Zhou Heiya, bring a different experience of shrimp!

After the consumption of the cold winter, the fade market is constantly recovering. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of different consumers, the pace of product innovation of product innovation is also accelerating.Like industry giant Zhou Heiya always believes that product innovation is an important driving force for promoting the development of enterprises. Therefore, in order to meet the taste needs of more food lovers, Zhou Heiya adopts the "big single product brand" strategy to consolidate the original star productsAt the same time, constantly develop innovative products.

Right now, it is the season when the crayfish concentratedly fishing for listing. In the past few days, shrimp farmers are busy fishing, sorting, packaging, and transportation. Crayfish is exactly the new object of innovation selected by Zhou Heiya.

Today, the crowd in the Z era is the main consumer. They are pursuing trendy, convenience, and cost -effective. What kind of products can they catch their hearts? Yes, it is the crayfish that as early as 2021. The market size of the crayfish industry in 2021 has exceeded 4000100 million yuan, and the data still rises. Under such circumstances, Zhou Heiya has newly created crayfish balls.

Doing crayfish alone is not enough to allow consumers to pay. After in -depth investigation of the market, Zhou Heiya excavates the pain points of consumers’ "eating shrimp".Eat shrimp with one hand, one -hull "shrimp ball explosion, one -handed, one -handed, one -handed gameplay leading the novel trend.The social attributes of the Internet celebrity also attracted word of mouth and striving for practice.

In addition, Zhou Black Duck, Lobb Shrimp ball uses its unique air -conditioning packaging technology on the packaging, nitrogen filling fresh, cold chain transportation, low temperature storage, isolation of pollution, fresh taste, open boxes.In terms of production technology, Zhou Heiya also achieved excellence. During the processing process, he was fine with spices.

By checking in many aspects such as raw materials, packaging design, and production, Zhou Hei Duck finally presented consumers with fastest and delicious crayfish balls, bringing more abundant delicious experience to consumers, satisfying more moreUser’s taste buds.

Imagine that when lying on the sofa chasing the drama, open a box of crayfish, you can directly bite the shrimp to suck it out, without the need to peel it, you can feel fresh, full of meat, firming and delicious.It is really impossible to use the delicious food to play with the drama and play mobile phones!

As the industry benchmark of casual halogen products, Zhou Heiya, small lobster shrimp balls can be said to have done everything, which not only solves the "pain points" of some friends to eat shrimp, but still maintains a high level in terms of product production and taste, bringing young consumersDifferent delicious experience!

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