You need to go through these "pain" during pregnancy. The expectant mother should hold it.

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Mom is not only difficult to get rid of the moment of childbirth. It is not easy for ten months of pregnancy. Women are not what everyone thinks during pregnancy. They eat what they want to eat, and lie at home every day.

During the pregnancy, expectant mothers need to bear a lot of physical pain. It is not easy for babies to be pregnant. Most of the pain during pregnancy is physiological. Expectant mothers can see tricks and have targeted relief of pregnancy discomfort.

"Back Pain"

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The most common thing during pregnancy is back pain. Many expectant mothers are troubled by this pain. Generally, they are particularly obvious in the middle and late pregnancy. As the stomach is getting bigger, the load requires the support of the waist.It will appear.


During pregnancy, the weight of expectant mothers will increase, and the spine can naturally be eaten as the load of the body. The increase in the fetus and the increase in the uterus will compress the back nerves, so the expectant mothers will have back pain.

In the changes in pregnancy, the posture of pregnant mothers will also change, and the back muscles will also cause pain. In addition, mental stress can also cause muscle spasm and cause waist and back pain.

√ Relieve suggestions:

First of all, expectant mothers must correct their daily behavior postures, avoid excessive pressure on the spine, and at the same time properly exercise to relieve muscle tension.

If you need to pick up things, try to squat slowly as much as possible, do not bend over directly, try to choose the left side position as much as possible while sleeping.

"Chest pain"

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After pregnancy, expectant mothers will feel obvious breasts and changes, and the pain will also increase. Sometimes, the breasts will feel swollen and feel the breath.


Due to the rise in estrogen, the breasts of expectant mothers are beginning to increase, at this time, breast tenderness will occur. At this stage of pregnancy, breast development will also be prepared for the secretion of milk in the later period.

√ Relieve suggestions:

Chest pain is a normal phenomenon in the early pregnancy. Expectant mothers can adopt the method of massage to the environment and do a good job of breast care. Massage can not only dredge the breast nodules, but also prevent breast sagging.


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Most of the headaches in the early pregnancy are caused by fatigue or poor sleep quality.Headaches during pregnancy are also very common. In addition to mental causes and physical conditions, it is also related.


Some mothers have headaches during pregnancy, some are due to emotional problems, and some are also caused by high blood pressure. During pregnancy, hormone levels are different, blood pressure also changes, and then a strong headache occurs.

√ Relieve suggestions:

First of all, expectant mothers must ensure a good quality of sleep, and physical fatigue will naturally cause headaches. Pay more attention to rest is the most important thing.

Secondly, expectant mothers must learn to regulate their emotions, do not let yourself be too nervous, or immerse in a negative emotion.

If the expectant mother feels a headache during pregnancy, she can try to massage the temples to relieve it, or it will also help migraine with cold compresses.

"stomach ache"

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If the expectant mothers feel abdominal pain during pregnancy, they should raise their vigilance and high degree of attention. Abdominal pain is not a good thing for mothers with big pregnant belly. Abdominal pain is also divided into various cases.


① Physiological abdominal pain

Generally speaking, in the process of development, the uterine ligament in the expectant mother’s body is pulled, and stomach pain will occur. However, this pain is relatively gentle, and it can often be relieved after resting.

② Pathological abdominal pain

And if the mother has a pain, or a continuous lower abdomen, and the vaginal bleeding at the same time, it is likely that there will be abortion and ectopic pregnancy, so they will go to the hospital for treatment.

In addition, if the expectant mother eats some cold or spicy foods, it will stimulate the stomach and the stomach, and there will be some discomfort, so it is time to avoid the mouth during pregnancy.

√ Relieve suggestions:

When expectant mothers feel abdominal pain, they must observe more physical changes, stop current activities, and go to the hospital for examination in time.

During pregnancy, you should also try to avoid the same room as much as possible. Do not overwhelm it. The three months in the early stages of pregnancy are prone to miscarriage, and expectant mothers should take care of their bodies.

"Pain in the limbs"

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During pregnancy, the expectant mothers’ arms, hands, and legs are prone to swelling, and the limbs always hurt as needles. This is because the nerves are oppressed and cramps are also prone to cramps.


Some expectant mothers still have to work during pregnancy. Like some office groups, they have been sitting for a long time for a long time. For long -term disobedience, it is easy to cause blood to not circulate and cause body edema.

√ Relieve suggestions:

Learning to relax the body is the key. Usually, expectant mothers should exercise moderately, move their wrists, massage their arms and legs, and try not to press the arm as much as possible when sleeping, you can put a pillow.

When you bed, you can also raise your legs. Do not stir Erylang’s legs on your sitting position, move regularly, and walk more.

"Pubic pain"

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The pubic bone is located at the junction of the thigh roots and abdomen. Generally, the pain comes from the third trimester. Especially when it is close to delivery, the expectant mothers will feel the painful pain, and the performance is particularly obvious when going upstairs.


In the third trimester, hormones make the mothers’ body joints relaxing, and the phenomenon of the unblocked separation with the pubic bone will occur. In addition, there are multiple babies, and this phenomenon will also have this phenomenon.

√ Relieve suggestions:

Expectant mothers can perform professional pelvic correction, and they can usually do more yoga activities to increase the tension of ligaments.

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