Xiaosan insists on giving birth to a child after pregnancy, and the original three moves allow the derailed man to actively force the small three to break the relationship.

Many of the original matters are the most afraid of Xiaosan to find the door for the house, and the derailed man is still hesitant.

The original matches will think of themselves to the worst aspects, and feel that the derailed men will have a relationship with Primary Three to have children with Xiaosan.

Primary three is that they are bound to be able to find a derailed man to find the door to force the palace. Is this really the case?

In fact, the derailed man hesitated and proved that the derailed man did not want illegitimate children so much.

Primary Three came to the house to force the palace to prove that the derailment man did not want to divorce, so Xiao San had to force the original divorce by himself.

Based on these facts, it is not easy to solve the original match to persist in giving birth to children.

Men who use derailed men neither to be illegitimate or divorced, they can solve the problem of Primary Three and illegitimate children.

If you are the original match for similar situations, you can try these three tricks, which can basically succeed.

Many derailed men and young three children are not thought -provoking. It is likely that they have been talked about by Xiao San, and their brains are stopped.

Because the illegitimate child was born derailed men, his loss of interests was the biggest, and basically it was equivalent to locking him and Xiao San.

Many derailed men actually did not consider so much. At this time, the original match needed to be reasonable and calmly standing at the perspective of derailed men to help him weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

It can be carried out from three aspects, which are economic pressure, the relationship between the third, and the losses that may cause.

The first is the economic pressure. Not the family does not know Chaimi, and many derailed men do not know how much parenting costs are.

Even if a man has a child and a few children, he doesn’t know how much money it takes to raise a child, and how much pressure will he face one more child.

However, most of the original matching is known.

Little San was born with an illegitimate child. The derailed men need to bear the economic pressure every year. In the future, the younger child reads, and the marriage derailment man needs to pay.

I believe that Tianshu, who is so calculated, the derailed man is absolutely relieved, and he does not want to have an illegitimate child.

Followed by the relationship with Xiaosan, I told a derailed man to land on the ground. He could not completely break with Xiao San in the future.

And Xiaosan is likely to use an illegitimate child to get more money. One day the derailed man wants to break, and he has an illegitimate child, and he cannot break.

Even if Xiao San wants to break, the derailed man must continue to raise the support for Xiao San because he has an illegitimate child.

Derailed men are actually more afraid of Xiao San entangled themselves than the original match, and make all kinds of requirements that they cannot satisfy.

Finally, reminding derailment men, the losses that may cause illegitimate children to land.

At the level of parent -child relationship, how does derailed men and the original children accept their parents’ derailment and give themselves a child who is a child of the same father.

In terms of reputation, if the derailed men argue in the future, Xiao San took the illegitimate child to threaten the derailed man, what loss of the reputation of the derailed man, and so on.

This series of factors will definitely make the derailed men feel relieved, and do not want to let Xiaosan give birth to children.

Xiao San must have to give birth to a child, whether it is money, the upper position, or to maintain and derail the extramarital affairs of the man.

Xiao San knew that the derailed man didn’t want to have an illegitimate child, and he must insist on having a child. At this time, the derailed man should be bored.

Because he didn’t want children, Xiao San insisted on asking, the two of them were not uniform, and he could not make a decision directly.

And many derailed men do not want to have illegitimate children, do not want to be primary three, but also want to continue their extramarital affairs, they dare not force Primary Three.

The derailed man belongs to the dilemma. When you don’t know what to do, the original match can start to interpret the words and deeds of Xiao San.

At this time, don’t be too upright. When you should lie, when you frame the third, you have to get off.

Tell the derailed men to adhere to the birth of a child, just to entangle him, to threaten him in order to get the child in the future.

As long as the derailment man has such an idea, Primary Three must be very persistent in the incident of illegitimate children.

The derailed man will slowly believe in the original match in his heart. The Primary Three insists on having an illegitimate child in order to be unfavorable to the derailed man.

Men who are derailed will be more firm and not to have illegitimate children, and even forcing Xiao San to not be children for themselves.

Many primary three looked at the derailed man’s firm attitude. They would not touch hard, and they would start to soft knives, such as pretending to be a poor man.

Derailed men can easily be guilty by Primary Three, and began to hesitate again. At this time, the original match must appease the derailed man.

Not only do you have to lose from the interests of derailed men to remind derailed men, but also persuade the derailed men from the level of illegitimate children and primary three.

Telling a derailed man to say that a child as an illegitimate child may suffer what unfair treatment, and how unhappy the growth process.

The illegitimate child is not doing well, and he may resent his father in the future, so it is better not to let him come to the world to suffer.

As for Primary Three, Xiao San does not think about the man and child for derailment. I just think about themselves.

Such a woman is not suitable for being a mother, and she may be bad for illegitimate children in the future.

With this speech, the derailed man’s guilt of the young three, the derailed man was not so guilty, so that he could insist on forcing Xiao San to be unhappy.

Derailed men have been prepared for Primary Three because of what they said before, and they will definitely be reflected in the following.

In the face of this man who forced himself to flow off his child, he was full of hate no matter what his feelings before.

In addition, Xiaosan felt the defense of a derailed man. It was not as good as Xiao San as before, and Xiaosan naturally understood that the derailed man couldn’t help it.

If Xiaosan has a better personality, it may be exit directly. If you have a stronger retaliation, you will retaliate against the derailed man before exiting.

Regardless of the kind of Primary Three, as long as Primary Three leaves, the original match does not allow the illegitimate child to land, and the purpose of separation of Primary Three will be achieved.

Many times Dou Xiaosan, the original match does not need to be played in person. If you control the derailed man’s psychology, you can achieve the purpose through derailed men.

If you are derailed and don’t know what to do, you can pay attention to Tianshu and talk about your situation privately.

I am Tianshu, an emotional mentor who can really help you solve the problem of marriage.

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