Xu Jinglei was pregnant?The photo of the house is loose and pregnant, and the mansion of the sofa of 10,000 yuan is also exposed.

On May 8th, some netizens shared the dynamics of Xu Jinglei’s private account update. Xu Jinglei, who had not appeared in front of the public for a long time, was at home, and life was so comfortable.

In the photo, Xu Jinglei was sitting in front of a workbench at home, with paint and canvas on the table, and she herself was holding the color panel with the color.

Xu Jinglei, born in 74 years, is 49 years old, but in the photo, she is still like a girl, fair skin, slender arms, and wrinkles on her face.Young and beautiful, but the clothes are too loose, and the belly is bulging, which makes people doubt whether she is pregnant?

In fact, Xu Jinglei’s pregnancy is a good wish for fans. After all, she has been in love with Huang Lixing for many years. She has not got married and has a baby. She is considered a waste of good genes by netizens.

And Xu Jinglei has publicly stated that she does not want to prove her love through marriage. She has never quarreled with Huang Lixing, which is enough.

As for having a child, she spent money to freeze her several eggs. She went to visit her friend a year ago, and she also loved the other’s son. She called the other party as "son".Whether she was put into action during this time.

It is worth mentioning that this time, Xu Jinglei also unexpectedly exposed the decoration of his home. Netizens took a look, which was quite luxurious.

The decoration of Xu Jinglei’s family is very comfortable, and the soft outfit is relatively petty. The two dogs have a very pleasant life. For example, the sofa lying behind them is worth 7,225 US dollars, which is about RMB 49969.

The living room uses a full glass curtain wall. You can see the beautiful scenery outside the window. A small set of sofas can occupy most of the position, but it is comfortable.

The price of the sofa in this living room is slightly more expensive, or about RMB 152,000.

The living room connected to the room was placed on the piano. Xu Jinglei was a talented woman, which was more in line with her atmosphere.

The table lamps appearing here are worth 2,5561 yuan.

I have to admit that Xu Jinglei’s vision of choosing lamps is very unique. The lights of the restaurant are worth 10,000 yuan to 34,000 yuan, and the atmosphere is full at dusk.

It is understood that Xu Jinglei has been living in the United States for nearly five years. Today, she has completely cut off her exchanges with the entertainment industry and sinks her heart to enjoy her life.

In April, she also shared a video of playing golf herself. In the video, she also protruded from her belly. I don’t know if it was middle -aged or pregnant.

In any case, bless the goddess and look forward to good news from her!


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