Wisdom tooth inflammation during pregnancy, should you carry it?

What experience is when you encounter wisdom teeth during pregnancy?

Qiaoqiao (pseudonym) of 4 months of pregnancy has not been sleeping for several nights.

Behind the molars on the right, there are unspoken guests.

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Smart teeth are inflamed, the pain is unbearable, and every time I open my mouth, my brain hurts.

But in a special period, I want to endure it first, and I hope to relieve it by myself in a few days.

That night, the pain was intensified and the cheeks were still hot. When my mother’s intuition told her, she had to go to the hospital to see.

So she took a taxi to a dental specialist hospital alone. After examination, the doctor said that the wisdom teeth were seriously inflamed and it was recommended to pull it out immediately, but they could not pull it out because she was a pregnant woman and could only do some emergency treatment.

The sky is bald!Can pregnant mothers really only carry it?

What if you really continue to carry it?

Search on Weibo, a big case.

It seems that dental disease during pregnancy can really not carry it. If it is not treated in time, it will threaten the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses, causing serious consequences.

It is still necessary to cure!

But can you really get teeth during pregnancy?

Qiao Qiao sent a WeChat doctor with a sorrowful mood: WeChat:

Dr. Zheng’s mid -pregnancy here means that it is expected to be between 4-6 months.

Invasive treatment methods such as wisdom tooth extraction have time to require.

We recommend that you do not extract your teeth 3 months and 3 months after pregnancy.

Because, pain and other stimuli occur during treatment, these stimuli can easily induce abortion in the early stages of pregnancy, and premature birth in the late pregnancy.

Under normal circumstances, only some emergency treatment can be performed.

However, in the middle of pregnancy, under the condition of healthy and good indicators, periodontal disease can be treated, such as wisdom tooth extraction, dental caries, and so on.

It happened that it was in the middle of pregnancy, so after a series of inspections, the indicators were determined that the indicators were good and obtained the consent of their and their family members.

The pain and crisis for a few days were finally lifted!

Why don’t other hospitals be pulled up, and our Hunan Women’s and Children’s Hospital can be pulled up?

Is Dr. Li Chao’s boldness and dare to do what others dare not do?

The main reason is that we have the support of related departments such as obstetrics, infection, neonatal department, etc., can make full risk assessment, and can jointly ensure the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses.

If some clinics, or hospitals with no maternity specialties, dare to extract teeth for pregnant women, please leave quickly!

During pregnancy health problems, we must go to hospitals that can provide health guarantee for pregnant mothers.

However, no matter how you treat it, it is better to prevent it.After all, the pressure of illness and psychology during pregnancy is quite high.

Coupled with the changes in hormones in the body and changes in diet habits, and pregnancy reactions, pregnant women’s teeth and gums are more likely to be affected by bacteria, increasing the risk of caries and periodontal disease.

This phenomenon has another professional term: toothitis during pregnancy.

How to reduce the probability of toothitis during pregnancy?

There are several ways to refer to:

Three months before pregnancy, a comprehensive examination is performed to treat oral diseases without pregnancy without dental disease.

Because cleansing can not only check the hidden dangers of the export cavity, but also effectively eliminate dental plaque and reduce the risk of caries and gingivitis.

It is recommended to use the Bay’s brushing method for three minutes each time.

And after each meal, insist on brushing your teeth and mouthwash, and use the dental floss to clear the dental plaque and the food of the litter in the gap in the gap in time.

Worry about the strawberry doctor Xiaoyu: I have to brush my teeth well when confinement.

In order to restore her body and breastfeeding during confinement, the new mother needs to frequently consume food to strengthen nutrition, especially some fine, soft, sticky, and sweet foods, which provides good nutrition for the growth and reproduction of bacteria in the mouth.Brushing can effectively clearly clearly clear bacteria and food residues, and reduce the risk of tooth disease.

So, brush your teeth well.

Oral health, as an inseparable part of whole body health, affects the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses.

Doing oral health during pregnancy can not only ensure the oral health of pregnant mothers, but also help the normal development of the fetus.

I hope that each pregnant mother can have "good pregnancy"!

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