Women’s ride is pregnant with the coach, and the coach mother after divorce: Who knows who the child is

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Ye Wei, 30, is a prospective mother who is white and beautiful and unmarried. However, when she is about to come to the pelvis at 9 months of pregnancy, the child’s father will break up with her.

When this should have enjoyed the highest courtesy of the whole family, Ye Wei was worried.

Because her child’s father did not want to bear the responsibility of being a father, even the prospective mother -in -law threatened: "Who knows if this child is my son."

The wedding in October was also planned.

How can there be a father who does not expect his child to come?How can a mother -in -law not want to bring my grandson?

What happened between this caused the situation today?

Ye Wei’s room was filled with cribs prepared for newborn and babies’ coats, etc. It can be seen that she is looking forward to the child’s arrival.

Others are pregnant with her husband carefully. The father -in -law and mother -in -law took care of it intimately and were regarded as the baby of the family and enjoyed the highest level of treatment.

But these are nothing here in Ye Wei, and even the original wedding has been canceled.

The child’s father not only did not accompany him to take care of him, but did not give Ye Wei a penny, and even avoided her.

The father -in -law and mother -in -law had never asked, and even had hostile.

Only Ye Wei’s mother accompanied her to take care of her in September. These Ye Wei can still endure.

It was just that she hadn’t worked for nearly a year, and the savings left in her hands had been spent.

Even the baby items in her room were borrowed money from relatives and friends to buy money or even loans.

It is about to face production soon, and then it will be a lot of costs. What should I do?

Ye Wei felt that Shi Zhang, who was a child’s father, should take responsibility and bear the cost of production. It was originally a good marriage, and now he has not admitted it.

Ye Wei took his family to the driving school where Shi Zhang was looking for him, but did not want Shi Zhang to hide from her.

Then she called Shi Zhang’s phone, and Shi Zhang told Ye Wei that he went to Wuhan to pull the goods.

But the colleague of Shi Zhang had seen him at noon. Why did he suddenly go to Wuhan?Isn’t this clear that you don’t want to see Ye Wei?

So Ye Wei came to Shi Zhang’s house with the advice of relatives at home and found his mother.

Shi Zhang’s mother Wang Hui seemed a little angry and impatient when she saw Ye Wei’s arrival.

"We all said that you don’t want this child. You have to stay. Now this situation is the result of your intentions, we don’t care."

It turned out that in the early days of pregnancy, Ye Wei had been in the hospital for twice because of the unstable fetus. At the first time, Wang Hui, the mother -in -law, did not know.

At the second time, when Wang Hui saw Ye Wei’s situation, he quietly asked his son: "How can this child affect this situation and what kind of medicine has the effect?"

I did not know that the son’s answer made Wang Hui’s heart jump.Shi Zhang said that he and Ye Wei have always had protection measures, and they would take contraceptives every time.

I thought that I would not have children after taking medicine, but I didn’t expect his vitality to be so tenacious.

In the case of children, Ye Wei, who did not know, had taken medicine twice, which may also be the cause of the unstable.

As a person who came here, Wang Hui heard it.

So she quickly called her son to call Ye Wei and her parents, telling them that the child was young, they could still give birth in the future, and the child would not.

I did n’t know that Ye Wei did not agree to terminate her pregnancy. She felt that this child was also a life. Since she came to her belly, she was reluctant to hurt him.

In order to ensure that the children in the stomach are healthy, Ye Wei ran a few large hospitals for inspection. Fortunately, the results of various inspections showed that the child had no problem.

This made Ye Wei a little peace of mind, but at the same time, she would not agree with the requirements of Shi Zhang’s family.

She found Wang Hui with her various inspection reports, proved that the child was healthy, and wanted to let them change their ideas and leave the child.

Unexpectedly, Wang Hui said the real doubts in his heart under the corruption: "Who knows whether your child is stone Zhang?"

Wang Hui’s words revealed a period of unknown Ye Wei.

Ye Wei had a marriage before Shi Zhang. When she met Shi Zhang, she had not divorced her first husband and was in a separate state.

Until Ye Wei and Shi Zhang showed their hearts and determined the relationship of love, Ye Wei went through the divorce procedure with his ex -husband in May 2020.

And these Wang Hui, the prospective mother -in -law, said that she did not know, and she thought Ye Wei concealed her true marriage.

In this regard, Ye Wei said: "My previous marriage status told Shi Zhang from 151. It was he didn’t mind, and then chased me for a few months before I agreed to be with him."

Shi Zhang knows these really?What are the stories between the two of them? Why did Shi Zhang avoid Ye Wei?

It turned out that Ye Wei’s first marriage was also married.

She and the first husband met with a friend to know the blind date. Shortly after the two got along, Ye Wei accidentally found that Ye Wei was pregnant.

So the two hurriedly organized the wedding, but shortly after the wedding.

Because the economic conditions in the man’s family were poor, Ye Wei was pregnant and could not go to work again, so the man went out to work to make money, leaving a pregnant Ye Wei and mother -in -law living at home.

Because the time of the two was relatively short, Ye Wei’s husband usually did not often call to care about her, which made Ye Wei feel lost.

The old saying has always said that women have children as if they were closed at the ghost door.

Even though the current medical level has improved a lot, there are still some risks to have children.

Ye Wei had an accident during production. Adults were fine, but the child could not save it.

But Ye Wei’s more painful things are still behind.

Since she lost her first child, her husband began to expose her nature, and she hit her when she was often unhappy.

Ye Wei couldn’t stand the domestic violence, so he wanted to divorce him, but he disagreed with life.

In desperation, Ye Wei had to live in.

During the separation, Ye Wei went to the driving school to apply for a car. When she was studying the car, she met the coach Shi Zhang, who happened to be taught.

The external image of Shi Zhang is still good. The big man of one meter eight is handsome, clean and tidy.

Originally, the two were also the relationship between ordinary coaches and trainees, because when the two got along, Shi Zhang was attracted by the white skin in front of him and a good girl.

So he often asked her in the name of helping Ye Wei to learn the car while working. After the two went to the two, Shi Zhang began to pursue Ye Wei.

Of course, Ye Wei was also attracted by Shi Zhang’s handsome appearance. After learning that Ye Wei liked to sing, Shi Zhang often took her to KTV to sing.

Of course, Shi Zhang is also a wheat tyrants, especially Cantonese songs sing well. KTV is one of his home games. On his home, Ye Wei only worshiped.

Ye Wei, under the fierce pursuit of Shi Zhang, surrendered.

She told Shi Zhang’s state of marriage that Shi Zhang thought that Shi Zhang would mind, but did not think, Shi Zhang did not care.

So after Ye Wei determined the relationship with Shi Zhang, under the urging of Shi Zhang, Ye Wei finally convinced his ex -husband to go through the divorce procedure and obtained a divorce certificate.

Theoretically, when the two people have a good relationship, isn’t marriage and childhood?Although the child is surprised, it is still very healthy. Isn’t it more happy?

Why did Shi Zhang and his family suddenly change so much?

In fact, before Ye Wei was pregnant, Shi Zhang communicated with his family and had prepared to host a wedding in October 2020.

The sudden child interrupted the process of marriage.

Shi Zhang’s parents did not agree with the child’s birth in any case for the reasons for taking medicine during pregnancy.

Ye Wei did his best to prove that the child was fine. From the perspective of her mother, she did not want to give up her child.

The stone chapter sandwiched in the middle was in a dilemma. In this way, the two sides were deadlocked. Until now, the child was about to be born in 9 months, but Shi Zhang proposed to break up.

During the period, due to the great emotional fluctuations of pregnant women during pregnancy, Ye Wei and Shi Zhang often quarreled.

As a result of the quarrel, Shi Zhang proposed to break up. He believed that the quarrel between the two sides had abrasion the past friendship.

Ye Wei felt that Shi Zhang had not explicitly stated that he had always stated that if he explained that he did not want this child three months ago, she would listen to him.

But Shi Zhang kept dragging, never doing a clear attitude, and finally obeyed the meaning of the house.

Do you think that Shi Zhang is not responsible for seeing this? Such an adult and some mom Baonan?

If you look at you later, you will know why Shi Zhang looks like this.

Just as the two sides were still stalemate for the child, Ye Wei suddenly felt that his stomach pain was more than.

So Ye Wei took his mother to the hospital for examination. The doctor told Ye Wei: "Because you have had an early peeling of the placenta before, in order to prevent accidents, you should be hospitalized."

When Ye Wei had an accident during the first pregnancy production, the doctor was afraid that she would repeat the same mistakes this time, so she asked her to be hospitalized.

But for Ye Wei, it was a great economic pressure, and she couldn’t afford it at all.

She sat lonely on the chair of the hospital, took out her mobile phone to send a message to Shi Zhang, and found that Shi Zhang had garden herself.

She quickly called him, and the phone was also hacked. For Ye Wei, Shi Zhang is now her only life -saving straw.

Ye Wei thinks that the child is also a stone Zhang, he should shoulder the responsibility of being his father.So he took his mother to Shi Zhang’s home.

At Shi Zhang’s house, their mother and daughter saw Shi Zhang and his parents, and their attitude really made her chill.

Shi Zhang’s parents also said, "Don’t want you to have children. We come out for the cost of termination of pregnancy. You can still get married well, but you have to have it."

"Now we can’t agree with the relationship between you two. If Shi Zhang is willing, I will cut off the relationship between father and son."

Shi Zhang hurriedly said: "Now the two of us have no feelings. I can’t form a family with you again."

"As for the child, if you want to give birth, you will be born, otherwise you will go to me, what should happen?"

It turned out that Shi Zhang listened to the family because his own salary income was not enough to support himself, but also relied on his parents to help.

The parents’ attitude is very clear. I don’t want to want this child. Now I don’t want this daughter -in -law. I guess his parents also tell him a similar relationship.

In the end, the Shi family was always reluctant to bear all this, but just said they were willing to obey the court’s decision.

In fact, I think Shi Zhang may have never thought about getting married and having children since the beginning.

How deep can Ye Wei may rise for a while and want to play?

Otherwise, how could she ignore Ye Wei’s health and let her take medicine again and again.Is there any protection measures without hurting the body?Therefore, Shi Zhang’s attitude is obviously not serious.

He didn’t know what to do for the accidental child.The meaning of parents is likely to mean him, but the reason may not be that he is afraid that the child will be unhealthy.

The reason why he did not explicitly expressed his attitude towards Ye Wei may be because Ye Wei was unstable, and he was afraid of something big.

Even in the end, when the child had to give birth, he never thought that he would take his own responsibility. The phrase "no feelings" was very indifferent and ruthless.

After experiencing a tragedy of Fengzi married, Ye Wei would actually believe that a man’s commitment was so easy, so he easily chosen his life partner.

At the same time, I also understand why she is unwilling to do not want children. For her physical condition, she may not know if she can still have her own child after she missed this child.

In short, girls must know each other more when they get married, polish their eyes, and do not easily enter the marriage hall with those who know it long, so as not to cause tragedy.

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