Women are invaded by university teachers?The school responded that Zhengzhou University launched an investigation.

University professors are highly educated people. They should be learned and more talented. The moral quality is noble. More importantly, as a teacher, Lide Shushu is the minimum criterion.The teacher’s style is the bottom line of the teacher and the pure land of the university campus.

A professor at the School of Marxist School of Southeast University Southeast University sent an indecent picture incident. The storm was not flat. There was an accident from a professor from a horse college from Zhengzhou University.After being invaded, he was taken to the hospital after pregnancy. After the incident was exposed, it quickly aroused heated discussion among netizens. Some netizens said that it was the Malaysian hospital again.

Judging from the content of the woman’s breaking news, this Professor Wang’s harm to her was very great. It can be said that she became her nightmare. The woman said that she had been brainwashed by Professor Wang, controlled by her spirit for two and a half years, and was brought to the infringement.Going to the hospital to get a fetus. In the past 11 years, women can be said to live in the deep water, commit suicide twice, severe depression, and infertility for life!

As for why she dared to stand up in eleven years, the woman said she had asked her, but Professor Wang asked his lover to face her and rub her ass. In addition, she was timid and scared., Mother’s inaction, the father didn’t know where he went, and finally left!

If the woman broke the news, then Professor Wang’s behavior seriously violated the style of morality and even the law, because the woman claimed that she was only 16 years old and belonged to the minor.

As for the truth about the incident?Zhengzhou University responded to: attaches great importance to the establishment of a working group for investigation at the first time, and will be handled according to the results of the investigation and discipline according to law.During the survey, all the teaching activities of Wang Moumou will be suspended.

It can be seen that Zheng Da’s attitude is very resolute and decisive. He does not cover it. He attaches great importance to the construction of teachers and morality. I believe that Zhengzhou University will soon have the results of the investigation.

In fact, the incident once again sounded the alarm to the construction of the morality of the university teachers.The environment, and college students must know how to protect themselves, learn to respect themselves, do not brainwash themselves, have their own independent cognition and consciousness, and stay away from PUA.

The university campus PUA is too terrible, and the damage to students is very great. Even the female students have been attracted by the PUA incident by her boyfriend PUA, so how do college students avoid being PUA by others?Welcome everyone to express their opinions and help college students away from PUA.” ” “Is invaded by college teachers to get pregnant?School response”

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