You can grow up healthily without picking the sweet potato, and the potted plants on the balcony!

The sweet potatoes that are not picky are worth planting!

In the past, even if you live a poor life, there is no shortage of sweet potatoes, potatoes and sweet potatoes in the ground.

Why?Because these crops are not picky, they can grow in the seeds.

Yes, sweet potato is also one of the least -than -year -old vegetables. It is a very good choice if potted plants are planted on the balcony.

The sweet potato not only does not pick the ground, but also the method of planting, and it is a bit special.

If the stems of the sweet potato are cut and planted in the soil, it will take root and sprout and grow new sweet potatoes.

Plant sweet potatoes at home, and you can also hydroponic sweet potato seedlings.

Put the cut sweet potato stalks in the water of the water, and the sweet potato will take root and germinate itself.Sweet potato stalks in autumn and winter. Spring is planted in the soil, and sweet potatoes can be harvested in autumn.

Speaking, it is very simple, it is also simple.

Next, let’s continue to share the cultivation skills of pot potatoes. Take a look at 3 points and come to a sweet potato planting experience that cannot be failed.

Potted sweet potato cultivation skills

Tools prepare sweet potatoes and sweet potato stalks; plant containers (plastic basins, convenient noodles, foam boxes, etc.); high -quality soil, small stones (weathering soil); awl, kettle, sprayer.

Cultivate sweet potatoes

1. Put the sweet potato in the water cup and let it grow out of the sweet potato stalk.

2. Cut the sweet potato stalks of 15 ~ 20cm.

3. Prepare a spacious plastic pocket, mix the weathering soil and high -quality soil with a ratio of 1: 4 and put it into the pocket, and then plant the sweet potato stalks in the soil.

4. After digging the pit, pour a little water first, and then insert the potato stalk.


1. The melon stalks did not change much a few days ago. As long as the leaves have not withered, it proves that it looks good.

2. At about a week, the sweet potato stalks began to grow one or two new leaves, and slowly became lush.

From this time, a low concentration of liquid fertilizer or natural fertilizer was applied for two weeks.

3. The sweet potato vine grows very lush, you can install a hook to hang it, or put it high to let it grow down.

Gradually, you can get a series of "green curtains".

4. Dig a little soil, check the size of the sweet potato, and feel that it is almost gained.

You can also get a sweet potato stalk like this

When planting sweet potatoes, you can use sweet potato to produce sweet potato stalks, which is also the easiest way.

You can also plant the germinated sweet potatoes directly in the soil, so that the new buds will be stronger.

Put the sweet potato in the newspaper. After it germinates, it can be planted in the soil, so that the germination part can be facing up.

If you put the sweet potatoes in the water, you can directly plant the sweet potatoes in the soil.

Sweet potatoes cannot grow sweet potatoes in the soil like potatoes.When the sweet potato sinks growing in the soil, the sweet potato stalks must be removed and planted so that can be planted.

Tips for cultivating sweet potatoes

1. The container for planting sweet potatoes is best to be more than 30cm.

2. Because the container is relatively deep and the soil is relatively thick, you must pay attention to drainage, and you must also choose the soil that facilitates the drainage.

For example: mix the weathering soil and high -quality soil, and then put it directly into the container. You can also mix a little perlite in the high -quality soil.

3. Do not apply too much fat, which will affect the growth of sweet potato plants.

Apply a low concentration of liquid fertilizer or natural fertilizer once a month.

4. Don’t pour too much water, otherwise it will easily cause the roots of sweet potatoes to rot.

Sweet potato watering times and water amount are less than leafy vegetables.

5. After the potato potted plants grow new buds, move it to a sunny place.

6. The roots of sweet potatoes are prone to insects. Prevention is important. It is best to use natural pesticides.

The potato sowed by potted plants is small and the yield is not high, but the taste is good, and the picking experience is also great.

The sweet potatoes that you pick yourself are most suitable for raw eating, washing the skin of the skin, and eating with the skin. Wow, I do n’t know how refreshing it will be.

Do not throw away the sweet potato stalks, you can eat it coldly, the taste is like the wild vegetables in spring.

Living on the balcony accompanied by the flower world is extremely comfortable.

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Plant on the balcony

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