Will you still be happy after pregnancy?

After getting married, the two discussed their children with great interest, named their children, and even what kind of kindergarten, what kind of elementary school, and the future of children.Before the child arrived, he was ready to be psychologically prepared to welcome his appearance.

But when I am pregnant, I am very tired for ladies.About three months of pregnancy, many women have severe symptoms of pregnancy. They can’t eat sour in the stomach. When they see the dishes, they want to vomit. Some pregnant women even see that fruits will have pregnancy.


So in this period of time, it is the best test that he can give you happiness.

No matter how night this man arrives at home, he will not play games in front of the computer, or he has been complaining to you. He is particularly tired today.Ask you: Did you eat today?What do you eat?Are there any pregnancy or when you come back and help you massage your feet or take you out to walk, and even ask what you like to eat, he bought it for you.

It is not difficult to see that the other party is a delicate person, and it is very concerned. It is not easy to know that you have paid a lot, and it is not easy to understand you. Then your marriage after marriage is more considerate, then your marriage must be very happy.Essence


If this is a marriage, it is often a little bit more you pay, and then because you love each other more, so you want to take part in some things for the other party, then you may have a little tired in this marriage, butYou are happy because you get what you want.In your heart, although he is not particularly good to you like other men, you feel that he is not bad to you, especially he is a very responsible person.It is said that the other person’s career is very strong, and he can give you a safe guarantee.

Often such a lady will also be happy in marriage, but for the children’s education, they may want their children to cooperate more, because sometimes the loving mother is defeated?Then the mother is always different from her father when they care about their children, so such a family father must accompany the child.


When my husband returns home every day, just sitting in front of the computer to play games, or work, never ask you, even if you are vomiting, you will say a word that makes you sad, he will say:

I don’t think others don’t vomit?

No matter how good the lady’s personality is, I heard this sentence particularly uncomfortable, and the lady often fights back and said: I really feel uncomfortable, do you see my hard work.

But in the end, whether it is to refute you or not to refute you in the end, there may be such similar things in the future.


He will not change it. Don’t want to change a person. Whether it is before marriage or after marriage, it is difficult and difficult. Unless the other party himself wants to change, how strong he is self -discipline to change?So it is worth pondering!

After pregnancy, of course, you can see whether you are happy or unhappy, and there will be multiple angles. It is only mentioned one of the simple.I hope everyone’s marriage is happy.

“”Sometimes we may find that although some things are different, the ending of happiness is similar.

The last summary is: If you encounter love, you must be brave. If you do n’t love, then please do n’t hurt, please stay away.

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