Women’s belly becomes bigger and thinks that the pregnancy check is actually a steep drop of 20 pounds after the liver tumor surgery is removed

Jingchu.com (Hubei Daily) (Reporter Lin Lin Correspondent Liu Shanshan) The 30 -year -old woman has been getting bigger and bigger for more than two months. She started to gain weight at first. LaterThere is a tumor with "winter melon" hidden in the abdominal cavity.Recently, experts at the Nanjing Road Hospital of Wuhan Central Hospital successfully removed liver tumors for her. After surgery, her weight dropped by 20 pounds and her body shape was normal.

Xiao Zhou (Hua’s surname), who lives in Hankou, is 30 years old this year, and is fat.At the beginning of February this year, she suddenly found that her belly became larger. At first she thought she was gaining weight, and then she began to control her diet.Strangely, she didn’t eat much every day, her face and limbs did not become fat, but her belly increased significantly.During this time, Xiao Zhou had no appetite to eat. He often felt that his stomach was swollen and occasionally painful.Looking at the increasingly bulging belly, she doubted whether she was pregnant, so she hurried to the Nanjing Road Hospital of Wuhan Central Hospital for treatment.

After inspection, Xiao Zhou was not pregnant, but had a huge tumor in his abdomen.In the outpatient clinic of liver and gallbladder pancreatic surgery, Kong Xiaoyu, deputy chief physician, checked in detail and found that her belly was bulging. The lumps from the chest to the bottom of the navel. They looked like pregnant women who were pregnant for more than six months, and then they were hospitalized in the hepatobiliary pancreatic surgery.Further abdomen to enhance the CT and MRI examinations, suggesting a huge cystic tumor of the liver, with a maximum diameter of 30 cm, full of the entire abdominal cavity, and the tumor pushes the kidneys, duodenum, pancreas, gallbladder and other important organs.At the same time, the lower cavity veins, abdominal aorta and other important blood vessels are compressed.

Giant liver tumor.Correspondent drawing

Cai Changchun’s organizational departments of the Nanjing Road Institute District have conducted discussions on pre -surgery cases. Based on the patient history and related examinations of patients, the possibility of benign tumors is considered, but its growth is rapid, and the possibility of evil changes cannot be ruled out.Because the tumor is located in the liver, the tumor body is huge, the three major liver doors are compressed, and the ducts of the surrounding tumor are unable to dissect it densely. The difficulty and risk of the operation are very high.Once the organs.After careful analysis and research, a thorough surgical plan was finally formulated.

Last week, Director Cai Changchun and Deputy Chief Physician of Kong Xiaoyu performed surgery for Xiao Zhou. During the operation, the piercing cyst was drawn 8000 ml biliary sac fluid. With the close cooperation of the anesthesiology and operating room, after 3 hours of surgery, it was surgery.In the end, the liver tumor was successfully cut, and the abnormal bile duct was repaired.Pathological results of the postoperative pathogenic tumor, a benign tumor.

After surgery, Xiao Zhou’s body shape returned to normal. The current weight compared with her 150 pounds when she was admitted to the hospital, and she was 20 pounds light.

Director Cai Changchun, the hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery of Nanjing Road, the hospital, introduced that the cholecies adenoma is a rare benign cystic tumor in the liver and originated from the bile duct.Due to the slow growth of tumors, there are generally no obvious symptoms in the early days. When the tumor is larger, clinical symptoms occur when the neighboring organs are compressed. The main manifestations are obvious lumps in the abdomen, and they are accompanied by different degrees of abdominal pain, abdominal distension, and jaundice.Experts remind that you should pay more attention to your physical changes and conduct regular physical examinations. If you find that your body is abnormal, you should seek medical treatment early.

Source: Jingchu.com

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