You can see the fetal head, but Baoma just can’t use it. What should I do if I do n’t use it?

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Recently, I brushed a video on the Internet. In the video, the producer scholarly rebuked a mother and told her to separate her legs, not to be pinched, and even in the end, I didn’t have the patience to ask: Do you want to be your child, do you want to do you want to?Intersection

After watching this video, many people feel that the delivery attitude is very unfriendly, but in fact, some mothers always give birth to their own ideas during the production process, regardless of the advice given by the doctor, resulting in the output process, which leads to the output process, which leads to the output process.extend.

For this situation, the doctor’s anxiety is useless, and he can only try to tell the mother as much as possible to do it in accordance with his own instructions.

A doctor’s friend also shared the things she experienced in person, and was also a mother. During the production process, the baby’s head had already seen it. At the port of the birth channel, the last few times, the child was the child.You can come out, but the mother has no strength at this time.

No matter how the doctor makes the maternal, the maternal is unable to make it.At this time, the doctor was really anxious than anyone, especially when watching the time pass by every minute, the doctor and a delivery party next to him couldn’t wait to jump on the bed to help the mother to produce.

In fact, in this case, the mother only needs to persist for a while. It is easy to give birth to the fetus with the correct "abdominal pressure", but some mothers are unwilling to work hard, or they simply do not know how to work hard.

In fact, doctors and midwives are very clear.But many mothers estimate that rational was occupied by pain at that time, and ignored what the doctor said.

Here is again repeated: When the maternal is produced, the two legs should be separated, the two pedals are kicked on the bedbladder, and the handpan handle is pulled with both hands.Pull up the bucket like, and then work hard, the fetus will be squeezed out of the abdominal pressure.

Although the way of hard work during childbirth is simple, some mothers still do not implement it, and the baby’s head will still appear that the baby’s head is already in the production channel, but how can you not have a situation.It’s right.

In this case, it is not a cesarean section, but to help delivery by giving birth tools. Generally, the labor tool has two types of fetal head attraction and clamping.

The fetal head attraction is to attract the baby’s fetal head with an instrument, then remove the air inside, and use vacuum negative pressure to pull the baby to help the mother give birth.This way of delivery sounds dangerous, and the impact on the baby is also greater.

And like clamping is a way to give birth to a high usage rate during childbirth. The clamping is a tool that is similar to "fire tongs". By entering the birth canal, pinching the baby’s head, and then "dragging" the babyCome out to achieve the purpose of childbirth.

However, there are also disadvantages of clamping. There were cases where the baby’s face was clamped by clamping scars and scars. Therefore, the use of clamps also requires the professional level of doctors.

No matter what kind of ways to give birth, there will be a certain risk, and no mother will be safe to give birth. Therefore, it is best to cooperate with the instructions of doctors and midwife to give birth to childbirth.

In fact, many mothers should understand the knowledge of the baby’s hard work before giving birth. Maternal can ask their predecessors to ask more about maternity skills before production, and exercise more during pregnancy, so that they will be more smooth when giving birth.

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