Zhang Ziyi showed out the cat video to denied that pregnancy again is this. This is the new member of our family.

On July 2nd, recently, some media photographed Zhang Ziyi’s picture of his daughter wake up to go shopping. From the screen, you can see that she is wearing a loose white top, a black hat hanging on her chest, and a black hat on her head.Wearing a white mask on his face, the wrapping was very strict, but it was recognized by the sharp -eyed media.

Zhang Ziyi, who was walking on the street, was very leisurely, but she could see her belly a little raised. She was suspected to be pregnant. Although she was very similar, she still felt very exaggerated. After all, she announced that she was born in January.The second child, if you are pregnant again, you can’t stand it again, this incident has caused a lot of discussion.

In this regard, Zhang Ziyi showed a video of meow on the social platform to denied the rumor of pregnancy again, and also wrote: "These two Garfield cats are new members of our family." The two cute cats in the video should be just justSoon after raising, the news of the new cat was clarified again.

This incident itself is unlikely. The reason why Zhang Ziyi looks like pregnancy is that she should be deformed after her production and has not recovered, and it should be a good nutritional supplement during confinement.Stopped, so I was bloated and deformed.

After all, giving birth to a child is a very physical thing, and the age is relatively high, so it is necessary to make up for the body first, and in terms of her status and value, there is no need to desperately restore her body for work with many female stars.Now she is taking care of the second child at home.

If she wants to return to work, I believe she will also be restrained and self -disciplined, but this is not anxious for her. Now her life is very happy, with her husband and lovely child, although the eldest daughter is notShe was born, but she always treated her as a biological daughter, so her life was very harmonious.

Recently, she also shared a group photo of Wang Feng and the three children on the social platform to celebrate Father’s Day. In the photo, Wang Feng held the younger son and smiled at the camera, while the eldest daughter and the younger daughter kissed each other., But the picture is very warm and beautiful.

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