Zhang Heng broke the news that Zheng Shuang abused the child and applied for a poverty -stricken white card in the United States.

On January 7, Zhang Heng held a press conference to appear on the hot search, and it would be related to Zheng Shuang’s unexpectedly.This time Zhang Heng broke the news that Zheng Shuang abused his children and announced a large number of videos and photos.

In addition, Zhang Heng also started the live broadcast report site.

From the video released by Zhang Heng, it can be seen that the two children mentioned that the mother Zheng Shuang was extremely fearful, the emotional behavior was crazy, kept crying, and said "afraid of mother"!The whole video was seven minutes long, and listening to the heartbreaking sound in the video made people feel distressed.

Judging from the announced video, Zhang Heng broke the news that Zheng Shuang was quite skilled. Whether there are seven minutes of videos are maliciously edited, and it is currently unable to obtain evidence.From the perspective of the content, Zheng Shuang will go to Zhang Heng’s home to pick up the child at a specific time period. The child often does not want to go with Zheng Shuang. To a certain extent, the relationship between children and Zheng Shuang is not good.Essence

It stands to reason that 3 -year -old children should not have contradictions with their parents. It can be seen that Zheng Shuang does not often care about the child in daily life, leading to deterioration of parent -child relationships.

In addition to the video, Zhang Heng also released a lot of photos and chat screenshots. One of them was very sad. The little girl’s fingers in the photo were sewed with a needle, and the wound was very deep.The fingertips look shocking and feel that it can fall at any time.

On the little boy in another photo, circular scars similar to smoke scars appeared. This scene looked in the eyes and pain in his heart. So why can a little child be hurt so much?

In this regard, the child’s father, Zhang Heng, accused the child’s mother Zheng Shuang abused. Judging from the chat history of Zhang Heng and Zheng Shuang, Zheng Shuang took the initiative to send a message to Zhang Heng after his daughter’s fingers were injured, and said that the child’s wound was glass.Unexpectedly, the specific injury report has been recorded in the hospital.

After Zheng Shuang gave a reason, Zhang Heng did not believe that he had been asking Zheng Shuang for his injury report, and did not believe that the child’s fingers were scratched by glass.

After that, Zhang Heng asked her 3 -year -old daughter, how she scratched her, and her daughter told Zhang Heng that she was scratched by scissors. Zheng Shuang’s answer was different from the child’s answer.

Not only that, Zhang Heng also questioned Zheng Shuang, how did the scar on his son’s nose come? Zheng Shuang said that when the child was playing by himself, Zhang Heng saw that the scar was hot.Persist in his own statement, but in Zhang Heng’s heart, the child’s injury is directly related to Zheng Shuang, and even suspects that Zheng Shuang abuses the child.

In order to solve the questions in my heart, Zhang Heng reported the matter to the US police and started the live broadcast throughout the process.It is necessary to know that playing children abuse children abuse children abroad. If all of them are facts, Zheng Shuang will face prison.

After handing over the evidence to the police, Zhang Heng talked about the doubts of the child’s injury and the child’s mother Zheng Shuang’s attitude of being injured. During the period, his mood was ups and downs and even choked many times. He also explained a puzzling fact.

Zheng Shuang applied for children’s poverty white cards in the United States without authorization. This card belongs to the welfare card and is mainly aimed at low -income people. After successful processing, she can enjoy low -cost medical treatment in the United States and even free medical care.

It sounds like a good thing, but the implementation of low -cost medical or free medical care has a long waiting period. That is to say, the child is injured, the treatment of the wound needs to wait, and it needs to be queued.Save money to make the child stand the pain.

After knowing this, Zhang Heng asked: "You have a billionaire, apply for a poor white card for your child?"

Seeing this many netizens did not understand, Zheng Shuang entered millions of days, and even gave the children the money to see minor illness. If it was true, it would be a little bit of human heart.

From another perspective, Zheng Shuang could treat children like this for his own lust. It was not surprising that the tax problem was at all.

Zheng Shuang’s inferior artist from the top flowing from the top of the top of the top to today is inseparable from her work.

In 2021, Zheng Shuang was restricted by the problem of pregnancy abroad, which means that Zheng Shuang’s acting career ended there, and he will be cleared up in the entertainment industry, and the related film and television works will gradually be removed.

After thinking that Zheng Shuang was pulled into the blacklist, the matter would end, but she did not expect that the wall fell to everyone, and Zheng Shuang was investigated again because of the tax.

After investigation, Zheng Shuang was suspected of signing the yin and yang contract, split income to obtain sky -high pay, tax evasion, collected late fees, and fined a total of 299 million yuan.

As soon as such numbers were stunned, Zheng Shuang made so much money at the age of 18. It can be seen how high the oil and water in the entertainment industry is.After these two things were exposed, Zheng Shuang disappeared in front of the public. The family settled in the United States and was mentioned by Zhang Heng’s breaking news.

You should know that the protagonist of the D pregnancy two years ago was also Zhang Heng. This time the news was also him. Why could the former loved and sweet couple be this point?

This is also from their love relationship. When Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng are in love, some people have said that Zhang Heng eats soft rice and climb the branches.Although Zhang Heng’s conditions were not bad, compared with Zheng Shuang at that time, it was a little witch to see the big witch. To this end, this relationship was inevitably talked about.

After the two were evil, Zhang Heng confirmed Zheng Shuang’s foreign D pregnancy on the social platform. After giving birth to a child, he regretted it. He did not want to be responsible for the two children. Zhang Heng, as his father, was very angry.

Of course, some netizens said that Zhang Heng was distressed by the child. In order to sacrifice money, how could a rich woman like Zheng Shuang be able to let go easily!

After breaking the news, Zhang Heng showed Zheng Shuang’s appeal, asking her to visit her child on schedule and pay the support fee.

Through the mediation between the two lawyers, the two reached a consensus and raised their children to grow up together. Since then, the two have disappeared into the public vision until the news broke again.

Regarding Zhang Heng’s news on the hot search, the remarks of netizens in the comment area were also surprising. Some people said that "this is the pocket money that spent the money, and come again to make money."so poor".

Then again, whether the news broke this time is true or false, or settled a good child first!

If Zheng Shuang really abuses the child, then the police will not ignore it. Instead of seeing Zhang Heng, he did not see how much he was hurting the child, just to tear with Zheng Shuang, and it was not worth it to see that the two of them needed to take their own needs.Poor, the only one is the two young children.

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