Xiao Mo once again conceived Director Chen’s child, the second strongest Ma Suqin met!But they are not double -derailed

Bai Yu, Song Zuer, Mao Xiaotong Zhang Wanyi starring "The Children of the Qiao Family" starring in the latest plot is really suffocating. He was already eager to divorce Yi Xiaoran quickly.The second stronger, waiting for the second strong divorce!

Qiao Erqiang Ma Suqin passed by

Before Ma Suqin left, he was in distressing the relationship between the second and Master. When the second strongest was finally turned over, when he was going to buy vegetables to eat, he went to Xiao Mo’s family to eat with him, but he wiped his best Master with him.And anxiety.

Qiao Erqiang finally entered the vegetable field. The two were finally under the same roof, but they passed by.

I didn’t expect life to be like this. At the same place and the back of the back, the farthest distance in life may be that you are behind me, but we still pass by!

Xiao Mo is derailed and pregnant again!

The second strongest was green. Director Chen, who has always been Xiao Mo, died, and Xiao Mo was a little embarrassed!

It turned out that Xiao Mo was actually stepping on two boats.

It turned out that Xiao Mo and the director Chen had been well for many years, and Xiao Mo had conceived his child, and decided to break up because he had no name.

But Xiao Mo asked Director Chen or not, and kissed the top second.

After returning from the skating rink, the two tentatively sent Xiao Mo to the downstairs. Xiao Mo Shun invited him to go upstairs to eat supper. The two of them gradually became in the space. Xiao Mo invited the second strong to stay with her at night.

Even Director Chen Yue Xiao Mo, Xiao Mo went to the appointment, and asked Director Chen: "Have you loved me?"

Director Chen looked loyal: "I have fallen in love with you since I saw you for the first time, and has never changed from now.

Xiao Mo was angry: "Why don’t you love me not marry me, why don’t you love me to provoke me?"

Without receiving the reply from Director Chen, Xiao Mo stayed at home and lived at home.But Xiao Mo’s two strong two dreams are different dreams in the same bed!

The key is that Xiao Mo and Director Chen are derailed and pregnant again!

Xiao Mo was still sorry for the top two.At the beginning of the derailment, Director Chen dated overnight again and put on a high green hat for the second strongest, and she was pregnant with Director Chen’s child again, but it seemed that Director Chen still didn’t want this time!

The key is Xiao Mo’s mother. I do n’t know where to go!

Xiao Mo’s mother was really amazing. She actually disgusted the second strongest and honest, and thought that her daughter did not wait for Director Chen’s wife to be right.

Xiaomo’s mother also felt that her daughter should wait for her to marry the second.If she once again knows that Xiao Mo is pregnant with Director Chen’s child again, then encouraging Xiao Mo and the second to divorce is the "cutting board"!

Fortunately, in the trailer, the two were in the skating rink again and saw Ma Suqin again. After that, he ran to the master’s tofu shop every day to help!

Seeing the plot of Xiao Mo and the second strong, the audience is estimated that the audience is angry!

Xiao Mo was pregnant with the children of the same person for both times. The author’s screenwriter was really dare to edit. This plot is comparable to "top floor".

And the key is that Xiao Mo’s mother has experienced the same thing. Normal mothers should not want her daughter to experience the same thing as herself. As a result, this mother let her daughter jump into the fire pit.

In fact, the plot in the novel is that Xiao Mo and the second strongest are after the marriage. When the second strongest meets the master to divorce, he must be with the master.

Xiao Mo came to them to say that they were pregnant with children, and then the master left. In the end, Xiao Mo told them that they were pregnant with others after divorce.

So whether it is novels and TV series, Xiao Mo is sorry for the top two.

In the TV series, Xiao Mo was arranged for Director Chen’s child twice, and should be to pave the way to the top of the second top with Master.

Even after the second, the second strongest went to the tofu shop to help Master, but the two of them were not currently derailed.

First of all, Sun Xiaomo was entangled before marriage, derailed in the marriage, and had practical actions. Only Xiao Mo was derailed.

Although the second strongest loves the master in his heart, after getting married, he lived with Sun Xiaomo. He calmly helped the master to do something that he could do.

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