Women 180 pregnancy opportunities in life, see how much you are left

Women usually come to menstruation around 12-13, and one egg will be discharged every month. Occasionally, two or more eggs may be discharged, but this is very small.At 45-55 years old, ovulation will stop.Based on this, women may excrete 400-500 eggs in their lives.Is there a woman with 400-500 pregnancy opportunities?No, this is just the biggest range.

Before the age of 20, the state of the uterus or egg may not be conducive to women’s pregnancy. After the age of 35, the quality of the eggs will decline, the condition of the uterus will decline, and the pregnancy rate will decline.So between 20-35 years old, about 180 eggs excreted are the real opportunities for women to get pregnant in their lives.

Therefore, if you want to conceive successfully, you must seize this opportunity.That’s the question, how many opportunities do you have left if you want a baby?

First minus your age with 35, and then take 12 to get a basic score. If you are 25 years old this year, (35-25) × 12 = 120, 120 is your basic score.Let’s start calculating with this score.

? Have you ever done the flow of extraordinaries? There are 5 points deduction, with more than 10 points for more than three times;

月 Have you had an induction of labor for more than 4 months? 12 points for a surgical deduction;

外 Have you ever performed an ectopic pregnancy surgery? 30 points for one surgery;

的 Do you have more than 2 sexual partners? The answer "Yes" deduct 5 points;

超 Do you stay up late for more than 2 times a week? Each exceeds 2 points for each time;

Are you close to the radiation source every day (a large number of computer surrounds, mobile phone calls often, closer to radiation substances, etc.)? Answer "yes" 3 points;

史 Do you have a history of diet and weight loss? The answer "Yes" deduct 3 points;

杯 Do you drink more than 2 cups of coffee a day? Answer "yes" 2 points;

过 Do you smoke more than 5 every day? Answer "yes" 2 points;

泡 Do you soak the bar or KTV more than 2 times a week? Answer "yes" 3 points;

How many points are you left?

Is the calculation result that surprised you?

If you want "good pregnancy", let’s start now!

Pre -pregnancy examination: To give birth to a healthy baby, pre -pregnancy examination is very important.It is best to check before 3 to 6 months before pregnancy.Both husbands and wives have to do the examination of related projects, because healthy babies must first be the crystallization of health sperm and eggs, so men must not ignore it.

Tracking ovulation period: ovulation period is the best period of pregnancy.Helping the way to determine the ovulation period is usually measuring the changes in cervical mucus.The body temperature during ovulation will increase slightly, and cervical mucus will become elastic and lubricated.

Regular sexual life: can help increase the chance of pregnancy.Moreover, the best way is to enjoy love life without pressure.

Healthy diet: Women’s diet and chances of conception have a direct relationship.Therefore, having a balanced and nutritious diet can help increase the chance of pregnancy.For daily diet, it should include foods such as grains, beans, vegetables, fruits and dairy products to ensure that the vitamins and minerals are required.

Regular exercise: not only to ensure physical health, but also help maintain healthy weight.Overweight or insufficient weight will directly affect your chances of conception.

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