You can get pregnant in 3 seconds. Rabbit with the twin uterus is a famous fertility machine in the animal world.

Scientists believe that if measures are not taken to limit rabbit reproduction (in the case of invincible), it only takes 90 years, and a rabbit will stand on the earth on the earth.

Rabbit, commonly known as rabbit, is a common name for rabbit -shaped rabbit family.There are 2 family members: rabbit family and mouse rabbit family. There are about 50 species of 9 genus of rabbits.Among them, there are more than 20 kinds of rabbits. There are 12 species of forest rabbits, 4 types of rock rabbits, and the remaining 6 genus (mountain rabbit genus, coarse rabbit genus, Sumen rabbit genus, acupoint rabbit genus, Ryukyu rabbit, volcanic rabbit, volcanic rabbit, volcanic rabbitThere are 1 type of).

Rabbit is terrestrial animals, mainly in desert, desertized grassland, tropical forests, drought grasslands and forests.Except for Oceania and Antarctica, the remaining continents are distributed.There are only 9 types of rabbits in my country. Among them, the distribution of grass rabbits is the widest. Except for the South China and the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau, it is widely distributed.Snow Rabbit is in China, in the north of Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang, and generally lives in forests, forest grasslands and shrubs along the river.Snow rabbit’s hair is gray -brown in summer, becomes white in winter, and it is a good protective color in the snow.Plateau rabbit (also known as gray -tailed rabbit) is mainly distributed in the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau; South China Rabbit (also known as Chinese rabbit) is distributed in South China, Taiwan, and North Korea; the Northeast Rabbit (also known as Manzhou Rabbit) is distributed in the Xiaoxing Anling and Changbai Mountains.

Rabbit is the most famous "fertility machine" in nature, and rabbits are animals with irritating ovulation.Female rabbits are in estrus every two weeks, and each time it lasts for 3 to 4 days, so that the female rabbit can be pregnant for a year.The estrus and ovulation of the rabbit are controlled by action. For example, when the hip of the female rabbit is touched, it is equivalent to triggering the switch, and the female rabbit enters the estrus period.

During her estrus, the ovaries can mature multiple eggs at a time, but the eggs are not discharged. Only 10 to 12 hours after the mating rabbit mating stimulation.If there is no mating, all the mature eggs will be absorbed after 10-16 days, and the new eggs will begin to mature again.

The advantage of the two is that they can not waste the chance of reproduction when they are busy escaping, because the female rabbit is ready, and the male rabbit only needs to touch the female rabbit to get pregnant. The whole process only takes 3 seconds.

In order to ensure that more than a year of pregnancy, coupled with the actions of the pregnant mother rabbit, there will be some inconveniences, which is not good for escapeing the enemy.EssenceThe rabbit breeding cycle is 44-48 days, and it can be reproduced again in half a month after production. The female rabbit of small rabbits needs to grow to April; the large rabbit’s female rabbit needs to reach sex maturity when it grows to June.

The most bug of rabbits is that they have the twin uterus. Our human uterus belongs to the single uterine, and there is only a set of uterine body, cervix and uterine mouth.After entering the pregnancy, a series of physiological changes will temporarily close the uterine mouth of the mother, and the opening of the tubes on both sides will be temporarily blocked.Therefore, in a period of pregnancy, the uterus usually can only accommodate one fetus.

The bunny of the rabbit has two sets of independent uterine body, cervix and uterine mouth, and each uterine body also has a fallopian tube leading to the same ovarian ovarian.When the female rabbit enters pregnancy, the uterine mouth on one side is closed and ovulation is stopped, and the uterus on the other side can also receive eggs and sperm as usual.

In other words, rabbits are animals that can continue to conceive during pregnancy.As long as the embryos on both sides are staggered, the rabbit’s conception can almost be seamlessly connected.Because of its strong reproduction ability, Europeans believe that European hare is related to the spring goddess Jestri. At Easter, they are regarded as a symbol of recovery and rapid growth.

In nature, the reason why rabbits have not flooded because they lived in the bottom of the food chain and were restricted by natural enemies. The rabbit’s temperament was mild, the courage was very small, the day and night came out, and the cave or dark in the daytime day.Food.Because the rabbit does not have sharp teeth and hard claws, and there is no hard armor or corner protection. Whether it is the golden carving hovering in the air, or the ambush on the ground, it is a life -threatening enemies.It’s not so easy, or adult rabbits have to be guarded all the time.

The strong reproductive ability of rabbits is to deal with this embarrassing strategy: Only by maintaining a high fertility rate can we guarantee enough offspring to survive and maintain population reproduction.

In order to reproduce, the female rabbit even eat her own cubs. Among the rabbit family, each female rabbit is precious, because they can breed countless little rabbits to ensure the continuation of the population.In this matter, the rabbit chose the former. If the mother rabbit feels that the environment is too strong and it is not suitable for breeding offspring, they even choose to eat the newly produced cubs as a way to supplement energy, andPrepare for the next better breeding opportunity.

But even so, in many places, because of human participation, even with such a bug fertility, rabbits still cannot maintain population reproduction. For example, in some European countries, acupoint rabbits even have endangered risks.

However, in the absence of natural enemies, rabbits can be flooded very quickly. For example, Australia, as an ancient and closed continent, Australia species have huge differences with other mainland.Before Western colonists entered Australia, the Australian mainland actually had no rabbits.In the 19th century, a total of 24 rabbits entered Australia. They were looking for breeding ethnic groups and flooding disasters. According to incomplete statistics, in the end of the 19th century, Australian rabbits had more than 10 billion. Today, Australia still has rabbit disaster.

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