Women "below" can’t stand it?Will it be on this matter, just blame you to do not achieve 3 o’clock

Women’s vulva is a very sensitive part, which is vulnerable to external irritation or the infringement of germs to cause itching and painful symptoms.When repeated itching is very obvious, women need to pay attention to whether the private parts have happened.

For women, vaginitis is a very common gynecological disease. The main manifestation is that women’s vulvar itching is always wanted to scratch, and even in daily life, they can’t help rubbing their legs with their legs.Vaginitis, as the name suggests, is inflammation in the vagina.Vaginitis can generally be divided into trichomonas vaginitis and moldy vaginitis.In a sweltering and humid environment of women, Taobao is likely to attract the growth and reproduction of bacteria, thereby causing vaginitis.

Of course, not all women will receive the "care" of vaginitis. Women who have these habits are more likely to suffer from vaginitis:

1. Pay attention to cleaning daily.Women’s vagina and vulva are very sensitive and fragile places. It is also a part that is easy to hide dirt. When cleaning the body everyday, don’t forget to clean this.If there is no serious cleaning private part, the secretions secreted by the vagina and the residual secretions of daily urination remain near the private parts, which is a good condition for breeding bacteria.

2. The underwear is not cleaned correctly.Women’s underwear is closely related to the private parts. Every day, they are directly exposed to the skin of the private parts. If the underwear is not dried in a sun, breathable, and ventilated environment, it is likely to breed bacteria in a humid environment and cause it to cause bacteria and cause triggersVulvar itching.In addition, when choosing underwear, you should choose some cotton, sweat -absorbent personal underwear, and refuse chemical fiber underwear with poor breathability.

3. Use drugs and sanitary pads in private parts.Some friends think that sanitary pads are convenient to clean the underwear every day, and they use sanitary pads to replace underwear by themselves. I do n’t know that sanitary pads contain chemical components, which are easy to stimulate private parts. Long -term use may also have allergies.Private parts generally do not need to be cleaned with other washing fluids. If it is frequently rinsed with a lotion and abuse of antibiotics, it may increase the symptoms of vaginitis.

1. If the symptoms of itching in private parts have appeared, you need to seek medical treatment in time. At the same time, pay attention to the skin’s skin is very sensitive, and you should reduce the activity. The water temperature should not be too high to stimulate the skin. Pay attention to the protection of the skin, avoid scratching and friction, so as not to cause malignancycycle.

2. Keep the underwear clean. When cleaning the underwear, clean it separately from other clothes to avoid cross -infection. After cleaning, place it in the sun and expose it to fully sterilize.

3. Eat less spicy and irritating foods in your diet, eat more fruits, vegetables, quit smoking and alcohol, and keep a light diet.

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