Women are pregnant, men are at a loss?Four people come here and teach you to do this

Author: Congcong

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It is said that pregnancy is a major event for women. After the men and women are related to both men and women, women have worked hard to conceive in October. They have to experience different changes in various physical, psychological, and life and work.Is there any way to make the pregnant wife happy to give birth to a child?

Pregnant woman

Netizen 1:

I have been married to my wife for 3 years. I have been pregnant with my baby. I finally went to IVF. I finally worked with my heart. My wife was very hard. In order to ask for this child, I suffered a lot of sins.Then I go home from work every day to cook for her. I want to do whatever I want, so that she has a good mood every day. Now I am 7 months pregnant and look forward to the baby’s birth.

Netizen 2:

I haven’t got married with my girlfriend, and I was pregnant with an accident, but I was not ready to get married so early. I am still discussing with my girlfriend if I want this child.When you grow up, you have to raise your children, but when you think of our baby, I still look forward to it, and I am afraid that it is not good for my girlfriend to get rid of my girlfriend, so it is what we have to make a lot of decisions at present.Essence

Pregnant woman

Netizen 3:

Our children have been born for 5 months. My wife’s mood is not stable when she is pregnant. Sometimes I always have a temper of my temper, but I am tired of returning home from work and I have to be angry with her.It is our babies, and I have paid a lot for me, so I was patient every day to coax her and make her happy. After all, it is normal for men to be bad.ah.

Netizen 4:

I have been married to my daughter -in -law for 8 years, and I have never planned to have a child, but this year I was pregnant and thought about it for a long time. I decided to give birth to this child.The little baby cares carefully and cultivates him into a person who contributes to society. It turns out that the baby is so cute. With him, the sense of responsibility on his body is much heavy.Work to let them live a better life.

Pregnant woman

Yes, life always brings us all kinds of surprises, but just look at what you think, there are always people who are happy and worrying, how your mentality will make a different development ending, but the editor thinksThey are all adults. You have to consider everything. You have to be responsible for everything. If you feel that there is nothing to bear, do not do it, and you cannot escape in the face of what you have happened.Solve the problem.Mom is the greatest person in the world, and we must treat them well.


After seeing so much, what do you think of the arrival of a small life?

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