You can also apply makeup during pregnancy, depending on whether you can use the right product!

After having a baby, many new mothers gave up beauty, perfumes and beloved rose care products, and all lives around the baby.But is this really necessary?

Rose essential oil is the most expensive essential oil in the world, known as "after essential oil".

When being a mother, in fact, there is no need to be completely separated from roses. As long as you avoid using pure rose essential oil products with high purity and easy to be absorbed by the skin, you can use some other gentle beauty products, such as rose fruit oil, such as rose oil,Rose pure dew and so on.

Rose essential oils are particularly suitable for women, especially new mothers.Generally, new mothers have poor complexion, a little pregnancy spots on the face, and the skin is dry and relaxed due to the unstable hormone in the body; and the body grows due to pregnancy.Mother’s anxiety, even postpartum depression emotional problems.Whether it is mentally or physiological, rose essential oil can help you relieve discomfort.We all know that rose essential oil is after "after essential oil", and it is very valuable.Inside, rose essential oils can adjust endocrine, nourish the uterus, and improve coldness. In addition, rose essential oils can lighten melanin, improve skin tone, improve skin dryness, and promote blood circulation.In addition, just the aroma of roses can play a positive role in soothing women’s emotions.

It is not recommended to use unilateral essential oil products with strong volatile and permeable, but the weakly volatile lotus, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, rose fruit oil, olive oil, can effectively moisturize the skin and relieve dryness.Dilute melanin and stretch marks.

After the breast breaking period, Aimei mother can start considering the use of unilateral essential oil products.However, we must also take care of the baby. After using the skin oil and other skin to absorb for a period of time, after the aroma is volatilized, then contact the baby intimately to avoid the poor tolerance of the baby and lead to allergies.

There are many ways to care and use rose essential oils, such as incense, bathing, massage, and relieving menstrual pain. Let’s introduce them one by one.

Incense: Put a few drops of rose essential oil into a smoked machine or incense lamp to make it volatile in the air.Do not exceed 1 hour.

Bathing: Mix 12 drops of rose essential oil with 10ml basic oil, stir up fully and dissolve in a small amount of water, and then add the bathtub.

Massage: Bridge 4 to 6 drops of rose oil in 10ml base oil, for skin massage for body parts.It is not recommended for use in physiological periods.

Menstrual pain: 4 drops of rose essential oil and geranium essential oil, dripped in a pot of hot water, soaked with a towel for half an hour, can treat dysmenorrhea for half an hour.In addition, rose essential oils have the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis and stasis. Women with large menstrual flow are recommended not to use rose essential oils during the physiological period.In the case of menstrual pain, it is recommended to use geranium, orange blossoms, and happy sage essential oils to alleviate, and the operation techniques are the same.

Speaking of the differences between these three, we must start with the basic concept of essential oils.We all know that essential oils are divided into four grades, from low to high: pure dew or flowers, perfume grade, edible grade, pure essential oil grade.

Pure dew and flower water refers to a 100%saturated distilled raw solution separated by essential oils during the distillation and extraction process, which are natural and pure, gentle and skin -friendly.

Perfume -grade C -Class is usually used as the main raw material for perfume making.

The edible grade B -level is mainly used to make food and daily chemical products. The purpose is to increase aroma.

Pure essential oil level is a pure medical grade (highest level), which is extracted by water vapor distillation by natural and organic planting plants at appropriate temperature.

Now, we have learned that: Rose essential oil is a pure essential oil -level product. Rose essential oil is a pure essential oil extracted with fresh roses, which belongs to unilateral essential oils; and the raw material of rose fruit oil is a wild rose fruit in South America.Come to dilute other unilateral essential oils.Rose pure dew is the water left after the rose essential oil distille.

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