Women who have given birth to a child are more likely to get pregnant. I don’t want to rush to have a second child. Be careful about these things.

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When they did not let go of the second child policy, many friends around them asked for the second child and asked them how they could be opened. They said, "No way, accidental pregnancy!" Speaking, it feels that the second child is easier than the first child.Many friends also said that they were very laborious when they were born. It was surprising when the second child was in the second child.

@: I asked for medical treatment and worshiped the ancestors before Huai Dabao. I tossed for four or five years before I was pregnant. The baby was one and a half years old. I was pregnant and was happy. I was happy for several days.

@: Because the polycystic ovary is in love, I do n’t contraception when I fall in love. I am married when I want to get pregnant. I know that I have n’t worked for more than a year.The year old, accidentally conceived Erbao.

@胎: The first child is difficult to conceive, thinking that it is impossible, but the result is unexpected. The children are now 7 and a half months old, three and a half years old!Big daughter, little son!

@: I am a test tube. Now my daughter is 8 months old, and she is still breastfeeding. I got pregnant twice when I was pregnant!I am really speechless. I had a hard time before, and now I am so pregnant, but my daughter is still young!

@: My family is also a Dabao test tube. Erbao was pregnant when Dabao was breastfeeding in five months.

@不: I am infertile and the fallopian tube is blocked.I urged Dabao, and I couldn’t help it.After four months of giving birth, the second child was accidentally.

I gave birth to two babies. I was pregnant for 1 month when I was pregnant for the first time, and I only went to the second month.The first time I was pregnant for the first time, I couldn’t believe it. I did the B -ultrasound until 51 days of B -ultrasound.For Erbao, I always think it is a magical existence.

Generally, it is easy for children to have good physical conditions. There is a colleague who has finished maternity leave for 5 months. When he returns to work, it will take about one month, and the belly will be big.EssenceHowever, there is also a bad child around me. It is probably caused by too much age, blocked fallopian tubes, and excessive abortion.

Why is a woman who has given birth to a child easier to get pregnant?There are roughly the following reasons:

Those who are pregnant indicate that the uterus and the ovaries are normal, and they have a good fertility. As long as they are not too old, the fallopian tubes are not blocked.

Only women cannot be pregnant by themselves. They also have to look at her husband and have a child. They also identify the ability of her husband. At the same time, it also shows that her husband is healthy, and it is easy to get the child.

Some mothers think that they will not get pregnant without aunt, and others think that breast milk will inhibit ovulation and not get pregnant, so they are not vigilant, do not take contraception, and accidentally get pregnant.In fact, ovulation appears in front of the aunt. When you relax your vigilance, the eggs have quietly discharged.The uterus recovered after 42 days, and the ovary recovered function, and there was the possibility of ovulation at any time.

Therefore, in breastfeeding, we must take contraceptive measures during breastfeeding. In case of pregnancy, it is a secondary damage to the uterus, which will also affect Dabao’s breastfeeding, and it is more difficult to recover with your body.

After the first child, the mentality is relatively relaxed. The second child is to let it go, and it doesn’t matter if you can keep it.This relaxed state is easier to discharge high -quality eggs and wait for the precious sperm.

When you want the first child, the pressure is too great. He thinks about the child, but his desire is not reached. The spirit is highly nervous.Several friends were unsuccessful to do test tubes. As a result, they temporarily put aside the child. When they went out, they became pregnant.

In short, whether the first child is pregnant is easy or easy. After giving birth, you must pay attention to contraception. Do not care about it. In case you are not in a hurry to have a second child, you will be caught off guard by accidental pregnancy.(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client.) The second child Baoma, senior childcare teacher, personalized training instructor, multi -platform original author.Love children, love life, and are willing to share your childcare experience with thousands of mothers, pay attention to me, and obtain more parenting knowledge.

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