Xiaojun talks about the liver: What should I do if the liver function is abnormal during pregnancy?Is the fetus and mother danger?

Invited experts: Ma Xiaojun, deputy chief physician of the Department of Infectious Department of the People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province

Everyone wants to be smooth during pregnancy, and mothers are eager to come to the world safely.

However, the mothers who were pregnant in October bears many risks.If the liver function is found to be abnormal, don’t panic. I believe that the current medicine should be seen as soon as possible.

During pregnancy, a series of physiological changes occur, such as the maternal metabolism and the consumption of nutrients; the mothers generate a large amount of sex hormones during pregnancy need to metabolize and live in the liver.Therefore, liver function abnormalities are more common during pregnancy.

Mild liver injury, normal pregnancy, and postpartum ALT also has a tendency to increase, which is a physiological reaction during pregnancy.

Hepatitis occurs during pregnancy, which is manifested as abnormal liver function and is more troublesome than non -pregnancy. Therefore, it has attracted the attention of hepatic specialties and obstetricians.

1. The common is the combined viral hepatitis

Such as acute viral hepatitis caused by hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis C, Ding liver, and pental hepatitis.

2. Pregnancy with chronic hepatitis B

It is more common in those who have chronic HBV infections.It did not attract attention when preparing for pregnancy

If hepatitis B carriers can be pregnant normally, chronic HBV infections in childcare age have no serious impact on pregnancy.

However, if you are not paid attention to during pregnancy, once hepatitis seizures occur after pregnancy, the condition may be serious and you need to seek medical treatment immediately.

3. Liver damage caused by pregnancy drama vomiting

Due to repeated vomiting and long -term hunger, it can cause water, electrolyte balance disorders and metabolic acid poisoning. In severe cases, liver and kidney function damage, jaundice, serum bilirubin and aminotransferase slightly increased.After correcting acid -base imbalances and electrolyte disorders, the condition can improve quickly and the liver function recovery. However, if the urinary ketone body repeatedly occurs, the fetus can stop developing.Severe liver damage should be terminated.

During pregnancy, severe liver damage, abnormal liver function, and even jaundice may occur. It may be heavier than non -pregnancy, and can aggravate early pregnancy reactions.It can cause abortion, premature birth, dead tires, fetal infection, etc. Pregnant women may also develop into liver failure and endanger life.

Mild liver function abnormal

Performance: ALT is elevated, with a normal limit of 5 times the normal value (less than 200U/L), no jaundice, no digestive tract symptoms

Analysis: Most of them are excessive liver injuries, such as not resting well, too much activity, etc.

deal with:

1. Main rest and observe closely at the same time. The liver function is checked once in 1 to 2 weeks.

At the same time, check the relevant viral hepatitis indicators to eliminate the possibility of combined viral hepatitis.

2. If you cannot decline naturally, add liver protection drugs.Medications that have no effect on fetal development, such as oral or intravenous dripping adenosine eggine.

3. If it is a chronic hepatitis B section, under the guidance of hepatitis specialists, take pregnancy -oral antiviral drugs if necessary.

Moderate liver function abnormal

Performance: ALT is elevated, the upper limit of the normal value of 5 ~ 10 times (higher than 200 U/L, below 400 U/L), no jaundice, no or digestive tract symptoms

Analysis: Hepatocytes have significant injuries, mostly caused by clear causes, such as viral hepatitis.

deal with:

1. Main rest and observe closely at the same time. The liver function is checked once in 1 to 2 weeks.

2. Take liver protection drugs and choose drugs that have no effect on fetal development

3. Check the related viral hepatitis indicators at the same time to exclude the possibility of combined with viral hepatitis.

4. Cost as soon as possible if necessary.

5. If it is a chronic hepatitis B section, under the guidance of hepatitis specialists, take the pregnancy of antiviral drugs as soon as possible.

Dested liver function abnormal

Performance: ALT is elevated, more than 5 times (greater than 200 U/L), accompanied by jaundice (hemorrhin elevation), and there are digestive tract symptoms

Analysis: Hepatocyte damage is severe, which is mostly caused by viral hepatitis.

deal with:

1. Hospitalized treatment as soon as possible.

2. Determine whether to terminate pregnancy according to the situation. The right time to terminate pregnancy.

1. Those with HBV infection, you should find a hepatitis specialist to evaluate before pregnancy, choose the right time to get pregnant, and reduce the incidence of hepatitis in pregnancy.

2. During pregnancy, avoid eating restaurants with poor sanitary conditions, such as barbecue stalls, roadside stalls, etc., reducing the chances of infection with acute viral hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis B, hepatitis B, etc.

3. Avoid unnecessary medicines, regular production inspection.

For example, women with lupus erythematosus also need to take hormones and other drugs at the same time; patients with hepatitis B may be taking antiviral drugs at the same time; pay attention to liver injury during pregnancy;Take it down and use the products of regular manufacturers.

1. Pileposoma in the liver during pregnancy


The clinical characteristics of ICP are itching and jaundice. Itching often starts from 28-32 weeks. The palms, feet and abdomen are common parts of itching.It is often accompanied by mild jaundice.ICP is less harmful to the mother, which is mainly endangering the fetus.

ICP is mainly caused by the accumulation of tiles in the liver.The total content of blood bile acid may increase by 10 to 100 times. Early checking bile acid can help discover as soon as possible.

2. Acute fatty liver during pregnancy


It is a serious, rare (John 1/13328-1/15900) disease. The impact on mothers and fetuses is a fatal disease. The clinical manifestations and liver function laboratories are exactly like liver failure.For first -class women, it is common to occur from 31 to 42 weeks. It is particularly common in 32 to 36 weeks. Twins and male fetuses are more likely to occur.

3. Liver function damage caused by hypertension during severe pregnancy

When the arterial spasm caused by hypertension during severe pregnancy causes liver dysfunction when the liver blood supply disorders are caused.Need to stop pregnancy.The complications of the fetus are early stripping, premature birth, and internal development of the fetus.

4.hellp syndrome

(Hemolysis, Elevated Liver Enzymes and Low Platellets Syndrome))

Common in the early stage of severe eclampsia, including hemolytic, hepatinase, and reduced platelets.The incidence of ordinary pregnant women is about 0.1%~ 0.6%, which usually occurs before 36 weeks of pregnancy.The prognosis mainly depends on the severity of the HELLP syndrome at the age of pregnant women and during childbirth.

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