Women are "easy to get pregnant" after menstruation, not for ovulation day.

For women with a long -term infertility, pregnancy is a desire. At this time, women who are actively preparing for pregnancy will find their own ovulation period. This can increase the chance of conception during ovulation.Not pregnant.

"Women’s ovulation day is on the next 14 days of menstruation"

Women’s ovulation days have a stable period, which needs to ovulate during this period. Because each woman has different menstrual time, the date is also different. Women who prepare for pregnancy only need to exercise within the ovulation date. The conception will be better.Many women notice that they will get pregnant when they run into menstruation. Therefore, they think that the credit of the ovulation period is actually not on the day of the ovulation day, or the day before the ovulation day.

"The chance of conception of asterior room 1 day before ovulation is 35%, and the second is 2 days before the ovulation period, 30%. On the day of ovulation, there are only 25%."%.

This data is believed to see that in fact many women’s conception is not a credit for ovulation day. As long as it is encouraged to encourage love before ovulation day, you can have the opportunity to get pregnant. Why?

At that time, the survival rate of eggs was not more than 24 hours, and the time limit for sperm survival was about three days, which means that the binding time of the small tadpoles and eggs does not exceed 24 hours.

This includes the small tadpoles entering the body and finding the process of the eggs, including the process of going forward and successor. Only by the time and the time and the people and the people can ensure that the new life is born.

It was too late to take action on the day when the ovulation test paper was strong, because it took a day before Xiao Yan entered the female body to find the eggs. When the two met, the eggs had no activity.

1. Evaluation of fertility

At present, the age of people’s marriage and fertility is becoming more and more later. However, women’s fertility can move over time and gradually decline. This is a natural law and there is no way to avoid it.

Therefore, for women who are 30 years old, especially 35 years old and need to prepare for pregnancy, it is best to go to the reproductive center to evaluate the reproductive center to see if there is a disease that affects fertility.

2. Adjust your life and rest

Some people say that spring is a golden season for pregnancy, but in fact, the season’s impact on pregnancy has little impact. Experts suggest that both husband and wife should adjust the habits of life and diet one to two months in advance to achieve regular schedules and healthy diets.

For men, keep in mind to quit smoking and alcohol, and avoid sedentary or staying in a high -temperature environment for a long time. For example, steamed sauna and hot springs are free, so as not to affect sperm quality and cause pregnancy failure.

3. Avoid taking medicine privately

Many pregnant mothers may take medicine according to their medication habits before pregnancy after pregnancy, but in fact, many drugs are prohibited from taking it at some stage during pregnancy, and some drugs may affect the fetus.The development of the fetus can even cause the fetus. Therefore, for the health of the baby, the pregnant mother must consult the doctor after illness.

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