Xiaosan finds the door with pregnancy with pregnancy.

When Xiao San arrogantly found the original family door, compared

The young three prefer, seeing her appear, immediately collapsed emotional, and there was no reason.

Because the former knew that they could not fight at a glance, and the latter continued to Nunu to the top.

Some of the original match lost most of the war with Xiaosan, while some of the original match Xiaosan just started the war, and Primary Three felt that he lost.

This case is a derailment case solved by Lanfang last year. Many originals have similar situations.

You can refer to this successful case, I hope to help you.

The original Ms. Zhu married her husband for ten years. Both were civil servants and no longer the same unit.

Two people have a son in elementary school, and the international primary school has a tuition of more than 100,000 a year.

Because they all use work and have no time to send their children, they invited nanny, cleaning, cooking, and picking up children in their homes.

Ms. Zhu said that she felt that there was no problem with the marriage of the two people, and there was no economic pressure.

I will not quarrel because of the matter of chai oil and salt. I will go out to the two -person world on vacation.

She couldn’t figure out why her husband was derailed.

She will find her husband derailed because she found a small sample of cosmetics in her husband’s car.

Because the work unit of the two people is in the opposite direction, both people drive to work.

Except for occasional out of the weekend, she usually doesn’t take her husband’s car basically.

So when she first discovered, she asked her husband, her husband said that it was a girifier who took a smooth car, and she had no doubt that she had no doubt.

As a result, Ms. Zhou sat again and found a sample of cosmetics, and the place where the drop was also worth studying.

They were all under me. She could easily see that she could see that her husband could not see it in the driver’s seat.

So she doubted that her husband was derailed, but she had no evidence and did not show her card directly.

Instead, the man was jokingly asked if any female colleague saw him,

Want to learn the plot in the TV series, drop the cosmetics, wait for her husband to send it, and then develop feelings.

The derailed man felt that the original match didn’t really doubt, and he joked, saying it might, but he looked down on female colleagues.

There was no sample of cosmetics anymore, but within a few days, a woman added Ms. Zhu’s friend.

This woman is Primary Three.

Finally, a pregnancy checklist was attached to say that he was pregnant.

Ms. Zhu did not reply to Xiaosan, and directly took the evidence to find the derailed man. The derailed man obviously did not expect that Xiao San would do this.

It was also very panicked. Ms. Zhu was very determined. She divorced without being separated from the third.

But things can be solved without that simple. The next night, Xiaosan sent a message to Ms. Zhu,

Ms. Zhu went out to meet, Ms. Zhu said that her body was uncomfortable, but Xiaosan said that she would come to the door tomorrow.

Ms. Zhu didn’t know how to deal with Primary Three, so she came to Lanfang for help.

Before helping Ms. Zhu’s plan, Lan Fang further understood her situation.

Help Ms. Zhu to find a small three and completely solve the point of this extramarital affairs.

When Ms. Zhu and Lan Fang said the situation, they could see that at least one family had good family conditions.

Because I have been married for ten years, there is a house and two cars. Children have attended school in International Elementary School. This is not a salary of two people.

So when Tianshu asked Ms. Zhu, when she and her husband’s family conditions were as good as her family conditions, she had better conditions.

Ms. Zhu obviously did not expect that I would ask this, but I still told me very well.

Indeed, Ms. Zhu’s house is local, her father is a business teacher, and her mother is a university teacher. The family is rich.

The derailed man’s family is from a foreign country, and his parents are civil servants and have retired.

Ms. Zhu asked me what this did?I told her that this is her capital of Xiao San.

Ms. Zhu is superior to small three, especially in terms of economic aspects.

Why do you say that, because Primary Three dropped the small sample of cosmetics on Ms. Zhu’s car, not genuine.

You can see the economic level of Xiao San. If she wants to expose herself, she is reluctant to use genuine products.

I was afraid that I could n’t get back in the car, so I used a small way. At this time, I still thought about saving Chen Ben.

Ms. Zhu is obviously that the economic conditions are very good. The derailed men’s current life relies on Ms. Zhu and her family.

A derailed man cannot divorce. Even if he has feelings for Primary Three, it is impossible for Primary Three to divorce for Primary Three.

Therefore, the derailed man chose to separate the primary three when Ms. Zhu chose one when divorced and separated the Primary Three, and did it.

He and Xiao San talked about the relationship. Xiao San was unwilling, but there was no way to take out the man, so come to Ms. Zhu,

If you want to start with Ms. Zhu, the method is very simple, that is, to anger Ms. Zhu, let her with a derailed man conflict and divorce, and the third fisherman is profitable.

Therefore, when Ms. Zhu finds Xiaosan, she must be rational, and she wants to break Xiaosan’s idea of relying on the child to get the child and marry a rich man.

According to Lan Fang’s analysis, Lan Fang gave three suggestions about how Ms. Zhu cope with Primary Three the next day.

First, the emotions must be stable, so that Xiao San feels that the original match is not panicked at all, not afraid of Xiao San at all.

The fundamental reason why the original match is not afraid of Primary Three is because the original match is the economic pillar of a derailed man, and the derailed man cannot be separated from the original match.

Second, tell the economic situation of Ms. Zhu and the derailed man directly.

Let Xiaosan know that the derailed man is not a rich man, and all she does is futile.

In the last point, taking the young child to talk about things and telling that she insisted on having children, it would only make her economic situation worse.

Because Ms. Zhu will divorce the derailed man, what the young child can get is the derailed man’s salary of thousands a month.

Maybe Xiaosan has made a lot of money by himself, so that Primary Three should consider it clearly, should you give birth to a child and suffer with her.

After seeing Xiaosan the next day, Ms. Zhu came to feedback the situation with me.

She said that at the beginning, Xiao San pretended to be pitiful, saying that even if the derailed man didn’t want her, she had to give birth to a child for love.

And Ms. Zhu’s performance for Primary Three was unmoved. Xiao San couldn’t perform anymore herself, so she began to wait for Ms. Zhu to speak.

Ms. Zhu said according to Lan Fang, and said the situation to Xiaosan.

But without continuing entanglement, I left directly. It is estimated that the man was found to check.

Then more than an hour later, Xiao San sent a message and the original distribution of 10,000 yuan, and a confinement of miscarriage and confinement.

Ms. Zhu asked Xiaosan to make an appointment and said that she would accompany the derailed man to completely solve the extramarital affairs.

In the end Lan Fang said that a lot of original matching may not want to hear,

Whether a woman wants to derail, you need capital after derailment, you need capital.

If there is no rich family in the original match, I can’t make money by myself, and rely on derailed men to raise,

Then when you face Primary Three, you have no bottom in your heart. You are easy to get angry and lose your mind.

It is necessary to harden the iron, and it will be difficult to separate Xiaosanguang by mind and means. Only if you have capital can you get more effort.

Therefore, the original matches improve themselves in marriage and accumulate more capital.

If you are derailed and don’t know what to do, you can pay attention to Lanfang and talk about your situation privately.

I am Lanfang, an emotional mentor who tells the truth.

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