You can eat these kinds of meat at ease during pregnancy, those folk statement is too pit

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My friend Xiao Zhang was pregnant for two months. She has always insisted on vegetarianism before, and she has become heavy.A few days ago, her mother -in -law came from her hometown. Originally, the family was going to go to a "stove" Korean restaurant to eat together. As a result, she saw a pigeon shop halfway.Xiao Zhang asked her husband to stop, and she had to buy pigeon meat. When her mother -in -law heard it, she immediately shocked: "You can’t eat pigeon meat when you are pregnant. Be careful not to conceive the second child in the future.Why can’t I conceive the second child? Now there is only one child alone, and the burden will be great in the future. "

In fact, the folks have always said that eating meat during pregnancy, such as: pregnant women eat rabbit meat, the baby will be a rabbit lips after birth; eating duck feet during pregnancy, the baby’s toes will not be separated, the child will still have to shake his head;Dog meat, children will love to bite when they are born, and they will bite their mother when they eat milk; eat chicken, and often cry at night after birth; eat donkey meat, the baby’s temper will be like a donkey.Even Treasure Island, a thousand miles away, has similar folklore sayings: pregnant people eat crabs, and children born will often scratch other people’s hands and feet like crabs.

So is these folk statement really credible?Are these meats listed as taboo so scary?


The pigeon is warm, rich in protein, but the fat content is relatively low. It can not only benefit qi and blood, but also prevent various diseases. Therefore, pregnant women can drink pigeon soup.Essence


The protein in the rabbit meat, low fat, less cholesterol content, tender meat, and easily digested by the human body after consumption.Therefore, such high nutritional value, of course, pregnant women can be eaten, but due to the coolness of rabbit meat, it is easy to cause abdominal pain and diarrhea if you eat too much. It is recommended to eat less. It is best not to eat the spleen and stomach.


Donkey meat is not only rich in protein, but also rich in vitamins, trace elements, and multiple amino acids needed by the human body.The protein content in donkey meat is higher than beef and pork, while the fat content is far lower than most meat, which has excellent nourishing effect.However, too much consumption will cause the fetus to be too large. Therefore, pregnant women can eat donkey meat, but they must eat less. They can’t control it. They can eat a donkey meat and burn their mouth addiction.


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