You can use skin care products during pregnancy, but pay attention to methods

After pregnancy, it is not necessarily unkempt. Many pregnant mothers now pay attention to the maintenance of the body and skin. The research on skin care products is no less than professionals.

Today I will send you some small tips for skin care during pregnancy, read it easily, and discuss together to see what else’s skin care information is not noticed.

Pay attention to skin care during pregnancy

1. Clean

The skin is very sensitive during pregnancy. Each time you wash your face, you should use a mild soap -free cleansing product, such as cosmetic or plant extraction skin care products.

2. Acne control

Some pregnant mothers have acne during pregnancy. However, some components in anti -acne products should be used with caution 3 months before pregnancy.

To choose natural plant skin care products to moisturize the skin, it will be more refreshing and breathable, and it is not easy to cause burden.

3. Dry dry

The face of the face is easy to dry, and the skin stratum corneum is thickened. The selection of pure natural moisturizing products is the focus of daily skin care.

4. anti -spots

For any work -like products, pregnant mothers are not recommended, because freckle whitening skin care products contain certain stimulus and chemical ingredients, which may affect the baby’s health.

5. sunscreen

The skin during pregnancy will be particularly sensitive to light, so whether it is home or out to sunscreen, choose pure physical sunscreen (with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as objects) products, which is safe and effective.

What are the skin care products for the skin

Using skin care products can solve skin sensitivity, dryness, and acne problems, which can keep the skin moist and elastic.

The facial cleanser can achieve the effect of cleaning the skin. If it is dry skin, it is best to choose amino acid facial cleanser. Oil -skinned skin can choose a refreshing facial cleanser.

The main role of toner is to help the skin and make secondary cleaning. If the oily skin is oily, it can be used with toner, which will make the skin more refreshing.

Neutral skin and dry skin, it is best to use soft skin, so that the skin is more nutritious and the skin will moisturize.

Essence and cream are a relatively high price in skin care products. Of course, there are many nutrients in it. It can effectively activate cell activity and improve skin moisturizing.kind.

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