Wisdom teeth during pregnancy

“2022 Parenting Season”

The bold thing I do during pregnancy should be one of the wisdom teeth, and I will share with you this unforgettable experience with you.

In fact, there is a hunch in the early pregnancy. I have a bad tooth decay, but when I am happy, I still have a chance.At first, where the tooth decay was still slightly sore, I relieved it with mouthwash. In the middle of the pregnancy, I had experienced two severe pains, and the pain was painful.At this time, I checked the toothpaste bought by the strategy, and the mouthwash was not used, and the toothache could not be alleviated at all.

I went to some dental hospital for consultation when I was pregnant. People heard that they were pregnant and they refused. The doctor was more afraid of the risk of injection of anesthetic for pregnant women than me [covering the face].Later, I finally inquired a dental department of an obstetrics and gynecology hospital to show the teeth for pregnant women. The next morning when I was not sleeping, my husband and mother took me quickly.The private hospital is very fast from registered to seeing doctors. After the doctor looked at the teeth, he judged that the wisdom toothy toothitis was determined. There was no other way except pulling out.After confirming the superiors, he set out to arrange for me to extract me.I was 25 weeks of pregnancy at the time, and within 3 to 6 months, it was possible in time.Some pregnant mothers may be worried about the side effects of hemp medicine, but my pulpitis hurts too much pain. The whole head hurts, and she can’t sleep all night. I feel that the baby has been moving in the stomach.The impact may be greater.The process of removing was very fast. I got it in two minutes after anesthesia. I didn’t feel any pain. I also gave a small box to install this tooth decay. I glanced at it. The teeth were basically empty. Can I not hurt?Later, the doctor opened his mouthwash, left a business card, and explained that we went home after explaining the precautions.In the impression, I didn’t feel very painful after the anesthesia, and I did n’t have a toothache until the baby was born.

Share the experience of tooth extraction comes to the reference for pregnant mothers who are tortured by toothache, because I see some great mothers, because I am worried that the impact of the anesthetic on the baby has always endured the baby’s birth, and even the end of the breastfeeding to cure the teeth.I think this is the choice of everyone. Moms who choose to treat the teeth should not blame themselves. In the process of fertility and baby, we may encounter various situations. It is also important to maintain a good attitude [Laughs]

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