Will you have a girl when you dream of a snake?

In ancient times, whenever there was a prince or an outstanding figure, there were often signs such as the heavenly descending auspiciousness, or the signs such as the immortal dreamer.

For example, when Wang Yangming was born, his grandmother dreamed of a fairy sending a child; when Zeng Guofan was born, his grandfather also dreamed of a python.

According to the view of materialism, these are later literati fabrications. The purpose is to promote superstition ideas such as the monarchy to prevent the rule of the rule of the people.

Until the eve of my daughter was born, the two dreams I had done were still terrifying now, which made me dare not fully deny the dreamer.I rarely talk to people, because it is weird and difficult to open.

Now, I try to restore the story truthfully for your reference.

At that time, his wife was pregnant for more than three months. When we were happy, we wanted to know the gender of the child, but the doctor would not tell us.The two of us were stupid, and we didn’t know how to ride from the doctor’s mouth even if there was a little hinting information.Therefore, the problem of men and women has been lingering in my mind, becoming the cause of the first dream.

At noon that day, I was lying on the bed like usual, listening to Himalayan audio with headphones, and slowly confused.

A picture slowly unfolds in front of the eyes, becoming clearer:

I am in my ten -year -old, sitting on a steep soil slope in my hometown, dry weeds under my feet, and turquoise wheat fields behind me.The breeze is very comfortable.I raised my face and faced the wind and enjoyed it very much.Suddenly, not far below the slope, a gray snake was raising his head, looking at me with an expression.I was taken aback. I just remembered that I ran away, and the snake twisted my body "brushing" and hit me. The speed was fast, greatly beyond my expectation.Before I got up, the snake like a compressed spring shrinking her body, shot out sharply, and went straight to my door. By inertia, I wrapped it around my neck.I was shocked, sat up suddenly, grabbed it and pulled it down, and fell to the ground fiercely.

I gasped and found that I was sitting on the bed with a cold sweat, and the headset was thrown away at the foot of the bed.

This is the first dream.

After the analysis, it was probably caused by the headset cable entangled on the neck, which is not surprising.

The second dream is very weird, it is really ashamed.

At that time, the daughter -in -law was pregnant for six months.I worked in a school in a foreign country and had a rest in a student dormitory with a few colleagues at noon.

I was lying on one of the shelf beds. It didn’t take long for me to appear in front of my childhood orchard.We are about five or six years old.A little friend is playing with mud or leaves in the garden.I squatted on the side of the road not far away, wearing open crotch pants, being attracted by the ant or snails on the ground.A little snake climbed slowly not far from front.I was very excited, but I was not afraid. I just turned to call my companion.The snake suddenly accelerated, and with a thunderbolt, he went straight to the crotch and bites one of the eggs.I shouted and jumped from the bed, and my head almost hit the bedboard.

I told these two dreams to an older friend and wanted to ask for an opinion.

"It must be a girl." After laughing, my friend said very firmly.

It turns out that he is right.

After her daughter was born, she was healthy and very active, and of course she was angry.

Accompanying her daughter, I occasionally think of those two dreams, hoping to compare the reality to get some vague revelations in the dream.Finally, when she provoked me again, I understood that the two dreams had to tell me two keywords- "difficult" and "trouble".

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