta, and then the friends who were accompanied by the accompanying friends put the birth ring on the baby’s hand, so there was a baby’s hand holding a contraceptive ring.So, why do you still get pregnant after the contraceptive ring? What are the benefits and harm of the Shang Ring? Let ’s take a look.

Sheung Wan is an operation, a foreign body placed in a female uterus, causing the uterus to achieve contraception in the case of similar inflammation.

The efficiency of Sheung Wan contraception is 87.2%. Even if the position of the ring is normal, the upper ring contraception does not reach 100%, so there are failure.

Why do you still get pregnant after the contraceptive ring:

1. The in -palace’s health device has fallen off, but I have not noticed it. This is the most common cause of contraceptive failure.

2. The position of the internal internal breeding device is relatively low. It is close to the cervix and cannot inhibit the bed and development of fertilized eggs.

3. The size and size of the internal breds and the size of the uterine cavity are not adapted, or that the birthpool has been deformed or even broken, and the contraceptive effect is lost.

But so far, the efficiency of any contraceptive measures cannot reach 100%.

So, what are the benefits and disadvantages of Shanghuan?

The benefits of the on -board:

1. In -the -palace birthpool is a safe, effective, economical, simple, and compound contraceptive measure.

2. Simple surgery, no trauma, and small side effects.

3. Reliable effects, high power success.

4. For long contraception, the metal ring can generally be placed for 10-15 years. Due to poor elasticity, small support, and easy deformation of the plastic ring, it can also be placed for about five years.

5. When you need to give birth, you can remove it, and you can get it as soon as possible.

6. No effect on sex life, harmless to the body.

Disadvantages of on -board:

1. Psychological and physiological discomfort, many people say that menstruation can be irregular.

2. Bleeding in the short term, which causes this phenomenon mainly because when placing a confession ring, it is likely to wipe the endometrium, which causes bleeding.

3. Causes ectopic pregnancy.Anomalular pregnancy will occur. The contraceptive effect of the Sheung Wan can only prevent normal pregnancy in the palace, and there is no effect on the prevention of ectopic pregnancy and cannot be avoided.If the embryo is already implanting in the fallopian tube, it does not reach the uterus.

4. A small amount of bleeding in the first few days after the upper ring, increased leucorrhea, or backache, and lower abdomen discomfort are normal.Under normal circumstances, dysmenorrhea will not be caused.

5. Regular inspection is more troublesome. Check whether the so -called ring will fall off and the life of the ring, so you need to go to the hospital for examination or replacement after the period expires.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the heavy physical work within one week, not in the same room within two weeks, not sitting bath, and keeping the vulva cleaning.

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