Women and her boyfriend said that after she was pregnant, her boyfriend asked her to kill her

Z Jun and Miss S met in high school. High school, Z Jun saw Miss S at the beginning, and first met her pretty and agile, Z Jun was full of joy.

From time to time, the position of Gao will be adjusted. Miss S has always been in charge of Chairman Mao: I do it by herself, and I am prepared to eat and eat.But at that time, Z Jun stretched her to help her.

That summer was very sultry, just a breeze blowing, and it shocked the ripples in the girl’s heart.Z Jun was so silently to help her, and then helped other girls, just to not be noticed by his admiration for Miss S.

Z Jun is a representative of mathematics lessons, with good grades, especially mathematics, but Miss S mathematics is the worst. The "mutual assistance" campaign in high school just made them the same table.Help her move the table without avoiding suspicion.

Every week’s public cleaning day, others are gone. Miss S is the team leader and needs to stay to clean up, and Z Jun also stayed to help her. At that time, Miss S, understood.

Their two feelings, in the math problem of Z Jun, became more and more solidified with Miss S’s listening English words. Even if the senior year was not at the same table, they were used to discussing together, and then progressing together.

After the college entrance examination, Z Jun went to the summer vacation in other places, and the two of them were increasingly contacted.Miss S was anxious, but she held back.

Ms. S actually didn’t understand: he obviously interested in her, why did not do anything.It was he proud, and later, she knew that his inferiority was making a strange.

That day, Miss S couldn’t help it. She dialed the familiar phone number: I like you, are we together, okay?

On the phone: Well, wait for me to come back.Miss S waited for more than 10 days before he returned. He reported the same university and he left again, and they determined that the relationship was more than 10 days, but Miss S was very satisfied. His consent.

Ms. S likes it very much. Whenever she calls Z Jun, his statement has obviously rising tones: Hey, with a hoe and joy, when he hear, Miss S’s mouth will rise. At that time, it was good.Even across the phone, the strong love is still hot.

University, they set off together, greeted the new start and challenge together, and also had the first quarrel, because Z Jun was too busy to forget her birthday. Knowing that she was angry.His apology, Miss S posted joyfully at him again, helping him choose his clothes.

After graduating, Z Jun’s work was stable. In order to reduce money, the two of them crowded in a 50 -square -meter house lived.Z Jun got up in the morning, waiting for his love breakfast on the table, and the two cups of boiled water, one cup prepared for him, a cup of Miss S, with the remaining temperature, warm, was Miss S’s concern about him.Essence

Z Jun is very busy at work. Sometimes in that small house, there is only Miss S, one person ate, one person sleeps alone, they have noisy for this problem, and even once broke up. Z Jun walked silently silently.Going out, I did not return overnight, and Miss S in the living room did not sleep overnight.

After Z Jun returned, both of them admitted, just like at the beginning, but what was different. Miss S didn’t know. She didn’t know whether Z Jun worked for his future for her or herself.

"I’m not so hard for our future? I don’t want to let you live in this small house for a lifetime, wait for me, okay? Like the original." Z Jun said exhaustedCan’t soothe the anxiety of Miss S.

Eight years, Miss S is facing the marriage of her family. She didn’t want to tell Z Jun that she didn’t want to increase his pressure.He suffered, and gradually crushed, but Z Jun didn’t know anything.

"I don’t want to force him, but after 8 years, I am also scared. I said together. Is it really necessary for me to mention my proposal?" Miss S sometimes complained with her girlfriends, but afterwardsLoly facing Z Jun.

Their last quarrel was in the summer, like that year, but the ending was completely different.

"Sister W’s child is very cute. Their family is so happy. Who do you say that our children will look like?"One.

"Don’t you have it? Are you going to take a child to force me to get married? We can’t do it now. If you have any, we are young, and we will have it in the future …" The remaining Miss S can no longer hearIt was a big noise. I don’t know who said that she broke up. As I used to, Z Jun still went to a friend’s house to calm down, but Miss S was awake.

Miss S knows that he is a single -parent family. He needs to encourage. He also does not want to make people look light. For his mother, he is also Miss S, but he doesn’t know what Miss S wants. That night, Miss S took away all her all her.Things, slowly closed the door, and then turned away.

Z Jun who came back in the middle of the night, after being persuaded by a friend, was ready to apologize. There was no light in that house. The deadly quiet and quiet. Z Jun had no reason to panic. He found the house, but there was no figure of Miss SThere is no her thing, he thinks it is a dream, but …

"Let’s break up, okay? I can’t wait for you, don’t find me anymore, goodbye." Like the beginning of them, it was the beginning of Miss S, and now it is ended by her.

Z Jun got up in the morning and picked up the cup habitually, but found that the cup was empty. He no longer had the cup of warm water. He poured a cup and drank it.

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