Your body suddenly appears abnormal?Don’t worry, maybe you are pregnant

Maybe your menstruation is late for a day, and it may be 3 weeks later.Perhaps so far, all your symptoms are just that menstruation does not come as scheduled, or it may be the stomach (precisely, the digestive tract) has begun to have a response -you will feel that something in your digestive system is growing up, Just like the bread that is expanding in the oven!Perhaps so far, the baby only gives you this signal without menstruation, or you have all the symptoms you should have.You may have prepared for 6 months or even more for your baby. Of course, you may also doubt whether you have "won the prize" because you did not take any contraceptive measures that night before.Starting actively … In short, no matter what the reason has prompted you to buy this book, you will be curious: Am I pregnant?Okay, please continue to read to solve your questions!Early pregnancy signs

"A friend told me that she felt pregnant before doing early pregnancy test. Is there any way to know if she is pregnant as soon as possible?"

Need a positive result to prove that you are pregnant?The only way to know the results as soon as possible is early pregnancy test.Not every woman who wants to be a mother will soon be pregnant, but early pregnancy tests can indeed provide some evidence for women who are already pregnant.Although many women do not have any symptoms of early pregnancy (or after a few weeks of pregnancy), some women think that they can find subtle changes after pregnancy.If you have the following feelings or signs, you should buy early pregnancy test strips:

Breast and nipple pain.Do you understand the pain before menstruation?The breast pain after pregnancy is somewhat similar to it.For some women, after the binding of eggs and sperm will feel that the breasts become sensitive, painful or tingling, or pain when they touch.This pain occurs first after a few days of pregnancy (most women do not feel after a few weeks). With the development of pregnancy, this feeling will become more and more obvious.

Deeper the areola.In addition to breast pain, the color of the areola is also deepened.After a few weeks of pregnancy, the isola color changes, and even the areola increase is normal.These phenomena are due to the increased secretion of progesterone. At the same time, as progesterone has further increased in the next few months, the skin in other parts will change accordingly.

Goosebumps?In fact, it is not so exaggerated, but in the early pregnancy, you will notice that the number of small bumps around your areola increases and the shape is increased.Before pregnancy, you may not have seen these small bumps at all. Their scientific name is "Moncore Marley Nodule", which looks like goosebumps, but it is actually a gland that can secrete fat to lubricate nipples and areolas.If your baby chooses breastfeeding after birth, when the baby sucks the nipple, you will find how important this lubrication!The above signs tell you again that your body is preparing in advance.

Bed in bed.Some women will have a small amount of bleeding after implantation.This bed bleeding will occur before the expected menstruation (usually 5 to 10 days after pregnancy), and it should look like light powder or pink (not as red as menstruation).

Frequent urine.Did the toilet have become your special seat recently?The occurrence of early pregnancy (usually 2 to 3 weeks after pregnancy) should be frequent urination.Want to know why?Turn to Chapter 6 "frequent urination" to see the reason.

exhausted.Extreme fatigue makes you feel exhausted, and the response is super slow.No matter how you describe this feeling, you will feel that your body is a burden.As the body starts to accelerate the operation of Huaibao, you will become more and more exhausted.

feel sick and vomit.Another reason makes you want to move to the bathroom to live -at least the idea of at least the first three months of pregnancy will not disappear.The nausea and vomiting during this period is the so -called morning vomiting during pregnancy (how good it would happen only in the morning).Although you are likely to only appear after 6 weeks of pregnancy, every pregnant woman who is just pregnant will be severely hit.If you want to know the exact reason, please refer to Chapter 6 "Morning Twist".

Sensitive smell.Some pregnant women report that the first change after pregnancy is that the sense of smell becomes sensitive.If your sense of smell suddenly becomes sensitive, the air seems to tell you the good news of pregnancy.

Liechida.Feeling like a buoy that can walk?In early pregnancy, flatulence will come quietly, but it is difficult for you to distinguish pregnancy and bloating.It is too early now. It cannot be considered that this flatulence is caused by fetal development. You can calculate this account on the head of hormone secretion.

The body temperature rises.If you insist on recording the basic body temperature every morning, you will notice that the basic body temperature during pregnancy will increase by about 1 ° C, and continue to maintain such a higher temperature.Although this is not a must -have signal, it can also help you confirm whether it can continue to develop during pregnancy.

Men without menstruation.This is too obvious.If the menstruation has not come (especially the physiological cycle has always been very regular), you can boldly guess you are pregnant before the results of early pregnancy testing.Pregnancy diagnosis

"How can I determine pregnancy?"

Some women are very smart, and they can be "induced" soon after pregnancy.However, in addition to this unconventional diagnosis method, it is necessary to accurately diagnose whether you are pregnant.Fortunately, there are many medical methods today to help you judge whether you are pregnant:

Family early pregnancy test.The family pregnancy test is simple to take a little urine, and it can be completed in the bathroom. It is very simple, convenient, and secret.Early pregnancy tests can get accurate results soon, and can even be done on the first day of menopause (the results will be more accurate for a few days).

Early pregnancy test determines whether you are pregnant by detecting human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in urine. HCG is a pregnancy hormone secreted by the placenta.After 6 to 12 days, the fertilized eggs will be bed in the uterus, and then the embryo will be formed. At the same time as the embryo is formed, HCG exists in blood and urine.As long as HCG is detected in urine, early pregnancy tests can get positive results (theoretically).However, there are some limitations for the early pregnancy test to get the accurate results early -they are indeed very sensitive, but they are not always so sensitive.After a week of pregnancy, the urine does contain HCG, but the concentration is not enough to detect it.Therefore, if you take early pregnancy test 7 days before the menstrual period, it is very likely to get a false negative result.

Can’t wait to test it with a pregnancy test stick?Some early pregnancy tests can get a 60 % accuracy rate 4 days before the next menstrual period.If you don’t want to bet on, wait patiently, and wait until the first day of the menstruation will be used with a pregnancy test stick. 90 % of the possibility will be accurate.If you wait another week, the accuracy can be increased to 97 %.However, no matter when you decide to test early pregnancy test at home, a good news is that the false positive rate of this test method is much lower than the false negative rate, that is, once the test result is positive, it is positive.Another good news is: Because early pregnancy tests can give you accurate results in early pregnancy (at least you will consult a doctor or come from you), you can start actively taking care of yourself early.However, the follow -up related medical measures to test must also keep up.If the test results are positive, you need to take blood check and confirm, and perform a complete prenatal examination.

blood test.A more mature blood test can accurately measure whether you are pregnant one week after pregnancy, and only take a few drops of blood.According to the exact number of HCG in the blood, it can even help you calculate the exact date of pregnancy, because with the progress of pregnancy, the HCG value is constantly changing (refer to Chapter 6 "HCG level" to learn more about HCG level).Many doctors will refer to the two results of urine tests and blood tests to be diagnosed whether they are pregnant.

Physical examination.The medical examination can also be confirmed.It determines pregnancy by looking at the pregnancy signs of your body.Symptoms of pregnancy include: large uterus, vaginal and cervical color changes, changes in cervical texture, etc.However, there are accurate early pregnancy tests and blood tests, and the physical examination seems to be irrelevant, but the first early pregnancy test and the pre -delivery examination of the first pregnancy are still very important (refer to the "arrange the first medical treatment").Weak -positive line

"The result of early pregnancy test is weak positive. Do I get pregnant?"

The only reason for early pregnancy tests to get positive results is that you have enough HCG in your body.The only reason for HCG in the body is that you are pregnant.Therefore, no matter how unclear the line obtained in the test, as long as the line appears, it means that you are pregnant.

But why is this line so unclear?Why don’t you be as clear and clear as you expect?This has a lot to do with the early pregnancy test strips you choose (some early pregnancy test strips are higher than other sensitivity), and it depends on how long you are pregnant when you do test (HCG level will increase with the progress of pregnancy, so if you test your test, you test, so if you test itEarlier, there are only a small amount of HCG in the urine).

Check out the instructions for early pregnancy test strips to know how much its sensitivity is.The way to judge sensitivity is to see the minimum HCG that can measure how high the concentration is. The unit is the niche international unit/liter (MIU/L). The lower the value, the higher its sensitivityThe test strip is more sensitive, you can tell you if you are pregnant earlier).It is not surprising that the higher the price of early pregnancy test strips with higher sensitivity.

Early pregnancy test of those with irregular physiological cycles

Your physiological cycle is not regular?Then it is difficult for you to arrange the test date.After all, if you are never sure one day of menstruation, how can you know that the next period of your menstrual period will start, so as to calculate that one day you should do early pregnancy test?For those with irregular physiological cycles, the best way is to wait for a while, which is about the longest time of the longest 6 months in the first six months.If the test result is negative at that time, but menstruation is still not coming, then measure it once a week (if you can’t wait, it can be tested in a few days).

Remember, the longer the pregnancy time, the higher the HCG value.If you have not just been pregnant (such as a few days before and after the menstrual period), early pregnancy test is performed, and the HCG in urine should not be enough to get a strong positive line.Wait a few days to test again, and you will definitely see a clear line to eliminate all questions.Positive results disappear

"The result of my first early pregnancy test was positive, but after a few days, I tested it again, but it became negative, and although my menstruation was postponed for a few days, it still came. Why?"

It seems that you have experienced a "Chemical Pregnancy", that is, the end of the pregnancy is over.During chemical pregnancy, the eggs have been fertilized for fertilized eggs and bed in the uterus. However, for some reason, it does not fully bed, cannot develop into a successful pregnancy, and end with menstruation.Although experts estimate that 70 % of pregnancy is chemical pregnancy, most women who have experienced chemical pregnancy have not realized that they have been pregnant (because most of the chemical pregnancy happened very early, and many people stillThere is no early pregnancy test, and there is no corresponding pregnancy signs).Usually, the positive test results and menstruation (a few days or a few weeks later) that appear very early are the only manifestations of chemical pregnancy, so if the results of early pregnancy tests have become weaker, you may have experienced a chemistryPregnancy.

From a medical perspective, chemical pregnancy is more like a normal physiological cycle rather than a real abortion, but the successful pregnancy does not experience this cycle.But from an emotional perspective, women who have received positive results have not been so optimistic about early pregnancy tests. Watching the upcoming pregnancy is so failed, you and your spouse will definitely feel uneasy.Refer to Chapter 23 about how to deal with miscarriage can help you deal with emotional issues related to chemical pregnancy.Please keep in mind that you have successfully become pregnant, so the possibility of getting pregnant again quickly, and the ending of the next pregnancy should be a healthy and complete pregnancy.Negative

"I feel pregnant, but the results of early pregnancy test are negative. What should I do?"

You have obvious symptoms of early pregnancy and are convinced that you feel that you do n’t do testing, but the result is still negative, so you do n’t believe it, do test over and over again, and there is no difference in three times.At the same time, you are also very strict in accordance with pre -pregnancy requirements: taking vitamins, quitting alcoholic drinks, quitting smoking, improving diet, and so on.But early pregnancy tests are not foolproof, especially if the test time is very early.You must know your body better than early pregnancy test strips.I want to know if my feelings are more accurate than the test strip. After a week, I can test it again. Maybe now it is just the time.Alternatively, you can also let your doctor give you blood test, blood testing is much more sensitive than urine tests.

If you are not pregnant …

If the results of early pregnancy test are still negative, but you can’t wait to get pregnant soon, please actively prepare before pregnancy according to the main points of Chapter 1.Full pre -pregnancy preparation can help you get better pregnancy results after pregnancy.

Smart test

Early pregnancy test may be the easiest way you can take (do not need to study its principles, but you need to read the product description carefully and operate according to the requirements to ensure accurate test results).The following precautions seem to know anyone, but when the test results come out of excitement (can I get pregnant? I won’t get pregnant …), or remind you not to forget:

• Depending on the product, you need to urinate directly on the pregnancy test stick, or use the container to collect urine and put the early pregnancy test strips.Most of the pregnancy test sticks are best to use middle urine, because the possibility of bacterial pollution is less likely to be contaminated.The method of searching for concentrated urine is: 1 to 2 seconds of urination during urination, holding it, and then putting the pregnancy test stick or collecting urine containers below to collect the urine behind.

• If the test has time requirements, please put the early pregnancy test strip on a flat table to prevent it from being disturbed, while staying away from the high temperature environment.Be sure to look at the test results after the recommended waiting time to prevent insufficient time or too long, because both will affect the test results.

• Test does not have to use morning urine, but if you test earlier (such as before the next menstrual period), then the urine you collected after at least 4 hours without urinating will get more accurate results (because at that timeThere are more HCG).

• Check the logo of the observation window (depending on the product, the result of the result may be horizontal, vertical lines, or circles, and may also be a flashing icon in the digital pregnancy test stick), indicating that the test is effective.

• Be careful before the conclusion.Any line you see (pink or blue, positive symbols, read numbers of digital pregnancy test sticks, etc.), no matter how unclear you think it looks, it means that there is HCG in the body, which means that you start to give birth to a childbirth.Baby.Congratulations, you are pregnant!If the test result is negative, and your menstruation is delayed in the future, it is recommended to wait a few more days to test, maybe it is too early now.

Of course, you may only have some early pregnancy signs and symptoms, but you are not pregnant.After all, it is not enough to prove that you are pregnant alone.If the test results have always been negative and your menstruation is delayed, let the doctor help you check it and exclude other biological factors that may cause these symptoms.If all objective factors are excluded, your symptoms are likely to come from psychological effects.Sometimes, thinking activities will have an unbelievable impact on the body. When you are too eager (or too scared), you can even have symptoms of pregnancy without pregnancy.Arrange the first medical treatment time

"The results I did just did the results of the early pregnancy test was positive. When should I go to the hospital?"

Good prenatal examination is an important factor in giving birth to a healthy baby, so don’t delay.Once you feel that you may be pregnant, or have positive results, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible.As for how long it takes to go to the hospital to see a doctor in person, it depends on the local policies and traffic conditions.Some doctors may immediately check the examination according to your time, and some doctors abide by the routine. The first formal prenatal examination will be arranged after 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy.It’s right.

Even if you do the first prenatal examination when you are pregnant for more than a month, it does not mean that you can push the task of taking care of yourself and your baby.Whenever you go to the hospital, you should play the role of pregnant women from the positive results of your early pregnancy test.You may be very familiar with some basic precautions (taking vitamins before giving birth, quit smoking, drinking, improvement of diet, etc.). When you have any special problems to better complete the pregnancy process, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor.You can also buy questions from the guidance during pregnancy in advance. Generally, more comprehensive suggestions are given in the book, including diets of diets during pregnancy, recommended dosage of vitamins during pregnancy, and safe medical examinations.

Although it is difficult to wait for examination, from a medical perspective, the first prenatal examination of pregnant women with low -risk pregnancy does not need to be too early.If this waiting stage causes you too much anxiety, or suspect that you are a high -risk pregnancy (such as a history of abortion or a history of abortion or a history of pregnancy), please contact the doctor to see if you can check it earlier (want to know more for the first production for the first production.What are the contents of the previous inspection, refer to Chapter 6 "What are the first inspection").Due date

"The doctor told me the due date, is this date accurate?"

If childbirth always occurs accurately on the day of the due date, the situation will be much simpler, but life is not always so simple.Most studies have shown that only 1/20 babies are really born on the day of due date.Because the normal full -moon pregnancy time is very different, it is possible from 38 to 42 weeks, but the last delivery date of most pregnant women is within two weeks before and after the due date, so many expectant parents still believe in the due date.

This is why the reason why the due date is called "pre -" delivery period, the date that the doctor tells you is only theoretical estimation value.It usually calculates this: the month of the last menstrual date plus 9 or 3 or 3, which is the expected date of date;For example, your last menstrual period is April 11th, a few months before, that is, January; 7 days on the 11th, which is the 18th.Therefore, your due date should be on January 18.

This date estimation method is very easy to use for women with a regular physiological cycle.But if the physiological cycle is irregular, such an estimation is not practical.For example, you often have menstruation from 6 to 7 weeks, but now you have no menstruation for 3 months.After early pregnancy test, you found that you are pregnant. When did you conceive?Because a trusted due date is very important, you and your doctor will try your best to estimate one.Even if you can’t calculate the time for conception, you can’t determine the last ovulation time, there are still some clues below to help you.

The first is the size of the uterus. In the first prenatal examination, you will know that the size of the uterus should be consistent with your pregnancy stage.The second clue is the early ultrasonic examination, which can help you more accurately estimate the time of pregnancy (note that not all pregnant women have to do early ultrasound examination. Some doctors will recommend you as usualOnly those who do are: those with irregular physiological cycles have a history of abortion, complications during pregnancy, and those who cannot calculate the due period based on the last menstruation and medical examination).Next, there are some iconic events that can help you estimate the due date: the first time you hear the fetal heart (you can hear the fetal heart through Doppler at 9-12 weeks of pregnancy), the first time you feel the fetal movementThe time (16-22 weeks), and the palace high at each prenatal examination (e.g., the pregnant woman’s palace Gaoping umbilical at 20 weeks).The above clues have some help, but it does not play a decisive role.Only the baby knows his birth date, but … he will not tell you.

We all know that pregnancy must rely on the efforts of two people, but in order to transform a fertilized egg into a healthy baby, at least three people have to cooperate with the strength -mothers, dads and at least one professional medical staff.Suppose you and the other half have completed the mission of pregnancy, and the next thing to do is to choose a third member for your pregnancy team and make sure you cooperate with the person you choose.Obstetrics and gynecologists?D Medicals?

How to start choosing the most suitable doctor to guide your pregnancy?First of all, you have a general idea of medical practitioners who can meet the needs.

Obstetrician and gynecologist.Are you looking for such a person?A professional training doctor can successfully deal with all aspects of pregnancy, pain, childbirth, and postpartum, including the most obvious problems and the most hidden complications, then what you want should be a maternity and gynecologyDivision.He can not only provide complete obstetric care, but also handle all your non -pregnancy period of gynecological health (do you cervical smear inspection, breast examination, etc.).Some doctors can also provide conventional medical services, so they can be used as your attending doctor.

If it is a high -risk pregnancy, you should need it very much and also want an obstetrician and gynecologist.You even want to find an expert among an expert, a professional obstetrician and gynecologist who is proficient in high -risk pregnancy, and also has the experience of maternal and infant medical care.Sometimes your pregnancy looks normal, but you still want to find an obstetrician and gynecologist to take care of you during pregnancy (more than 90 % of pregnant women will do this).If you like and respect the gynecologists who have been showing you before, you feel that it is very suitable for you. There is no need to find other doctors after pregnancy.But if you haven’t seen a gynecologist before, or you can’t be sure if the previous gynecologist is really suitable for the guidance of your pregnancy, now it’s time to find a suitable doctor!

Medical.If you want to find the doctor during pregnancy, the doctor treats you as an ordinary person (not a patient), and spend a lot of extra time to discuss your physical condition with you, including your feelings and emotions, and give you some nutritional suggestions and breastfeeding support, childbirth, childbirth, deliveryWhen it is more inclined to "natural" vaginal delivery, a dillager holding a qualification certificate should be a suitable candidate (of course, many doctors meet this requirement).Medical help is a professional medical staff. It is mainly responsible for the care work of low -risk pregnant women and childbirth work without complications.Although giving births in many countries also have the right to provide painless delivery and some medical methods that reduce pain, and have the prescription right to catalyzate drugs, but they rarely involve this.Generally speaking, the delivery rate of the delivery section is significantly lower than that of the doctor’s delivery, and the vaginal delivery (VBAC) rate of vaginal delivery (VBAC) after cesarean section is relatively high.Choose communication methods

If you have made a decision to choose a obstetrician or a midwife, you must choose which communication method in subsequent medical activities makes you feel the most comfortable.The following are the advantages and disadvantages of some common communication methods:

A single doctor.In this mode, the doctor is responsible for other tasks such as your birth check -in. When he is not or busy because he is very busy, he will find other suitable doctors to replace it temporarily.Obstetricians are generally such a model; dillagers must cooperate with a doctor.The main advantage of a single doctor is that every time you check, you can see the same doctor. Before childbirth, you already understand the doctor and feel comfortable and relaxed.The biggest disadvantage is that if your doctor happens to be unable to participate for various reasons, there will be a doctor who does not know to help you give birth.There is another disadvantage of this way of communication between a single doctor. If you suddenly find that the doctor is not suitable for you during the middle of pregnancy, you have to start looking for a doctor who can meet the needs.

Medical group.In this model, two or more doctors with the same characteristics provide services to pregnant women.Usually, they will check for you.The advantage of the group communication is that every time you visit different doctors, you will understand them, which means that when your pain is getting stronger and faster and faster, there is always a familiar face around you who have been accompanied by always accompanying you all the time.He is you, give you a sense of security.But there is also a disadvantage of this way, that is, you will not like two doctors, and you often do not encounter the favorite doctor during childbirth.At the same time, hearing different opinions from both parties is also a matter of advantage and disadvantages, which may make you feel safe and reliable, or you may be disturbed.

Choice of childbirth method

Today, pregnancy has completely reflected the advantages of personal choice from beginning to end.When talking about the method of childbirth, there will be too many choices that make you dazzling.This is the case in the hospital, and you will see more choices after leaving the hospital.

Although the choice of childbirth should not be the only criterion for you to choose a doctor, it does have a certain impact.Here are some choices for reference. You can consult the doctor’s idea to see if there is any one that suits you (remember: Only with the development of pregnancy can it be firmly made.It can be determined in the end).

delivery room.Many hospitals provided by the delivery room allow you to restore from the same room from childbirth to postpartum (so that you do not need to live in a ward before childbirth, and you are pushed to other places by wheelchair when you get delivery), and after the baby is born, the baby is bornYou can sleep beside you.The best point is that these delivery rooms are very comfortable and comfortable.

Some delivery rooms can only be used in your pain, childbirth and postpartum recovery.If this is the case, about 1 hour after childbirth, mothers will move from the delivery room to the postpartum ward, and no longer enjoy the time when they are alone with their families.And if you are lucky enough to stay in a delivery room to spend pain, childbirth and postpartum recovery, you can stay with your baby during the period from registration to discharge.

The arrangement of most delivery rooms gives people a feeling of "hospitals like home": soft lights, rocking chairs, beautiful wallpapers, comfortable pictures, curtains, and beds on the walls, etc.Not a facility in the hospital.Although the equipment in the delivery room is fully prepared for the childbirth of low -risk pregnant women, there are some medical equipment in the room that should deal with emergency situations, usually hidden in the wardrobe or other cabinets behind the door.The first half of the birth bed can be raised, so that the maternal can form a squatting or squat posture, and the foot of the bed can tease and shrink to provide convenience for medical staff.After childbirth, the medical staff will change the sheets, just in a blink of an eye, you return to the bed again.Many hospitals and delivery centers provide shower or potting equipment next door to the delivery room or their next door, which can provide spa relaxation when you are in pain.Some childbirth centers and hospitals include bathtubs used in water (refer to the "water delivery" below).Many delivery rooms provide rest sofas for your relatives and friends, and sometimes they can even spend the night there.

The delivery rooms of some hospitals are only for pregnant women with low risk of childbirth complications; if you do not meet the conditions, you still need to choose a traditional ward, where there are more ready -made medical equipment.In addition, cesarean section needs to be completed in the operating room.Fortunately, most of the obstetric ward is now becoming more and more user -friendly. In the ward of ordinary hospitals, you can also have a relaxed, kind, and without external influence.

The center of delivery.The delivery center is generally an independent institution (may also be affiliated to a hospital), which usually provides a home -style and technical means to intervene in privatization services.You can get all previous prenatal services at an independent childbirth center: from medical consultation to childbirth training, breastfeeding courses, etc.In general, most of the delivery centers will provide the most comfortable childbirth environment. There are private rooms that are well -decorated. There are soft lights, shower and pots in the room, and also provide kitchen.The delivery center generally hires midwifers, but many centers will also hire obstetricians who follow up. The rest will be very close to the hospital to prevent emergencies from emergency.General delivery centers will not be equipped with auxiliary instruments such as fetal heart monitors, but they will definitely prepare common medical facilities, such as intravenous infusion equipment, first aid oxygen, and newborn first aid equipment to prepare for rescue needs.Nevertheless, only low -risk pregnant women are suitable for delivery at the delivery center.

Laber’s delivery method.When French obstetrician Fedrik Lobe first proposed the natural childbirth method, he was suspected of the medical community at that time.But today, many of the suggestions he put forward in order to make new students have a more calm manner into a regular practice of obstetrics.Now many delivery rooms have no bright lights that have been considered necessary before. The basis for doing this is that soft lights can make the baby more gentle from the dark uterus to the bright outside world, reducing their shock and anxiety.If the newborn does not breathe autonomously, the method of losing them up and shooting is no longer a routine means during childbirth.In some hospitals, the umbilical cord was not cut immediately, but when the mother saw the baby, she cut off the last physiological bond between the mother and child.Although Dr. Lobe advocated the warm water bath from amniotic fluid to dry environment, it was not common to help newborns to adapt to amniotic fluid to dry environment.

Despite many and more approval of Leboer’s theory, complete Labe -style delivery (including soft music, dark lights, and warm water baths for newborn).If you are interested in this way of childbirth, you can consult when you see a doctor.

Draw at home.Some women don’t like hospitalization, they think they are not patients at all, and there is no reason to be hospitalized.If you belong to this situation, or you think the starting point of a new life should be at home, you can consider giving birth at home.The advantage of this is that the baby will come to a warm and loving world in the company of family and friends.But the disadvantage is: if an accident occurs, there are generally no emergency cesarean section or rescue medical equipment on hand.

According to the Society of Nurse Nurses, if you want to give birth at home, you must meet the following conditions:

• Low -risk pregnancy.There are no hypertension, diabetes or other chronic diseases, and no difficulty in giving birth.

• There is a doctor or a midwife to participate in childbirth.If you hire a midwife, there should also be a doctor present (preferably your mother -in -law doctor and work with this dysmenorrhea).

• great accessibility.Even if the road conditions are good and the traffic is smooth, it is necessary to ensure that the distance from the home to the hospital is less than 50 kilometers. On the contrary, the distance from the home to the hospital should be less than 16 kilometers.

During the water.The water childbirth method that simulates the uterine environment has not been widely used in medical institutions, but the delivery of water allows the baby to transition from the warm and humid uterus to another warm and humid environment, providing a familiar comfort for babies who have experienced childbirth.After the baby is born, the medical staff will immediately hold him out of the water into his mother’s arms.Moreover, because the baby did not touch the air and did not start to breathe, the babies who gave birth in the water rarely had the risk of drowning.Childbirth in water can be carried out at home, and the delivery center and some hospitals also provide the choice of delivery in water.During the childbirth, dads can also stay in the water, hug their wives from behind, and support her.

As long as doctors and hospitals permit, most of the low -risk pregnancy pregnant women can choose to give birth in water.But if you belong to high -risk pregnancy, delivery in water is not a wise choice.

If you can’t find an environment suitable for delivery in water, you can also try to give birth in the bathtub.Many women feel that water can relax, reduce pain, reduce the gravity of gravity, and even make the production process easier.Some hospitals and most delivery centers are equipped with bathtubs in the delivery room.

Teamwork.More than a team of obstetricians and midwives to help the team is a team collaboration model.The advantages and disadvantages are similar to the cooperation between other group models.In this way, the advantage is that you can use more spare time to communicate with dysmenorrhea to get more additional information.You can choose to give birth to delivery, and once there is dangerous situations, doctors will be prepared at the moment.Candidate

What kind of doctors do you need, what kind of care services do you need, and where can you find the right candidate?Here are some good suggestions:

• You are satisfied with gynecologists, family doctors or internal medicine doctors.If they do not provide childbirth services, they will also recommend other doctors who have similar concepts.

• Friends or colleagues similar to your personality and parenting concept, if they have recently given birth to a baby, you will give you a good suggestion.

• Local obstetric nurses.

• Staff of local community health stations, they will provide many doctors’ information, such as who has given birth to a baby, their medical background, specialty, special habits, from medical style and qualifications.

Division of labor delivery

Although this division of division of labor is not common, some hospitals have such trends.Some obstetricians are tired of staying in the office for a long time or staying up late for a long time. They believe that fatigue will affect the quality of work, so they begin to find better working methods.Many obstetricians work only in the hospital and participate in childbirth only. They do not have a fixed office, and they will not check for pregnant women during pregnancy.If your delivery doctor tells you that the childbirth work will be completed by such a "child childbirth doctor". Don’t worry, first ask the doctor if they have worked together, or you can apply to the hospital for a doctor’s file specifically responsible for receiving students to ensure that during childbirthThis doctor is not a stranger for you.At the same time, let those who participate in childbirth familiar with your views on delivery.

If you are dissatisfied with such arrangements, hurry up to change a doctor.However, even if several doctors participated in childbirth, on the day of childbirth, the obstetrician often appeared during the birth check may not be able to participate.Remember that "delivery doctors" only participate in childbirth, they will provide the best care for your childbirth as much as possible. Generally, they work.

• If you are very interested in breastfeeding, you can contact the International Breast Milk Local Branch.

• The supporting facilities of nearby hospitals or delivery centers are important.For example, whether the delivery room has a bathtub and whether the mother and baby are allowed to be in the same room in the same room.You should also inquire about the name of the practitioner.make a choice

If you know the name of the doctor you want to choose, call to meet him for a time.Be prepared, ask him some questions, and see if your parenting concept is consistent and whether your personality can get along well.Don’t expect the consistency in everything, because even the most harmonious cooperative relationship will not be so perfect.Pay attention to observation and understand the hidden content in the dialogue: Is this doctor/midwife a good audience?Will it explain the situation patiently?Do they attach importance to physiological problems and emotional issues?It’s time to figure out the attitude of this candidate for your concern: For example, whether to take a non -medical means to intervene, or to relieve pain on demand, about breastfeeding, oxytocity, whether to use fetal heart monitor and conventional intravenous infusionThe problem of cesarean section, and other important issues for you.Knowledge is power. Understanding doctors’ medical style can ensure that there will be no unpleasant accidents in the future.

The most important thing for the first meeting with the doctor is to let the doctor know who you are, indicating that your views on pregnancy and delivery can judge from his response, whether he can live in harmony with you, will he be to youResponsible.

You should also know the situation of some hospitals or delivery centers. See if this hospital provides some special facilities that are more important to you, such as enough "one -stop" delivery room, allowing youIntersectionDo you support breastfeeding?Do you provide delivery in water?Is there the latest fetal monitoring equipment and neonatal intensive care room?Is it flexible enough in the checkup procedures?Is it allowed to accompany birth?

Finally, think about it before deciding, do the doctor trust you?Pregnancy journey is one of the most important experiences in your life, and you must have a trusted guide.Make full use of doctor -patient relationships

Choosing the right doctor is just the first step, and the next step is to establish a good relationship with the doctor.Here are some suggestions:

• To be honest, let the doctor have a accurate and complete understanding of your medical history in gynecology, obstetrics and other aspects.If you have dietary disorders or other special diet habits, you must tell your doctor.If you are taking the medicine or have taken medicines once -whether it is prescription or non -prescription, whether it is a legal drug or an illegal drug, whether it is for treatment, whether you smoke and drink, whether you have other medical history or history of surgery, you must be right.The doctor told him frankly.

• If there are any problems and doubts between the two clinics but do not need to be resolved immediately, use a piece of paper to write it down, and take the doctor in the next time to consult a doctor (carry your computer with you, or put the note paper in the place where you can do it.For example, on the refrigerator door, wallet, desk and bedside table, you can make simple records at any time) to ensure that you will not miss the problem or symptoms at the next time you will be.I will find how forgetfulness is pregnant).Every time I go to the hospital, in addition to bringing these issues, I also have to bring a pen and notes to record the doctors’ suggestions.If the doctor does not take the initiative to provide all the information you need (the side effects of the treatment, when to stop taking the prescription medicine before, when the problem will be reviewed), you must ask clearly before leaving, so that you will not have doubts when you return home.If possible, quickly check your notes with your doctor to ensure that the content of the record is accurate.

• If there is any doubt, call the doctor.Have some symptoms that scare you?Some drugs or treatment seem to cause some adverse reactions?Don’t sit at home alone to worry, call the doctor (if the doctor likes to solve the non -emergency problem online, you can also email).Although there is no need to call or email every time the pelvic pain, if there is a problem when you read this book, you can’t solve it, and you can’t wait for the next consultation. You must call the doctor without hesitation.Don’t be afraid that your worry sounds very stupid. Doctors and midwives are prepared for a large number of problems of expectant mothers. They know that the first time they are a mother are particularly many.When consulting a doctor, you must explain your specific symptoms, accurately describe the location of the pain, the duration, what you feel (pain, pain, or colic), and the degree of pain.If possible, tell the doctor what the degree of pain will change (such as changing the position).If the vaginal discharge appears, describe its color (bright red, dark red, brown, pink or yellow), when does the secretion appear and how much.At the same time, we must also report to the doctor’s accompanying symptoms, such as high fever, nausea, vomiting, cold war or diarrhea (refer to Chapter 6 "when to call the doctor").

• Learn the latest information.Read the childcare magazine and browse websites related to pregnancy knowledge.But also realize one thing: don’t believe everything you see.Especially in this era, the media will always report it first when many medical technologies have not confirmed their own safety and effectiveness; or sometimes it will report some taboos that have no evidence supporting pregnancy, so that expectant mothers are worried.When you see or heard some new things in obstetrics, consult a doctor if he heard that he is your most reliable source of information.

• When you hear what you told you to tell you, please consult and listen to his views.Don’t ask in a provocative way, peaceful tone can make you communicate frank with your doctor.

• If you suspect that the doctor might misunderstand some things (such as you have a history of cervical function, but the doctor said that there is no problem), say it directly, because even if the doctor holds the medical examination form, he cannot guarantee your medical history and personal background. Remember your personal background.It’s not bad.As a member of the pregnancy and health care team, you have a responsibility to avoid errors.

• Seek explanation.For the medicine prescribed by the doctor, we must find out its potential side effects.In addition, make sure you know why you do a certain inspection, what items are included in the inspection, what risks are there, and when you pass the method to know the results of the inspection.

• Write the problem.If the doctor does not have time to respond to all your problems and worry, provide a list of questions. Ask the doctor if you can call or send an email afterwards, or get the answer at the next consultation.

• Follow the advice of doctors, such as consultation time, weight gain situation, bed in bed, medication and vitamin.

• Remember good self -care is an important part of pregnancy care.Once you find that you are pregnant, take care of yourself, ensure sufficient rest and exercise, eat well, stay away from tobacco, alcohol and non -prescription medicine. It will be better to start from preparing for pregnancy.

So you won’t forget

When you read this book, you may want to do some records: simply write down the symptoms of pregnancy in order to discuss with the doctor; write down the weight of this week in order to compare it with the next week; write down the information that should be recorded in order to make the information that should be recorded in order to make the information that should be recorded in order to make the information that should be recorded in order to make the information that should be recorded in order to make the information that should be recorded in order to make the information that should be recorded in order to make the information that should be recorded in order to make the information that should be recorded in order to make the information that should be recorded in order to make the information that should be recorded in order to make the information that should be recorded in order to make the information that should be recorded in order to make the information that should be recorded in order to make the information that should be recorded in order to make the information that should be recorded in order to make the information that should be recorded in order to make the information that should be recorded in order to make the information you record.You can remember all what you should remember.

• If you have complaints or dissatisfaction with your doctor (such as too long every waiting time, or your own questions do not be clearly answered), try to say it in a gentle way.If the problem is developing, it will only harm your relationship.If you feel that the problems between you and the doctor can not be solved through good communication, please contact the local health institution for help.

If you feel that you can’t do what the doctor said, or he can’t accept the treatment of his recommended treatment, it means that you and the person who wants to take care of you and your baby during pregnancy and childbirth is different.If this is the case, or for other reasons your relationship with your doctor is broken, you can change to another doctor.

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