World Population Day | Mother and Bao Da, a healthy, planned, and smart baby?

July 11, 2023 is the 34th World Population Day. The population problem is a common challenge facing the world. China has determined the theme as "promoting gender equality and protecting the health of women and children."

In recent years, the population rate of birth has continued to decline, and more and more young people have chosen to postpone marriage and childbirth.When there were two children and three children, they became older.So how can we achieve a high -ranking Bao Ma who is born and excellent?


Grasp the best fertility age

Let’s start with the egg.Ovarian is produced by ovarian. There are millions of follicles when women are born. Under the influence of sex hormones after adolescence, most women have a batch of eggs every month, but in the end, only one egg matures.According to 1 monthly ovulation, women have only 400-500 eggs in their lives, so they are very precious!"Eggs" are decreasing every day, this is an unspeakable resource!After the ovaries are excreted, they can generally only survive for 12-24 hours, the longest can reach 36-48 hours, and only within 24 hours after the discharge, the ability to fertilize the strongest is the strongest.

Women <18 years old or> 35 years old are risk factor for pregnancy and can easily cause other complications of difficulty and obstetrics.Since the age of 35, the quality of women’s eggs has declined significantly.The rate of fetal chromosomal abnormalities (such as 21-trisomy) in a maternal chromosomal abnormalities in the age of 35 increases.The menopamental period appeared around 45-50 years old. After the age of 49-50, the ovaries gradually entered a state of failure and stopped working. The risk of women over 45 years of age had exceeded 50 %.Therefore, it is best for women to have children before the age of 35, and should not be too late.

Not only do women have the best age, but also men.Studies have shown that men’s best fertility age is 25-35 years old. At this time, the sperm quality is the best, with a large number, strong vitality, and high perception.Men’s sperm quality will also decrease with age. A foreign research reports that the risk of high sperm DNA fragment rate will increase significantly.Sex is closely related to "good nostalgia".


Prepare before pregnancy

The appropriate age of fertility is conducive to childbearing health, but if you do not complete the fertility plan at the best age of childbearing, then you need to hurry up and prepare for breeding.

Bao Ma Note

Bao Ma’s healthy body provides the prerequisite for high -quality eggs.Li Mingzhen, deputy director of the Eugenic Genetics Section, reminded that a pre -pregnancy health examination before pregnancy to correct the basic diseases in advance, such as viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, heart disease, hypertension, hypertension, hypertension, hypertension, hypertrophic diseases that may affect pregnancy.EssenceIf abnormalities should be actively treated, it is suitable for pregnancy before pregnancy.Bao Ma, who has a history of caesarean section, has a risk assessment of scar uterus and re -pregnancy.In daily life, it is recommended to maintain an optimistic and relaxing mood, maintain regular physical exercise, ensure normal schedules, and balance diets. These methods can help delay ovarian aging.

In addition, female friends should pay attention to protecting their pregnancy resources.Zhu Jinhu, director of gynecology, reminded that abortion will cause great harm to the body, uterus and emotions.Therefore, when you are not intended to ask for a child, you must take good protection measures and reasonable contraception.

Daddy’s precautions

Bao Da’s healthy body is the prerequisite for providing high -quality sperm.In this regard, many couples are easy to ignore.Zhang Xinzong, the deputy dean and the director ofrdine, suggested that the pregnant men to maintain good living habits, prepare at least 3 months in advance to avoid tobacco and alcohol, avoid high temperature, avoid contact with radioactive or chemical toxic substances, because the above -mentioned bad contact will lead to the number of sperm spermThe dangers such as decreased activity rate and sperm morphological deformity.Those who are minor cause pregnancy difficulty; if they are serious, they can cause abortion and fetal malformations.Pay attention to exercise, pay attention to diet, pay attention to diet, and maintain a good state.

In addition, tumor patients, high -risk career practitioners, and people who do not want to have children can choose to save semen on the human sperm bank to leave the seeds of childbirth for themselves.


Pay attention to pre -pregnancy eugenics health examination

It is necessary to be a pre -pregnancy eugenic health examination.It is necessary to ask a professional eugenic doctor to consult before preparing for pregnancy. The doctor will pass the medical history inquiry, physical examination, clinical laboratory examination, imaging examination, etc., and give different consultation guidance and guidance for different pregnant couples and different consultation couplesrisk assessment.

The main clinical examination for the woman includes:

1. Hematuria routine

2. Common genetic disease screening (including local poverty screening or gene diagnosis, G6PD)

3. Blood type identification

4. Common infectious disease examination (including hepatitis B+hepatitis C+HIV+Trust)

5. Six hormones+amh

6. Four terators

7.B Super Check

8. Physical examination (including height and weight)

9. Liver and kidney function

10. Gynecological examination (including leucorrhea conventional+HPV)

Exclusive examination:

1. chromosome

2.SMA screening, deaf gene screening

3. Inspection of immunology (anti -sperm antibody+antipedia antibody+antibody endometrial antibody, etc.)

4. Uterine fallopian tubal angiography

5. Hysteroscopy or laparoscopy

The main clinical examinations for men include:

1. Hematuria routine

2. Common genetic disease screening (including local poverty screening or gene diagnosis, G6PD)

3. Blood type identification

4. Common infectious disease examination (including hepatitis B+hepatitis C+HIV+Trust)

5. Routine semen+morphological analysis

6. Biochemical

7. Physical examination (including height and weight)

8. Liver and kidney function.

Essential examination:

1. chromosome

2.SMA screening, deaf gene screening

3. Teste B ultrasound

4. Test of prostate.

Check the precautions:

1. Check the empty stomach in the morning, do not eat breakfast and drink water.

2. The woman performs sex hormone examination and is checked on the first day of menstruation.

3. The woman performs uterine fallopian tubal angiography, hysteroscopy or laparoscopy. Reservations should be made in advance and carried out 3-5 days after menstruation.

4. If the woman needs to conduct mature follicles, B-ultrasound should be performed on the 11-13 days of menstruation.

5. The woman’s routine urine examination needs to avoid menstrual periods.

6. The man inspects not to drink for the first day to prevent abnormal biochemical inspection results due to drinking.

pay attention:

If the husband and wife are preparing for more than one year, sexual life is normal, there is no contraception, but there is no pregnancy, considering infertility, especially for couples who are not pregnant for pregnancy over 35 years old, they should actively go to the hospital for help, screen the cause, plan reasonably, and plan reasonably planning.Save the time to reaching pregnancy.

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