Women do not ignore low back pain, pain is unbearable or gynecological disease "signal"

In actual life, some female friends with back pain are often encountered, such as some young girls sore back and back, and some middle -aged women have back pain due to osteoporosis, which brings a lot of troubles to life.However, today I will tell you the connection between back pain and gynecological diseases. I hope everyone will not ignore women’s low back pain, because the pain is unbearable or the gynecological disease "signal". Let’s listen to the experts.

According to scientific statistics, the incidence of low back pain in the same age is generally higher than that of men. Women are extremely likely to cause back pain due to the physiological characteristics of menstruation, breeding, childbirth, and breastfeeding.In fact, in fact, apart from special physiological factors, women’s low back pain often causes female back pain or cause gynecological diseases.Therefore, when women have pain symptoms, do not stare at the waist, because low back pain may be caused by some gynecological diseases.

According to gynecological experts, common gynecological symptoms that cause back pain are mainly:

1. After cervic inflammation, there will be symptoms such as increased leucorrhea, local itching, and tingling. At the same time, under the stimulation of inflammation, lumbar pain can be caused.

2. The normal position of the uterine position abnormal uterus is forward and forward flexion. If the uterus changes abnormally after the uterus occurs, the ligament that supports the uterus in the body is excessively tracted. At the same time, some nerves are oppressed, which can cause back painEssence

3. The uterine prolapse uterine moves down the vagina. Due to the weak tissue and the decrease in tension, the pressure of the abdominal cavity increases.

4. Pelvic inflammation of pelvic tissue inflammation such as chronic attachment inflammation, pelvic peritonitis, uterine sacral ligament or connective tissue inflammation, etc. The inflammatory stimulation of these diseases can cause back pain.

5. If the pelvic tumor has tumors such as uterine fibroids, cervical cancer, ovarian cysts such as uterine fibroids, cervical cancer, ovarian cysts, or cancer cells can infiltrate the pelvic connective tissue, and the pain will increase with the increase of the tumor.

6. After pregnancy, after pregnancy, as the fetus increases monthly, the support force of the waist will continue to increase. Long -term mechanical effects will cause ligaments to gradually relax. The expanding uterine cavity compresses the pelvic nerve and blood vessels, which will also cause back pain.

7, fertility factors, if there are too many fertility tires, many artificial abortion, or the sexual life is not too frequent.

8. The long -term accumulation of the uterus and vagina of yin to vagina and the vagina of yin poisoning. For a long time, it will cause problems such as cold gynecology in the lower abdomen. It is generally accompanied by itching and odor, and irregular menstruation.Essence

From the content introduced by the experts above, we realize that women with low incidence are a common disease, which has a great connection with women’s physiology.For example, menstruation, breeding, childbirth, and breastfeeding are some causes of back pain.However, there are also many women’s low back pain caused by gynecological diseases.Therefore, women do not ignore low back pain, and pain may also be a signal of gynecological diseases.It is recommended that female friends often go back to the hospital for a corresponding examination if they often have back pain, and then treat them with symptomatic treatment.

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