Women said that they were not selected in the recruitment of teachers because they did not do their breasts.

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Zou Xiaolin (a pseudonym) of Zou Xiaolin (pseudonym), who applied for the teacher’s position, was the first place, but because of pregnancy, he should not do chest diarrhea and was identified as "unqualified medical examination" and was eventually refused to recruit.

The Cultural and Education and Sports Health Bureau of Henan Xinxiang Plain Demonstration Zone was discriminated against pregnant women during the public recruitment process of teachers in 2019.Administrative Litigation.

On November 19, the surging news (www.thepaper.cn) learned from Zou Xiaolin’s agent lawyer and Beijing Jingshi Law Firm, Zhong Lanan, learned that the Henan Xinxiang People’s Court has accepted the case.

Photo Conferry, Acting Lawyer of the Pharaoh of the People’s Court of Yuanyang County

Zou Xiaolin Yifang’s "Administrative Prosecution" stated that in 2019, the plaintiff Zou Xiaolin District participated in the Plain Demonstration Zone jointly organized by the Plain Demonstration Zone of the Plain Demonstration Zone of the Plain Demonstration Zone in 2019The teacher exam for kindergarten teachers in primary and secondary schools, apply for the post of Teacher of Zhuang Zhuang, and obey the adjustment.After the written test and interview, the plaintiff Zou Xiaolin participated in the medical examination with the first place in total score.During the medical examination, the staff of the medical examination institution pointed out that pregnant women should not do chest permeability. The staff of the Cultural and Education and Sports and Health Bureau of the Plain Demonstration Zone agreed that the plaintiff and many other pregnancy medical examination staff did not do the breast permeability. At the same time, the plaintiff submitted the ultrasound examination reportProve pregnancy.However, the defendant refused to hire the plaintiff on the grounds that the plaintiff’s physical examination was unqualified.

Zou Xiaolin’s lawsuit request was: the decision made by the second defendant’s decision to the plaintiff Zou Xiaolin’s decision;

Surging News previously reported that there were 5 other pregnant women similar to Zou Xiaolin’s situation. They questioned that the local Cultural and Education and Sports Bureau discriminated against pregnant women in disguise on the grounds of lack of medical examination projects.On August 22, a staff member of the Public Propaganda Office of the Xinxiang Plain Demonstration Zone in Henan Province responded to the surging news that after a preliminary understanding, the Plain Demonstration Zone Cultural and Education and Sports Bureau did not have subjective deliberate obstructions or obstruction or obstruction orSet up a card to hinder the admission of pregnant women.

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