Xiang Tai revealed that she had suffered from tumors, her belly was 9 months pregnant, and her husband cheered up in a word

There are many people in the entertainment industry in Hong Kong, but when it comes to this person’s life, you will never feel that she is lucky throughout her life.She is Chen Lan, a famous Hong Kong character, because she married Xiang Huaqiang, so everyone kindly called her to be Tai.Xiang Tai is so good in everyone’s eyes. Fortunately, some people love and someone loves, her husband is warm, her son is intimate, all envy her family and envy all this.

Xiang Taihe’s husband Xiang Huaqiang said that he was very powerful, but he could be said to be a powerful person.Because they have helped a lot of people, even Andy Lau and others have received their help.And Xiang Tai and Xiang Huaqiang not only have great power, but also have a high social status. Even financial resources can be compared with.When Xiang Tai was young, he was particularly beautiful, temperament, attractive, and wise. It can be said that he was a typical female strong woman.

Many people think that she is the goddess and thinks she is an unattainable person, but in fact it is not the case.In a show "The Most Beautiful Time", Xiang Taihe’s son Xiang Zuo and her husband Xiang Huaqiang showed the most authentic side in their daily life.Everyone thinks that Xiang too serious people will not play with everyone, but if you think so, you are wrong.Xiang is a very kind person. When everyone is doing games together, she is very active and happy. Sometimes the game is successful and she laughs like a child.

Everyone is playing photos of photos. Not only should they work hard, but they also have to tell how under the circumstances of this photo.Xiang Taihe’s son smiled happily when he was fighting this photo, but when asked about this question, the two people’s expression was a little sad.The two explained that at the time, a huge tumor had grown in Tai’s head. It was because of this tumor that made Xiang Tai’s body gain weight, and even his stomach swelled like 9 months of pregnancy.

Xiangtai’s body was very good before. After the illness, the body was so fat that it was a bit distressed.Staring at my obese body all day long, my mood is naturally not so good. In addition, my body is not so good, but I am a little irritable and uneasy.Perhaps her husband saw her thoughts and comforted her and said: It doesn’t matter, I don’t think you are fat, so it is quite cute.Although her husband comforted her, at the same time, she also slowly opened her heart, and finally she walked out of that shadow.

Although Xiang Tai is still obese, it was the cause of illness at the time, but when she looked at her happily, her son was filial, and her husband loved her particularly.On the road, I can still laugh so unrestrained, so happy!

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