Xiaqiu eats plums, has a wide range of health care, and has a variety of eating.


The plum taste is sweet, sweet and sour, and is a common fruit in summer and autumn.Its place of origin is our country, and our ancestors were planted 3000 years ago.There are multiple categories of plums, and most of the epidermis is dark red. In recent years, the large or black varieties appearing on the market in recent years are mostly abroad.

1. It has the role of promoting gastric acid and gastric digestive enzyme secretion, can help digestion, and increase appetite.Therefore, those who suffer from gastritis are deficient in gastric acid, and those who have suffered from diet and full food after eating, eat some plums in an appropriate amount after meals, can receive the effect of helping digestion.Those who have poor appetite in the disease, eat 2 plums before meals, can also induce appetite.

2. It has the function of protecting the liver and moisture.People with liver cirrhosis and ascites, eating plums can help the swelling of the water.

3. For the constipation, Li Zi can speed up intestinal peristalsis, promote dry stool excretion, and receive the effect of diarrhea.

4. It has a certain effect of antitussive, phlegm, moisturizing and lowering blood pressure.

Traditional Chinese medicine has the sayings of medicine and food, and believes that Li Zi "also eats medicine."Many food therapy prescriptions that are popular in all parts of my country have played an important role in the era of lack of medicine and medicine in the past.

Nowadays, the medical level of residents in my country is greatly improved, and some of the popular diners of the people can still cooperate with drugs to play a role in assisting therapy.If you use unilaterally, you may also have an unexpected effect.

For example, for example, you might as well try it.

1. Put the plum and an appropriate amount of rock sugar in the pot, stew it with water, and take 3-5 daily.Controlled sounds dumb, often eat, can moisturize the throat.This side is very suitable for teachers and singers.

2. Take 5 plums, wash it, cut off the nuclear, immerse the flesh into 150 ml of fresh milk, put it in the pot, add 25 ml of honey, mix well, drink milk and eat fruit.Controlled virtual damage, chronic cough, constipation and other symptoms.

3. Wash the plums, go to the nuclear, smash, eat 25 grams each time, eat 2-3 times a day.This prescription is suitable for those who have internal heat in yin deficiency and dry throat.

4. Take 250 grams of fresh plums, mashed, plug the juice, add 250 ml of rice wine, and mix well.Women take it for a long time and eat 1 small cup a day, about 50 ml, and can moisturize and wrinkle.

The water of fresh plums accounts for about 90%, with 8.8 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams of fresh fruit meat and 39 kcal in calories, which is a lower level in fruits.The overall content of minerals and vitamins of plums is not too high in fruits. Among them, the content of potassium and magnesium in minerals is relatively large, which are 176 mg and 8.9 mg, respectively.It also contains a certain amount of organic acid.

The thermal content of plum fresh fruits is not large, and the blood glucose generation index is 24, which is a low blood sugar production index. Therefore, people with diabetes can be appropriately selected.

However, the sugar content of preserved fruits and honey with fresh fruits is extremely large. Therefore, people with high blood sugar should avoid eating.

Plums can also squeeze juice, pickle sugar and make fruit wine.Fresh fruits can be exposed to Li Gan, or processing them into honey, preserved fruit, canned food, which can be stored for a long time.

Li Qian, which is processed with plums, has the function of quenching thirst and refreshing.If you are going to be a traveler and a high -temperature operation, if you carry Li Qian with him, when you are fatigue and feel dry without the opportunity to drink water, you will chew a few pieces, and you will be tongue and the fatigue will be reduced.

The ancients said, "Plums should not eat more, eat more virtual, damage the spleen and stomach."The folk said: "Peach raised, apricot hurts people, and the dwelling people eat dead people."This means that if you pick it up under the tree, and eat too much plums will cause people to die.In fact, more than plums, even if you eat peaches, if you eat it, it is harmful and unhelpful, and symptoms of spleen and stomach damage to abdominal pain, diarrhea.There is a Chinese medicine classics saying: "Li Zi and bird meat and herring are grasped";The saying of this kind of food is not established. If there are individual cases, it is also caused by greedy food, which is caused by more food.

Plums should not eat more. The day’s food consumption of healthy adults usually should not exceed 100 grams, and it should not exceed 3-5 at a time.Because of its cool sex, eating more can cause indigestion, that is, Chinese medicine said "hurt the spleen and stomach".Therefore, during the menstrual period of weak constitution, children, elderly, and women, women with dysmenorrhea should be particularly paid to eating less.

Due to the high content of plums, those who have excessive gastric acid in the stomach and duodenal ulcers should be cautious.In addition, plums are easy to rot, and after eating fresh plums, it is easy to cause gastroenteritis.

Modern studies have found that the reason why plums should not eat more at a time are mainly because it contains trace hydrocyanic acid.Therefore, it is possible that normal adults may also cause cyanide poisoning.The manifestation of mild cyanide poisoning is bitterness, dizziness, and nausea.Unpredicized and bitter plums contain more cyanide.Therefore, although it is exaggerated to say that "eating the dead under the Lizi Tree", if you eat a lot of jerky plums, poisoning is not impossible.Therefore, please remember: eat plums at a time.

Li Ziyi should eat and eat, and should not be stored for a long time.The fresh plum fruit of the top grade is very full, the epidermis is shiny, covered with wax powder, is solid and elastic.

The fresh fruits are sweet and juicy. As fruits, they are mainly eaten raw.In addition to eating and processing into a variety of products, it can also be entered, for example, stewed with chickens.

Main material:

1 white chicken (about 2000 grams), 500 grams of plums, 300 grams of onion, and 300 grams of potatoes.


1. Soak the white chicken with rice water for 30 minutes, and then put it in boiling water for 3 minutes to remove the blood water; cut the onion and potatoes into a 3 cm size of the plot; the plum is washed.

2. Put the onion into the cut chicken belly, and then put the whole chicken with potatoes and plums into the pot, throw an appropriate amount of ginger slices, onion segments, and garlic cloves, and add water at a time.

3. Boil the water with prosperity, cook in an appropriate amount of rice wine, cover it, and simmer for about 60 minutes to change the text until the meat rotes, add salt to season, and it will become.


The chicken is warm, the plums are cold, and the chicken is used with a plum to balance the warmth of the chicken, and it tastes mellow and fresh.

Before cooking, soak the chicken with rice water and simmer the blood water, which can eliminate the odor and make the meat tender.It should be noted that this meal cannot be eaten at one time.

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