Zion derailed 31 -year -old female net red!Just celebrate your girlfriend’s pregnancy, new hammer hammer: Pray that I don’t get pregnant

Zion just announced that his 29 -year -old girlfriend Aquim was pregnant and held a celebration party. He was derailed by the 31 -year -old female net red Moria Mills in less than 24 hours.Mills showed a series of evidence, including the chat history of the two and she was still in New Orleans with Zion last week.Mills raised Zion as a liar, and it was best to pray that she was not pregnant.

Mills has 1.14 million fans on Twitter. She is a model and her body is hot.Mills’s chat records showed that Zion confessed to Mills that he had no girlfriend and looked forward to Mills moved to New Orleans.Zion also asked in the chat record that if Mills moved to New Orleans, I hope he will give her a month.Zion said in the conversation: "I’m super excited!"

Mills said after showing a chat record: "I hate you, Zion you already have a girlfriend, carrying me with me and another woman to bed. Zion, you scammer."

Mills is a primary three who treats herself as the main palace and Aquim is used as a third.Mills also described the intimate relationship between the two in a series of tweets. Last week, the two were still dating New Orleans.Mills also showed a video of her last week in New Orleans, and she is now at Atlanta.

Mills continued: "It is best to pray that I am not pregnant, because I must be late."

Mills also expressed as a positive palace that she had inspired Zion to restore her body shape, and also warned Zion not to mess around and be alert to those women outside.But Zion made other women pregnant."When you can’t see me or I am busy, you have to go to bread dandruff." Mills was degrading Akima.

It is worth mentioning that Akima also launched against Mills and fought in the air. She talked on social media: "The complaint girls will not be happy, and happy people will not complain."

Mills replied below Akima’s tweet: "I believe you and I are not the same level."

When Zion entered the league, he was described as a superstar in the future, but he continued to injuries after entering the league.This season, Zion only played 29 games due to injuries, averaging 26.0 points, 7.0 rebounds and 4.6 assists per game.Zion renewed the Pelicans for 593 million US dollars with a top salary contract with the Pelicans last summer.Obviously, whether it is Akima or Mills, it is not a fuel -saving lamp, and Zion also pays the price for his self -discipline, and his image is greatly damaged.

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