Women are pregnant, and her boyfriend is going to break up with her, did she meet a scumbag, or is there another hidden love?

This young and beautiful woman, named Wang Shiqi, is 28 years old. She originally had a relationship with her boyfriend Liu Ren. After hearing her pregnancy, her boyfriend Liu Ren not only did not be happy, but she was not happy.Instead, the child of Wang Shiqi is not his child. What is going on?

Both Liu Ren and Wang Shiqi had married, and after the divorce of Liu Ren, Liu Ren lived with a pair of children. The reason why he divorced was because his ex -wife was derailed in the marriage, which brought him a lot of shadows.When he associated with Wang Shiqi, he was more sensitive to the relationship between Wang Shiqi and the opposite sex.

The reason why Liu Ren pursues Wang Shiqi, on the one hand because Wang Shiqi is young and beautiful, on the other hand, because he brings her daughter with her side after divorce, Liu Ren feels that she is a responsible woman. IfBeing able to go to the end to become a husband and wife will definitely run a good family with yourself.

However, when the two people really became lovers, Liu Ren found that many behaviors of Wang Shiqi made him unacceptable. Wang Siqi not only had close relationships with a man named Li, but also had many friends of the opposite sex. In addition, his girlfriend liked to record personal videos.Then publish on the short video platform. When these videos attract male netizens to leave a message, the girlfriend will not only interact with these netizens, but even tell the other party about their address.

For Wang Shiqi’s practices, Liu Ren has always been disgusted and communicated with his girlfriend many times. He hoped that his girlfriend would not go too close to the opposite sex.As for Liu Ren’s doubt, Wang Shiqi said that her opposite sex friends are indeed more, but they are only normal, and when they go out to meet with these friends, they will also propose to take Liu Ren together, but Liu Ren refused to be rejected by Liu Ren’s rejectionAfter, Liu Ren’s suspicion has always been personal speculation.

As for the man surnamed Li, Wang Shiqi was the last boyfriend before her relationship with Liu Ren. She also acknowledged that at the beginning, she did contact the man with the surname of Li, and because of this incident, Liu Ren was disgusted.At the beginning, she had quarreled many times for this matter, but she has now completely cut off the connection with the man named Li, but Liu Ren has never trusted her.

The reason why Liu Ren explained to his girlfriend didn’t take it for granted that she felt that Wang Shiqi had deceived herself many times, and she promised herself to promise to see the man with the surname of Li, but while she was going out to work, she would privately meet with the other party.He did not witness the two people with his own eyes, but Wang Shiqi’s daughter told Liu Ren that her mother went to date her uncle named Li.

But in Wang Shiqi’s view, Liu Ren has been clearly clear and accepted by any emotional experience before.Now he questioned that he was not his child, but he was pushing off his responsibility.

However, Liu Ren said that although he did have something to do with Wang Shiqi, the two did not live together. In addition, the relationship between his girlfriend and the opposite sex was chaotic.Wang Shiqi is pregnant with his own child.

Liu Ren said that Wang Shiqi is now pregnant for a month. As long as he has been waiting for another month, he can give a parent -child identification for the fetus in the abdomen. If the result is his child, then he will take responsibilityHis, then he naturally consider it.

Facing the doubt of her boyfriend, Wang Shiqi did not do too much explanation, but he always emphasized that he was Liu Ren’s child.In her opinion, all Liu Ren’s speech, just because of suspicion, lacks trust in herself, she still has various doubts after she pregnant with her child, and even find a reason to refuse to be responsible. This practice makes Wang Shiqi QiqiI feel very chilling.

Thinking of the marriage he had experienced before, Wang Shiqi was somewhat sad for a while. It turned out that Wang Shiqi did not just get married once. As early as the age of 21, she was already married to her first ex -husband, and her daughter was alsoBorn with the first ex -husband.

Wang Shiqi’s first marriage was only maintained until her daughter was three years old, and the second marriage was the man named Li in the mouth of Liu Renkou. In this marriage, Wang Shiqi said that he was just holding a fun mentality.Will get a marriage certificate with the second ex -husband, but the mother is very dissatisfied with her second marriage. In addition, the other party’s economic conditions are relatively poor. Therefore, after receiving the marriage certificate, the two only lived in just one month.I went to the divorce.

After two short marriage, Wang Shiqi is also eager to have a stable relationship. Especially her daughter is already going to elementary school. She also hopes to give her daughter a complete family.With foreign debt, she is also considerate to her and has a house.Therefore, Liu Shiqi also had the idea of marrying the other person and associated with Liu Ren.

After knowing Wang Shiqi with Wang Shiqi, Liu Ren did really treat her sincerely. Even the credit card was helping her pay back. In just half a year, Liu Ren helped Wang Shiqi to pay more than 780,000 yuan. In addition, he had to support it.His two children, which also made his current economic pressure, and even the property fee was unable to pay.

Now he is not willing to be responsible, but he only has to wait until the parent -child identification to be safe, and Wang Shiqi also agrees to make a self -evidence of the identification.In this relationship between Wang Shiqi and Liu Ren, at the beginning, both of them came together for marriage. They also had feelings for each other.trust.

And Wang Shiqi really seemed a bit hasty in dealing with feelings. After the first marriage, she should have been more cautious about feelings, but she led the second husband with a fun attitude and she was with a fun attitude.After the marriage certificate, after divorcing the second husband, she had already interpreted with Liu Ren, and she broke up with the other party. This approach was really inappropriate, and it would cause Liu Ren’s suspicion of her.

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