You can’t touch your stomach!Especially in these three periods to avoid, attach precautions

Introduction: The stomach of pregnancy cannot be touched casually!Especially in these three periods to avoid, attach precautions

After more than four months of pregnancy, expectant mothers can basically feel the fetal movement. Some people feel like the beginning of the fetal movement at the beginning of the fetal movement.A bag was bulging, and the baby was naughty in his belly.Sometimes expectant mothers can’t help but stroke their hands on the belly. Indeed, this is also a way of communication with the fetus. The correct timing and correct method can be touched.The emotional connection between parents and baby.However, we should also pay attention that the stomach of pregnancy is not casual, especially for three periods to avoid.

1. It is not advisable to touch more in the third trimester

In the late pregnancy, if you touch your belly frequently, it will stimulate the uterus to cause pseudo -contractions. Some treasure mothers do n’t know it, and they think that there is a contraction and pain, but it ’s about to give birth.It is just a false contraction, a folding off, and if the touching method is not suitable or too frequent, it may cause premature birth.

2. When the fetal movement is abnormal, it should not be touched

Regardless of whether the fetal movement suddenly increases, or the fetal movement decreases, this is an abnormal fetal movement. At this time, it is not advisable to touch the stomach. You should go to the hospital quickly to determine whether the fetus has problems in the palace, especially the umbilical cord around the neck.Touching it, it may cause the fetus to move around, the more entanglement and tighter, causing danger.

Third, expectant mothers with symptoms such as abortion, premature birth, and bleeding during pregnancy should not touch

If the pregnant mother has the phenomenon of lower body bleeding and the pain of the lower abdomen, it may be premature. At this time, do not touch the stomach to prevent the fetus from stimulating the fetus and cause premature birth.In addition, it is best not to support her belly while walking while walking, just walk naturally.

So, how to touch during pregnancy is correct?

1. The touching time should not be too long, two or three times a day, and each time is controlled within 5 minutes.

2. Touch the movement gently, touch the belly gently, touch the belly, give the fetus a touch irritation, and do not shoot hard.

3. Don’t touch around.Just do not walk around the belly with your hands to prevent the fetus from rotating around, turn around and turn out a umbilical cord around the neck.Note that you can gently touch with your hands from top to bottom, left to right.

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