Xun Mengyao appeared for a long time, exposing the reaction of the second child’s reaction seriously, and he was severely vomiting.

On July 15th, the second -child pregnant mother Xun Mengyao appeared for a long time.In the video, Xi Mengyao was scattered with short hair and short hair, wearing a black T -shirt, and her face was more rounded for several months. Although she was a little fat, her face was better.

Gong Mengyao, who appeared with red lips with makeup, looks pretty good.For a while, I did not update the social dynamic Xi Mengyao. This time, I also explained the warm heart when recording the video.

Xun Mengyao revealed that the pregnancy reaction in the first March of the second child was particularly strong, which was much larger than when the child was pregnant.I deliberately emphasized that the second child and the reaction of the first child’s pregnancy responded differently during the pregnancy.With her husband He Yanjun, she has a son. If the second child is a daughter, the child and daughter are all perfect.

At the same time, Xi Mengyao also warmly shared some small tricks that he relieved his pregnancy. In order to avoid forgetting some content when sharing, Xi Mengyao also took notes in advance. It was a very serious and cute pregnant mother.

In order to alleviate pregnancy, Xun Mengyao shared a cup of hot ginger water every morning in the first three months after the second child, so that the whole person could soothe.Then there is gently pressing the Neiguan acupoint, and the oral care supplies to change the taste. The toothpaste used to brush the teeth is replaced by the children’s model.It can be seen that in order to alleviate the pregnancy, Meng Mengyao tried many ways, it is really not easy to be a pregnant mother.

On May 9th, during Mother’s Day, Xi Mengyao officially announced the good news of the second child.Compared with the state of God’s hidden state, Xun Mengyao after the second child is obviously relaxed a lot. Not only is she holding a stylish blockbuster in the pregnant belly bouncing, but occasionally sharing her own state of pregnancy.

On July 8th, Meng Yaoyao took a short hair photo for the first time. She looked at the meal late at night, but she looked very good, but her pregnancy affected, and her face was also fattened by the naked eye.

Like most star mothers, in order to better control the weight of pregnancy after the second child, she also insisted on fitness and generously revealing her voice, saying that she did not want to make herself so much.

Although Meng Yaoyao has always been open and open, she has not been in the same frame with her husband He Yanjun for a long time. To this end, she has also caused the outside world to constantly suspicion.On July 6, Meng Mengyao made a formal response, saying that her husband He Yanjun was busy with work, but as long as he had time, he would have a baby together.It can be seen that He Yanjun and Xi Mengyao in real life are still very loving and sweet.

Today, Meng Mengyao is more than half of the pregnancy. It is reported that the due date is at the end of the year. Then I hope that she should take care of herself while taking care of her son, the baby in the belly!

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