Zhen Huan’s actors are constantly: Queen Zhen Ye’s second child, An Lingrong is pregnant, Duan Fei Ji Xi married someone

A giant palace drama "Zhen Huan Biography" has succeeded, and the screens are still unsatisfactory for many years. This classic residence also has countless red actors. These actors not only have a good career, but also have good personal life.Continuous betrayal, in reality, these actresses are also blossoming everywhere, reversing their bumpy fate in the play.

In the play, although the queen played by Cai Shaofen, although the sinister and hypocritical belly black belly, but because they could not get true love and son -in -law, they were jealous. Although Cai Shaofen in reality was bumpy, although she did not marry into the giants, she chose a low -key choiceEven if you are working hard, he is more sweet and happy, and his husband’s career is becoming more popular.

In "The Biography of Zhen Huan", Zhen Yan played by Sun Yan, although there are a few of his life, but the biggest winner. Other women are rare in the favor of the emperor, but she won the true love of the two nobles of the emperor and the king. Although she eventually missed true love,But the son -in -law smiled at the end.In reality, Sun Yan also married Deng Chaofu to sing a woman and gave birth to a pair of children.

An Lingrong played by Tao Xinran, a tragic woman in "Zhen Huan Biography", was bullied in the palace of her family, and later became a palace fighting chess piece that she could not get true love or gave birth to her own children.In reality, Tao Xinran quickly found a sincere person to get married. Recently, she announced her pregnancy and reversed the tragedy life of An Lingrong in the play.

Duan Fei played by Li Yijuan was deeply respected in the "Zhen Huan Biography" and was fortunate to survive in the palace fight, but he was also a victim of the palace fight.He was calm and calm, and finally entered the marriage hall at the age of 42. Recently, the wedding was held low -key, and it also reversed the fate in the play.

The young and beautiful Sun Qian played the aunt of Lao Chengxian and his loyalty in "Zhen Huan Biography". He could only eat with eunuchs. In reality, Sun Qian was not shallow.The key loves her, the merit is complete.

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